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College of DuPage – Criminal Complaint filed against trustees McGuire, Birt, and Wozniak

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

COD can now add three trustees to the list of criminal investigations taking place at the College. 

A formal complaint against College of DuPage Trustees McGuire, Birt and Wozniak has been filed alleging criminal Official Misconduct and Intimidation as defined in the criminal code.

Edward Franckowiak, a DuPage County resident, filed the formal complaint with the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office December 29th, 2015, after a true run around during his efforts of filing the complaint.  We shared his story on that process in this article.

With the FBI, DuPage County State’s Attorney, US Department of Education, and the Higher Learning Commission all investigating matters at COD I wonder if Trustee McGuire will continue to insist everything was fabricated by former Trustee Hamilton?

Below is a copy of the formal criminal complaint filed with the DuPage County States Attorney’s office.

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  1. Can other citizens easily join Ed in his complaint without having to endure the same problems? Every tax-payer in the college district should be irate at the antics of these clowns who have forgotten why they were elected to the prestigious posts on the COD Board.

  2. Questions: Who in fact is ” investigating ” this ” criminal complaint ” (this document above submitted to the DuPage States Attorney Office by a citizen) ? What local law enforcement agency is currently ” investigating ” these allegations within this document ( ” criminal complaint ” ) submitted by this citizen ? How can we verify that? Just curious.

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