City of Paris

SWAT called to Paris Illinois residence –


Update: 6-26-20017 – The responding “SWAT” was the “Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System Special Response Team” (“ILEAS“) based in Urbana, Illinois.

Paris Police Department called the SWAT team out to a West Van Buren residence earlier today.

According to witnesses at the scene, the incident started around 1 p.m. this afternoon.

It ended just prior to dark with the suspect taken into custody and is currently in the Edgar County Jail.

No injuries were reported as of publication time.

We will provide more information when it is available from the Paris Police Department.

Video clips below:


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  1. Our guys are very polite when the situation calls for it. I’m very proud of police dept. and sheriff office. Handled this “stand off” very well and level headed. 🙂