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April 24, 2024

Sen. Sam McCann not ready to return ill-gotten gains –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 20, 2016


Illinois State Senator Sam McCann is having trouble deciding whether to give illegal campaign donations back to the public body who sent them, or maybe to simply keep those illegal donations until the Illinois State Board of Elections gets notified and he is forced to deal with it.

In a response on to our article from yesterday detailing those donations with public funds in violation of state law, Sam McCann is quoted as saying:

“the committee received the two contributions with the presumption that the hospital had drawn the contributions on an account that was structured for such purposes”

McCann also said he would “look at the issue, and if further review warrants, make full restitution to the hospital“.

There are several problems with his statements:

  • First, why does McCann think a public body can “structure” an account for political campaigns using public funds?
  • Second, why hasn’t he already sent a check to the hospital for full restitution?

Notice he does not deny knowing the hospital was a public body.

Checks-Sam-McCannAs stated in our previous article, the Better Government Association (BGA) wrote about this issue in May, so McCann has had plenty of time to “look at the issue” and return the public funds back to the hospital. Obviously he thought he could get away with keeping them.

As far as CD Davidsmeyer, he also received funds from the hospital, but when it was brought to his attention, he promptly returned those funds – and the Hospital is taking steps to ensure this does not happen again.

ECWd’s message to Sam McCann: Write the freaking check already. You’ve had 2 months to “look into it”.

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  • Jim Arie
    Posted at 18:47h, 20 July

    Of course McCann wants to keep the money. He is a crook, a liar, a jackass selfish politician. Give back the money you jerk, it’s not yours…

  • The Gospel Truth
    Posted at 14:32h, 21 July

    Sam McCann is in more trouble than this. He single handed got Brad Hart his position as Inspector General with IL Dept of Healthcare and Family Services. The OIG Hart is responsible for going after those who cheat the Medicaid system and working with the US Attorney’s office to prosecute them.

    If a citizen of Illinois finds a medicaid provider that is cheating the government the citizen has a right to file a qui tam case against the provider and ask the government to take over the case. The citizen receives around 10% on average of whatever the government wins for filing the initial pleading.

    Hart has been giving a southern Illinois law firm information they can use to file a qui tam case against medicaid providers when he should be filing the case himself. He is doing this so the firm can benefit by receiving the 10%. The US Attorney’s office even sent him an email stating the he cannot share information with the firm.

    This firm gave large sums of campaign cash to McCann and McCann in turn got Hart his position.