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Lawsuit against COD attorneys brought by Erin Birt, Dianne McGuire, and Joe Wozniak has been Dismissed

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

In January of this year, we reported, as did the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald, three College of DuPage (COD) Trustees filed a lawsuit against COD’s law firms seeking records applicable to COD related work.

At the time it was big news locally because of the boycotting of meetings by those who filed the suit.

Here we are nine months later, and I could not find a single story on the status of that lawsuit, so what was newsworthy before the primary is no longer newsworthy?  One can only wonder if this was an attempt to bring negative press for a particular county board candidate that happens to represent COD.  If so, it failed on multiple fronts.

The case was dismissed with prejudice September 15, 2016.  I guess those three trustees are not having a good month as not only was their lawsuit dismissed with prejudice but they now must face the music of the scathing Auditor General audit of COD that points out a laundry list of failings by the past Board and Administration.

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  1. Is this not one more suggestion that the drunk driver board member is also a horrid attorney? Like she thought she could win? Whackadoo-doo.

  2. remember when Donald Trump said, “we are going to won so much, you’re going to get tired of winning. Not a bit tired yet but my smile is getting stiff with smiling.

  3. Mr. Cronin’s ‘PR” people write all the articles for the Daily Herald and the Herald prints them with impunity. The articles are never balanced or fair nor do they ever tell the real story, only Mr. Cronin’s slant. Very disingenuous on the Herald’s part and they make “endorsements.” Mr. Cronin has controlled the papers since taking office — the losers are the people, once again.

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