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March 4, 2024

College of DuPage – IDFPR Part V – Bruce Schmiedl deception exposed

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 5, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

We now have Bruce Schmiedl’s own emails that appear to prove he outright lied to the Board of Trustees.

Schmiedl claim to the board:

I was contacted by a gentleman with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations, asked whether or not I had any knowledge of whether Herricane Graphics had in fact ever represented themselves to the college as being architects or providing Architectural services.”

The fact of the matter is Bruce Schmiedl’s emails confirm he drafted the letter to IDFPR before ever communicating with IDFPR and all indications are he never spoke with them at all.  After the letter was written, Tom Glaser provides instruction for Schmidl to check with IDFPR and see if they are actually asking for the letter.

I have attached a draft of a letter requested by the IDFPR as relayed to us through Attorney Joshua Feagans. I made a couple of minor adjustments to the form of the letter received from the attorney.  If you think it would be prudent, I would be glad to call IDFPR’s Mr. Fernandez to confirm
that he indeed made the request.

Who drafts a letter pertaining to a state prosecution on behalf of the one getting prosecuted before confirming the state actually has requested such a letter?  The fact he generated the letter as requested, without said communication with the state, appears to point to a very strange business relationship with the one being prosecuted.

From Tom Glaser to Schmiedl:

Please confirm that IDFPR did, in fact, make the request to clear this case. If they did, seems like that would be an important piece of why we are moving this forward to Joe Collins.

I just called him (he must be gone for the day) and left a message. I’ll try him again in the morning.

I received a message from IDFPR’s Mr. Fernandez confirming that they did indeed make the request.
Do you want to send the draft letter to Joe or should I.

So you see, Schmiedl’s own emails reflect he received a “message” from IDFPR confirming that they did indeed make the request and it was well after he generated the letter, which was drafted by Josh Feagans, attorney for Carla Burkhart.

How interesting this message turns into him reporting to the board that he received a call from IDFPR and asked to produce the letter in question.  In short, it appears he straight up lied to the trustees.

I raised the issue with the validity of Schmiedl’s comments in this article based on the wording in his letter to the IDFPR.  Turns out that analysis was spot on and he now should have to answer for lying to the Board of Trustees.

In addition, how does he explain the fact he said nothing to Joe Collins about the 2014 construction contract that also names Herricane Graphics as the Architect when he has clear knowledge they are not an architect?  Most would agree, a person in a position of Senior Management needs to ensure his superiors are fully informed on matters.  Sadly for Schmiedl, he took the path of deception and has now been exposed.  The big question is why?  Who puts their employment on the line by lying when there is so much evidence available to disprove those lies?

Most important in this entire chain of events is the fact COD went out of their way in assisting in the prevention of a COD Foundation member from being prosecuted by the state and it was all done in secret with no discussion with COD legal counsel.

How interesting is that utter failure by Interim President Joe Collins?




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1 Comment
  • Danni Smith
    Posted at 09:09h, 06 April

    Joe Collins character, honesty and worthiness as a gov employee were shown long ago. He is part of the wrong side.