Corrected: Aircraft Registered to Dr. Patrick O’Neill Crashed into Vigo County House –

VIGO CO., IN. (ECWd) –

UPDATE: Corrected the registered owner of the aircraft.

Earlier today, a fixed wing, single engine aircraft registered to Dr. Patrick O’Neill crashed into a home located in northern Vigo County.

WTHI-TV is reporting  (video report here) that both passengers were removed and airlifted to the hospital.

WTWO also has a report (HERE).

Registration information for N17SK, a CESSNA 172N is located on the FAA’s Registration website: (HERE).
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  1. Thanks, I corrected the article. The difference was 1 number (171SK vs 17SK), the same model and year of aircraft – different owners.

  2. Just need clarification on the owner of the plane. You said it was Brown Flying School and the FAA site you have a link for said the same. WTWO has on their website that the plane was owned by Dr. Patrick O’Neill, a pathologist at Regional Hospital and one of the people in the plane. So which is it?