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April 17, 2024

College of DuPage – Did Erin Birt lawyer up due to Grand Jury Investigation?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 29, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

A letter provided by College of DuPage Public Relations officer, Joe Moore, raises an interesting question regarding Trustee Erin Birt.

“On this point, we are particularly concerned with disclosure to your office because we are informed that you may also represent Trustee Birt in connection with the ongoing grand jury investigation.

In connection with what is now a filed lawsuit by McGuire, Birt, and Wozniak against COD attorneys pertaining to records production, the communication below was sent prior to the filing of the law suit.

The reference to Birt possibly having legal counsel because of a Grand Jury Investigation is of interest because all indications are, former Chairman Birt was in charge while the taxpayers were being fleeced by board members, Breuder, and Senior Administration members to include the current acting interim President Joe Collins.

We considered many of booze fests and dinners to be illegal use of public funds and have called for them to be charged.  We now know the IRS has been involved and their findings validated what we have said for close to two years.

Many of those matters are a part of numerous criminal investigations, and in light of the communication from the COD attorney to the law firm representing Birt, McGuire, and Wozniak, it may be an indicator she has something to worry about.

If Erin Birt lawyered up because of the criminal grand jury investigations, I would say it’s the smartest thing I have ever seen her do!   When you break the law, you’d better lawyer up and we urge you come clean!

The letter clarifies much of the same things we have said pertaining to public records and their release.  It will be most telling to see this work its way through the courts, if it ever actually gets that far.

We will update shortly with a copy of the lawsuit filed by the three boycotting trustees shown below

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