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May 20, 2024

Atlanta Citizen Petition forces Library to vacate Tax Ordinance –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 25, 2017


During the Atlanta Public Library District’s special meeting on August 24, 2017, the board chairman read a petition signed by registered voters of the library district.

It was a petition, signed by the voters, to place the Library Building and Maintenance Tax question on the ballot.

“In response to the petition” the board accepted a motion and second to vacate the ordinance related to the tax. Motion passed with unanimous vote of the board.

“Trustee” William Thomas, for the second time this month, found other things more important to do than attend a board meeting, and there is still a vacancy more than 5 months old that they are REQUIRED by law to immediately fill.

Petition submitted – board vacated ordinance to avoid the question going to the ballot.

Petition signers accomplished what they wanted to accomplish.

Former Library Trustee Anne Hieronymos’ Facebook post stating “nothing came of the petitions” is ridiculous. The board responded to the petition by vacating the tax ordinance. The library could have taken it to the voters, but I suspect they thought it would be voted down. We thank those residents who took the initiative to collect the signatures, which forced the board’s hand.

Watch the petition reading and the board’s response below:




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  • Donna Bishop
    Posted at 16:18h, 25 August

    It’s unfortunate that the library limits the public’s speech at the meetings to only 20 minutes prior to the meeting & then they fail to allow any comments during or after the meeting, so no one was able to respond to their attacks on those who created the petition and signed the petition. Instead they made it took as if the public had been deceived. When in fact they once again were deceiving the public!

    While the public posed more questions last night, many of the questions from the previous meeting remain unanswered, but then it’s hard to place an answer to where all the money is going unless they admit Bill is in the wrong & they messed up by allowing all of this to happen! Looks like the library board continues to deny the facts & refuses to take responsibility for their wrongdoings!

  • Jannie
    Posted at 18:48h, 25 August