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Appellate Court Oral Arguments set for John Kraft v. Arcola Twp. –

Arcola, IL. (ECWd) –

UPDATE: December 3, 2015 @ 1835
Hearings and arguments were postponed due to an emergency within the Appellate District Court.
Will update when rescheduled…


The Appellate Court Fourth Judicial District has set John Kraft v. Arcola Township on its calendar for Oral Argument on December 2, 2015, at 9:oo a.m. in Springfield, IL.

These are the cases coming out of Douglas County Circuit Court and appealed by John Kraft.

They are Illinois Freedom Of Information Act cases.

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    • All Appellate Court proceedings were canceled due to a death within the court system or their family member.
      Even if Court was heard, we would not know the decision until 30 to 60 days later.
      We are currently waiting for rescheduling notice.

  1. The shame belongs to the puppet board chaired by Corky Clark the Township Supervisor.For all the men sitting at that table you won’t find one set of balls,you can’t get much more pathic than that!

  2. Its a damn shame the Township is wasting more taxpayer money. Sadly they think they are right in everything they do. I believe most people are numb to there arrogance. Thank You Mr Kraft for not letting this go.

  3. Looks like this is a shot in the dark, Mr. Craft you really think the Appellate Court is going to rule against the local Judge?

  4. Not suprised it came to this,just another reason we ran her out of Bowdre.Deana,the”smartest person in Township Goverment”have got you guys in front of the Appellate Court.What a shame the Board let it get this far.

  5. I think the people in Arcola township thought this issue was long gone. But I think that our local attorney and Bill Coombe , Mark Nacke and Deana Shields has just got it postponed and cost the taxpayers more money. Keep up the good work John and Kirk the taxpayers really do want to know how their tax dollars are spent

  6. I doubt the Appellate Court will be swayed by the decision of the Arcola Township to keep taxpayer funded information from the public.Springfield is a long way from Douglas Co. and some of the missguided loyalty for the Township Board.For those who forgot,do you remember when Corky Clark said-“We need to keep Deana so we won’t get into lawsuit trouble”?Well Corky she has taken you guys and the Taxpayers of Arcola all the way to the Appellate Court in Springfield,at the expence of the Taxpayers.It sure will be interesting to see what they have been hiding all this time.

  7. At last the Taxpayers in Arcola Twp.will get their day in court!Judging from the Watchdogs work in DuPage,Mark,Deana,Bill,and Corky will have to come clean and give up the information they have been hiding.Keep up the good work Watchdogs!

  8. Good job John and Kirk! So glad you are fighting for what is right. The elected officials in our state who do not follow the law need to be held accountable for their actions.

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