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April 24, 2024

Limestone Township Supervisor Resigned –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 25, 2017


Dennis Rettke, Limestone Township Supervisor has resigned from office.

This comes at a troubling time for Limestone Township, after several months of township residents attending meetings and lodging complaints against the Limestone Township Highway Commissioner and the Board for allowing him to conduct business in the way it was conducted.

The Supervisor was adamant they had no say in how the Highway Commissioners conducted business or spent public funds, but they were wrong. We detailed the rights of the Township Board when talking about Road District funds, in a previous article (click here).

We wrote about the unauthorized use of public funds to pay for IMRF of the Highway Commissioner when it was not listed as part of his compensation in the resolution setting his compensation (here).

We attended a township meeting and talked about the Highway Commissioner’s illegal use of public property, the vehicle, for personal use, compensation in excess of what was set, and also the fact the vehicle’s purchase violated state law (video here). The vehicle has been returned to the dealership and the commissioner has reimbursed the dealership for any depreciation in the vehicle after its use – he used his private funds for that reimbursement.

Most recently, we wrote about the Highway Commissioner’s “hiring” of an attorney, presumably with the intent of using public funds, and explained he did not have that authority without board approval and only when there was a conflict with the board’s attorney (here).

With the Township Supervisor’s resignation, we hope his replacement will have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct the business of the township in accordance with state law.



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  • Aware n Arcola
    Posted at 07:21h, 27 September

    This article could be written about Arcola Township,except for the part about the Supervisor resiging.Arcola Township still doing business as usual.