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April 17, 2024

Wind Farms: Invenergy accused of running misleading ad –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 14, 2016

Invenergy accused of running misleading ad in Burrillville Bargain Buyer –

At Tuesday night’s Energy Facilities Siting Board Meeting (EFSB), with Invenergy‘s Director of Development John Niland in attendance, angry residents accused the company of running a deliberately deceptive ad in the Bargain Buyer regarding the timing and location of the meeting.

“Today, in every mailbox in Burrillville, The Bargain Buyer, which is our Bible in Burrillville, was delivered,” said Raymond Trinque, “Any clear thinking person would see this as a dirty trick by Invenergy.” The advertisement, (pictured) says the meeting will be held on Thursday night at the Burrillville High School.

The meeting was held Tuesday night at the Burrillville Middle School.

The date, May 10, is correct.

Social media contained reports from people who say that some residents arrived at the High School for the meeting only to go home. Residents worry that others may arrive on Thursday evening for a meeting that’s over.

– See more, including videos and the advertisement of meeting date, at:



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1 Comment
  • Cheryl Basso
    Posted at 12:49h, 15 May

    This is definitely not good; misleading ad and the company can claim that “they had the right date” even though the place and stated day was wrong.
    But, I wish there was as much concern about the outrageous behavior of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, who will be allowing a CAFO to be built near a small town in Illinois. And that is because, even though the Marshall county board voted against it, the law is written in such a way the people who will be affected by this CAFO cannot legally fight against it.
    And that is even though, to quote from another article you wrote, concerning Invenergy’s placement of wind turbines,

    “ORANGEVILLE, N.Y. (WKBW) Sixty residents from Orangeville and Attica have filed lawsuits claiming that the Stony Creek Wind Farm is ruining their quality of life, destroyed property values, and is affecting their health because of noise and vibration.”

    “Lippes said the basis of the lawsuit claims the wind turbines were erected too close to residential homes and are now causing “adverse effects.””

    Sadly, the folks who live in Marshall County don’t seem to have the recourse of a legal challenge. Even though an investigation, done by interviewing people who live near a CAFO, would suggest that CAFOs are not good neighbors.
    And the saddest part is that the company who is requesting this CAFO is from out of state, and very few jobs will be created from this. Not sure how this will help Illinois get back on it’s feet: out of state company, few jobs, possible environmental damage, but will cause the same problems as the wind farm: ruining their quality of life, destroying property values, and affecting their health. Edgar County Watchdogs, you have your work cut out for you when it comes to the messes in Illinois.