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July 13, 2024

LaSalle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne – wanting Grandfathered in with changes to the law?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 26, 2016

Ottawa, IL (ECWd) –

We ask that the Governor VETO SB212 as all indications are this is nothing more than a method-of-cover being set in place for La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne

Many people in this country are waking up and realizing how out of control many of our elected officials are.  LaSalle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne appears to be a major contributor to that mindset.  We asked in this article, does he think he is above the law?

We now have the answer!

Yes, Brian Town thinks he is above the law and if his comments reported in the MyWeb Times in this article are true, we would contend he may well be delusional.  Short of being delusional, the evidence is stacking up against him in what we believe will be a nationally recognized example of how those in authority are destroying our Constitutional Rule of Law.

Statements reported in the Times piece point to Towne knowing what he was doing was illegal, yet the political spin he puts on it is the perfect example of why so many people are fed up with politicians such as Towne.

“The legislation, Towne said, is “a clarification and reassurance that what I was criticized for doing was fine all along.”

Oh Really?

If it was fine all along Mr. Towne then can you please explain why a change in the law was needed? 

The fact is, the spending taking place by Towne does not appear to be in compliance with the law, and after the exposure of the 3rd District Appellate Court ruling against his actions, more exposure to his activities raised concerns that he clearly recognized he needed cover.  In the game of politics, his cover appears to have come in the form of a change to the law to make apparent illegal spending legal, which is basically what this law does as it relates to Brian Towne.

According to the Times reporting, “Everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Perhaps some of the criticism on the way I use forfeiture money will not die down in an election year. But the law will clarify that it was OK,” Towne said.

Again, Towne’s statement show how far off the rails we have gone as it relates to our understanding of Constitutional Rule of Law.  The law said you can’t do what he was doing and it was his job to ensure the laws are followed.  In his case, he operated above the law and when called out for it, steps are taken through political allies to provide cover.  Now with the legislative change, the spin is that “Everyone thinks it’s a good idea”.

For the record, the law does not clarify that it “was” OK.  It outlines that if signed into law, it is OK moving forward.  It is not a law that grandfathers past apparent illegal action as is being implied by Towne.

One thing we do know, a State’s Attorney only has the powers provided by law and his own words prove he did not have the power to do what he was doing.  Who is going to hold him accountable for the apparent violations of those laws before they were changed?  If a drug law changes does that mean those who violated it before did nothing wrong?  Is he going to take steps to overturn such convictions he is tied to if laws change?  We all know that is not the case, however, Towne, the top law enforcement entity in the county of LaSalle, clearly thinks he is above the law.

In an email to The Times, Towne said he is “pleasantly surprised that the Legislature is seeking to clarify a practice I have been using for years to better our schools and community.”

We suspect the truth of the matter is he is not surprised at all as he was part of the process to change the law.  He appears to admit he has been violating it for years.  The fact he was doing it to make schools and the community better actually does more harm than he realizes but we suspect it won’t take long for him to better understand that.  Using “Towne logic”, a municipality could offer a handy-man program that takes care of all handy-man projects for residents at no cost.  The people would love that!  It would ensure those in power get re-elected as they are making things better in the community and people like that.  Never mind the fact the law does not allow it.

So the question that must be asked, are we going to be a Society based on the rule of law or the rule of feelings?  Politicians have manipulated facts to support their agendas for years and now we see they have mastered that process by impacting people’s feelings while totally ignoring the law that says you can’t do what Towne has been doing.  This type of justification of one’s actions is what leads to societal decay faster than most people realize.

According to the Times reporting, “Since that time, the La Salle County Asset Forfeiture account has provided tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that high-risk students have drug education and counseling as part of their school experience,” Towne said.

For those new to our publications, let us give you an example of the games played by our elected officials when it comes to public relations.  Note in Towne’s comment to the times he admits tens of thousands of dollars are spent on drug education and counseling as part of their experience.

Says Who?  With What Proof?

More interesting, he makes no mention of other spending being done that also appears to be in violation of the law.  No, instead he focuses the subject matter to words and topics that generate public support, such as “high risk”, “education”, and “counseling”.  They all inspire a positive emotion and leads people away from the important questions which will either validate his comments or disprove them.

We intend on filing numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to get to the bottom of his statements and if found to be false, he should resign for misleading the public and spending money in violation the law.   If his comments are found to be true, we encourage everyone to default back to the Rule of Law, which we all know is more important than violating the law, no matter how good it makes us feel.

Stay tuned for complete exposure of the operations of Brian Towne and those close to him, and we ask that you always remember, the Truth has no agenda!


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