Brocton Demolishes Old Buildings –


The Village of Brocton obtained an approval to demolish dilapidated pieces of property, 102 and 103 E. 3d Street,  within its corporate limits.

The purpose was to tear a couple buildings down due to becoming safety hazards and eyesores in the past few years.

We were asked to look into whether or not the proper permits were obtained for the tear-down, and it appears the village and its contractors do have the proper permits. The village obtained the proper asbestos inspection, and the village obtained approval from the Edgar County Tax Agent. These can be seen below (contractor’s permit will be uploaded tomorrow after I receive them).

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  1. So another good example of Watch dogs not doing their home work. You would have saw they need to file a EPA STATE OF ILLINOIS DEMOLITION/RENOVATION/ASBESTOS PROJECT NOTIFICATION FORM

    Which has already been confirm with ILEPA has not been done. Will cost the village another $150 for late filing of form.

    I guess Watch dogs like the low life Dennis Cary because they only got his side of the story.. Great reporting if you would dig into Dennis you would find he sold village property to his son with no bids. Also there was no bids for this work that was done with public knowledge.. So why are you not digging into this low life actions? because he pays you to not?

    • If you would bother to read and comprehend what we wrote, it specifically says we will post the “contractor’s permit” (meaning the permit the contractor obtained) when we receive it. Which should be today.

    • re: Brocton Resident – please provide any information you have on the sale of city property to his son with no bid. I think you are mistaken, but invite you to prove your statement. Also, please provide any proof he is paying us, especially since that would violate law, I also invite you to report it to the Sheriff for investigation.

  2. The Brocton Bank building has a plaque from the US Geology Society that records the elevation. Has the town reported to the USGS that they are tearing down the building and the survey marking will be gone?


    The young man in the video was not wearing a hard hat and other required safety equipment for a demolition site. Surprised the OSHA SWAT team didn’t show up with guns drawn and evacuate the town.

    How can an odd number and even number address be adjacent and on the same side of the street? Maybe it is an anomaly or vagary or history, the explanation of which is lost in time.

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