Former Lincoln-Way Superintendent Lawrence Wyllie Indicted by Federal Grand Jury –


On September 13, 2017, a Federal Grand Jury returned a six-count True Bill of Indictment against former Lincoln-Way School District Superintendent Lawrence Wyllie.

We, the Edgar County Watchdogs, with help from local citizens, exposed these misdeeds more than 18 months ago: Click here to read about them: https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/?s=Wyllie

    • Alleges that Wyllie devised and participated in a scheme to defraud, and conceal, material facts related to district funds and Bonds.
    • fraudulently misused school funds and misrepresented the district’s true financial condition for his own benefit (his contract related partially to the school’s financial performance).
    • Used bond funds for the school’s operating expenses.
    • Used bond funds for payroll.
    • An understatement of expenditures and misuse of bond funds totaled at least $7,000,000 between March 2010 and October 2012.
    • Misappropriated at least $16,500 for “retirement” that was not part of his contract.
    • Misappropriated over $14,000 for the unused vacation that was not part of his contract.
    • Misused at least $80,000 of school district funds for his own personal benefit.
    • Wire transferred $403,391 without approval which was part of the misrepresentation of school financial condition
    • Alleges that Wyllie wire transferred $23,969.82 (of bond funds) to pay for general operating expenses
    • Alleges Wyllie wire transferred $941.50 (of bond funds) to pay for general operating services
    • Alleges Wyllie wire transferred $540 (of bond funds) to pay for general operating expenses of SuperDog
    • Alleges Wyllie transferred $19,588 (of bond funds) as part of defendant’s misappropriation of school district funds
    • Alleges Wyllie embezzled, stole, obtained by fraud, and converted for his own use, approximately $30,878 for retirement stipend and unused vacation days




Department of Justice Press Release:

Department of Justice Press Release Wyllie


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  1. I was looking up larry wyley because I am still suffering for what he and his dad did to me, when we were in grade school. I won the school spelling bee, and hid dad, the district superintendent. Sent larry on to the next level competition, instead of me, and the little weasel lost right away. Because he can’t spell. I won every competition the scool and district had. And llarry wyley, and his lying cheating father sent larry on to the next level competition. I was a girl, all alone, and easy to rob and cheat. They set a precedent for me having a hard time. All of my life. I hope he goes to prison for life, and finally gets some reward for his life long lying and cheating. Judy Pilar ski 618 621 3083.

  2. “An independent financial firm in 2014 presented Lincoln-Way superintendent Scott Tingley with a dire five-year projection showing the district would be more than $8 million in the red and out of cash reserves by summer 2016, records show.

    The district kept the firm’s findings secret from the public and, that summer, Tingley presented taxpayers with a supposedly balanced budget that records show he subsequently informed board members in private would be about $6 million in the red”


  3. I was remiss in my comment on Twitter in not acknowledging your significant contributions to this outcome.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  4. There is justice when deemed necessary. When a person has so much, but just wants more no matter how they obtain it. So demeaning to his position and to the man himself.

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