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Auditor General Frank Mautino ignores State Board of Elections – Rep. Ives issues press release

Springfield, IL (ECWd) –

“This week Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino refused to comply with the State Board of
Elections’ deadline to amend campaign reports and clarify questionable campaign expenditures. His
failure to provide this information after receiving multiple time extensions to gather the details is further
evidence that he should be removed for cause. State Representative Jeanne Ives stressed again today that
it is time for the General Assembly to move forward with his removal from office.”

The full press release can be downloaded and/or viewed below.

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Auditor General Article

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  1. When people start exploding over this non-stop government stealing from the helpless taxpayer, the taxpayer starts exploding the stealers, non-stop. I say seize him and his assets-does lawful really matter now?

  2. He should have set up his own private email server in his home and “invested” in disaster relief in Haiti. If he had, he would be home free, i.e. if he had no Interest in a good name.

    Another great legacy left for some grandchildren…

  3. Dinesh D’Souza just gave a friend a bit more money than was allowed for a campaign and was sent to prison. What do you suppose will happen to Mautino? It will depend, of course, on how well connected he is politically.