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AAU Girls Basketball Coach Barry Wolfe charged with 42 more Felony Counts of Sexual Abuse –


ECWd has just learned that the Accused AAU girls basketball coach, Barry Wolfe, from Martinsville, Illinois has been charged a second time, with what appears to be a second victim. This Charge includes 42 COUNTS of various Criminal Sexual Abuses of a minor with which he held a position of trust, authority, and supervision over.

30 Counts are Class 1 Felony Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, each carrying a 3-7 year sentence and $25k fine, if convicted.

12 Counts are Class 2 Felony Criminal Sexual Assault, each carrying a 4-15 year sentence with a $25k fine, if convicted.

His Bond was set at $5 million in this case number 2017-CF-433.

Read about his other case with 13 COUNTS: (here).


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