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July 13, 2024

Temporary Restraining Order sought to halt NIU Presidential Golden Parachute payout

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 28, 2017

DeKalb, IL. (ECWd) –


“There has been a Temporary Restraining Order filed against the Northern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees by Misty Haji-Sheikh. She alleges that on June 15, 2017 the Board of Trustees took final action against President Douglas Baker that was invalid regarding a severance agreement with President Douglas Baker. The Office of the Inspector General found that President Baker had committed various ethic violations. “

This Motion seeks to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction Ordering Northern Illinois University to cease and desist from consummating the “transition agreement”  until the earlier of August 14, 2017 or until preliminary injunction hearing is held and a preliminary injunction either granted or denied.

See attached (below) Court papers.

This Motion stems from a lawsuit filed earlier this month (here) alleging several violations of law including Open Meetings Act violations and violations of Northern Illinois University Law.

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