Pilot Hill Wind Farm damaged by…wind –


The Pilot Hill Wind Project, located in Kankakee and Iroquois counties in Illinois was the target of wind today.

Yes, wind damaged the wind turbine –

This project is a 175 MW Farm and consists of General Electric (GE) and Vestas turbines and happens to sit on the same electric grid powering Microsoft’s Chicago Area Datacenter.

It began producing power in September of 2015 – which makes this project and turbine not even a year old yet. Hope its not an indication of things to come.

Learn more about the damage these things inflict on their neighbors here: “Our Living Hell

Photos contributed by Jo Stolfa Whitman (here).
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  1. Here’s a novel idea… let’s make coal environmentally friendly “with scrubbers, etc”, which I’ve been told is possible, but costs money. Wom… could we give money for that (a reliable energy source (coal) rather than spend money on wind projects 🙂 this is just a thought.

  2. These are GE wind turbines. InvEnergy uses these, and they’ve experiences multiple blade failures in Vermilion County, Illinois. InvEnergy’s attorney Mike Blazer said that these blades are “designed to fall straight down,” but I don’t think GE, the manufacturer, has ever made any such statements. InvEnergy’s attorney Mike Blazer also lied to our county board about not being contacted about the low frequency noise these machines caused my family. One of the nights we complained about noise was the same night that InvEnergy’s turbine next to Oakwood Middle School (AKA Newtown School) lost its blade. These machines have a major flaw because they should not be self-decommissioning. These engineers should be embarrassed…….

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