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April 18, 2024

College of DuPage – Former COD Attorney Res Vazquez, Diane McGuire, and Kory Atkinson – the saga continues

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 2, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd)

Former College of DuPage attorney Res Vazquez, continues to provide legal advice to Diane McGuire.  As reported initially in this article, Vazquez provided instructions to a public official, COD Board member Dianne McGuire, to destroy an email.  We are still waiting on COD to turn over all of the communications McGuire had with Vazquez after his termination.

The day before his instructions to destroy a public record, we find he was offering legal advice to McGuire regarding closed session exceptions, however, this communication has a new twist. Kory Atkinson is included in the e-mail communication.  We find it very interesting to see Atkinson’s name once again popping up on COD related matters and once again with ties to Dianne McGuire.

Looking at the points made by Vazquez and the timeline, we suspect McGuire was seeking such advice in relation to her failed attempt to take control of the board after former Chairman Kathy Hamilton resigned. Why Atkinson is included is anyone’s guess, but it is evident from past reporting, Atkinson appears tied to the hip of McGuire and continues to stay involved in numerous issues that appear to be an effort to circumvent the reforms to bad policy changes that took place when he was an appointed board member.

The question we have, is it proper for a former COD Attorney to be giving legal advice to a COD Board member who was a prior client, and that advice being in relation to the former client, COD?

Let’s not forget that McGuire was set on terminating the current attorneys at COD and wanted to bring back the old attorneys who were in place during the illegal spending frenzy that made national news…and she talks about conflicts of interest?

*Kory Atkinson was invited to provide comment on why he was CC’d in the email, but has not answered as of publication time.

Rest assured, there is more to come!

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