Chatham, IL Mayor flips-off citizen during Ethics Hearing –


The Mayor of Chatham, Illinois, Thomas Gray – who is also an attorney (officer of the Courts), immediate past president of the Illinois Municipal League, and (recently retired) General Counsel to the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System, thought to act his unprofessional self and flip-off a citizen attending the Ethics Commission Hearing in which he stands alleged to have violated the Village Ethics Code.

Unprofessional of any sitting Mayor to act this way towards citizens, and especially at an Ethics Complaint Hearing in which the Mayor is defending himself from allegations of ethics violations.

It was reported to us that at tonight’s Village of Chatham Council Meeting, the trustees stated they will place a demand for Mayor Gray’s resignation on the agenda for the next village meeting.




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  1. He appears ‘under the influence’ of something to me. This type of acting out is a symptom of released inhibitions typically present when under a chemical influence. Not to mention, with prolonged use, a user displays attitudes of grandiosity, and a feeling that they are above the rules in place for others. I’d say order up a drug test. One that uses hair, too. May cost the taxpayer a little more . . . but that would be money well spent. Anymore, the typical urine sample doesn’t have a low enough detection threshold.

    Speaking of drug tests . . . maybe that should be a part of the process.

  2. In a twisted sort of way, I find this refreshing. This may be the most transparent, straight-forward and honest communication a public official has ever given a citizen.

    I’d rather deal with this than the usual BS. We already know they hate us.

  3. IN THE

    Order entered July 1, 2009.

    Effective January 1, 2010, the provisions of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct will be repealed and replaced by the following Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct of 2010.

    OF 2010

    Preamble: a Lawyer’s Responsibilities

    [5] A lawyer’s conduct should conform to the requirements of the law, both in professional service to clients and in the lawyer’s business and personal affairs. A lawyer should use the law’s procedures only for legitimate purposes and not to harass or intimidate others. A lawyer should demonstrate respect for the legal system and for those who serve it, including judges, other lawyers and public officials. While it is a lawyer’s duty, when necessary, to challenge the rectitude of official action, it is also a lawyer’s duty to uphold legal process.

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