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May 20, 2024

College of DuPage – Drama Queen McGuire hard at work!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 6, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –
It would appear there is no end in sight for Trustee McGuire’s need to grandstand, spread misinformation, and tell out right lies.  One can only wonder how much attention is enough for her.
Trustee McGuire has once again, with assistance from Kory (Kory Atkinson based on meta data in the file), taken things to a new low by not only sending a letter filled with lies and insinuations, but also demands for the law firm representing COD  to resign their services.  She also felt it should be provided to the Daily Herald, who kindly obliged in printing much of her misinformation once again.   (Daily Herald article)
For starters, one must wonder why the paper used what appears to be a 20 year old stock photo instead of the current one?  Was that at her request in an effort to promote her past image for political gain?  See how that works Ms. McGuire? McGuire Photo comparisonMcGuire is the same trustee, along with another local Democrat that filed an ARDC complaint against the board attorney.  The current letter sent to the Daily Herald just shows us, even after the ARDC ruled her complaint unfounded, she just cannot accept being wrong.
Instead, she continues to lie. As reported by the Herald, “McGuire says she wants the firm replaced because of, among other things, Elliott’s close relationship with former clients who have been adversaries of the college.”

Any wonder who she is talking about?

Let’s dissect her lies once again:

  • Rathje & Woodward, and you personally, represented the Edgar County Watchdogs and For the Good of Illinois in court against COD mere weeks before you switched sides to represent COD.  Your decision was prompted, no doubt, by the knowledge that you could make far more in legal fees at COD than with the college’s adversaries – with whom you still seem to enjoy a close relationship.

I find it amazing that our organization and For the Good of Illinois are “adversaries” in her mind.  Yes, we took COD to court because past council lied to the Attorney General by claiming if asked they would move to a larger room.  We asked multiple times and they refused to follow the law.  It was clear COD was not our adversaries, Breuder and his minions were.  We are not and never have been adversaries to the college.

  • Enclosed are two photos of you conversing with two of your former clients immediately after a COD board meeting in September 2015.

McGuire TWO picsI wish someone would have snapped a picture of McGuire talking to us during the break at a past COD Meeting.  Then we could use her logic and tell people that such a picture reflects we have a close relationship with McGuire…
Two Pictures!  Two pictures that were taken literally seconds apart and this is supposed to be an influencing factor for a law firm to resign?
Considering McGuire is such a fine investigator on matters, she would have known that the purpose of that conversation was in relation to a FOIA response.   It was COD business that took all of 2 minutes to get clarification.  Sadly, once again McGuire misrepresents the facts.

  • Your affinity for your former clients can also be discerned from your silence at board meetings when your former clients attack and throw vicious insults at minority members of the board at almost every meeting despite instructions from Board Chair that rules of “common courtesy” apply to public comment

How ironic that the very woman who refereed to those exposing wrong doing as Nazi’s is now calling for common courtesy.

I find it amusing to see those exposed for illegal acts react. Instead of doing the right thing they deflect and fabricate.  They build straw men arguments  and will go to any level possible to divert attention from the truth. Our exposure of truth about Trustee McGuire is not an attack, nor have we ever thrown vicious insults at minority members of the board.  Her perception is that our exposing her and others may be an attack and vicious insults, however, telling the truth is all we have done.  Clearly the truth hurts.

Time for some constitutional awareness Trustee McGuire!

Public comment is a time for the public to say what they wish to their government.  Regardless of a call for common courtesy, the law does not allow you to silence people’s speech because you don’t like being exposed.  Just as you could sit in that meeting and attack those exposing illegal acts and throw vicious insults by calling people Nazis, so too can any citizen at a meeting.

In addition, for you to imply that an attorney for the board has any authority or obligation to interject during a public comment  shows us once again what a waist of money it was sending you to ACCT training conferences, as you have no understanding of the role such a person has in a meeting, which is not to interject to limit a person’s speech protected by law!

  • The board did not even go through the most rudimentary of procurement processes before it selected you and Rathje & Woodward again as its counsel over four far more qualified law firms with vastly greater experience and resources in the area of higher education law.

Another lie.  In fact, the current board went above and beyond what the law requires when it comes to hiring a law firm.

  • the continued presence of you and Rathje & Woodard at COD is divisive and an impediment to the board’s reconciliation

Continued lies, misinformation, and grandstanding appears to most people to be the primary reason there is division with McGuire and the majority of the board, although she is entitled to her opinion.

  • You and Rathje & Woodward have withheld, and continue to withhold, information from board members.

Another lie in which she got called out publicly for at last nights meeting during public comment.

  • When board members were forced to turn to the Freedom of Information Act requests and client request letters to try to get any information about COD’s finances, its legal representation, or its investigation of its administrators, you and Rathje & Woodward obstructed access to needed information.

No one forced her to file a FOIA for information and that too was exposed as a lie at last nights meeting during public comment.

  • Your and Rathje & Woodward’s billing at COD is quite simply obscene

Interesting the previous firms rates never bothered her, and I understand they are basically the same rate.

  • Your political campaign for the DuPage County Board is at odds with your and Rathje & Woodward’s continued representation of COD. Rathje & Woodward’s obscene billing gives the appearance that you may be financing your campaign through your work at COD.

How special Ms. McGuire.  Not one shred of evidence to support a claim that his campaign is at odds with representation of COD, but since you said it, it must be true?   Using her logic any attorney running for a political office should resign from representing their clients because they would be at odds with them.
Another reference to billing as being obscene without telling anyone that it is the same as the previous firm.  That is grandstanding and sensationalizing with no facts to back it up.
For her to claim a lawyer’s billing gives the appearance that he  may be financing his campaign through his work at COD without one shred of fact, is yet another example of how this woman will lie at all costs to get attention.   We challenge her to provide one shred of evidence to support her statement.

  • It must have also crossed your mind that your former clients (i.e., Edgar County Watchdogs and For the Good of Illinois) would come in handy in attacking your political opponents as they have attacked your current clients (i.e., COD board members).

Once again McGuire just can’t get even a shred of truth into her malicious and false narrative.  For the Good of Illinois is a 501c3 who by law is not allowed to be involved in political activities.   As far as us attacking political opponents, there is that false narrative again.
When we expose truth, good or bad, it is not an attack and it is perfectly legal. It should also be noted that we have not attacked the past or current COD members.  We have exposed malfeasance of their actions and will continue, just as we are with this response to her letter of lies.
And for the record, our purpose is not about helping people win an election.  It is about exposing bad government and properly vetting those who wish to represent the people. Which by the way is yet another constitutionally protected right!

Her closing paragraph tells us all we need to know with this political grand-stander.

  • In summary, your and Rathje & Woodward’s legal counsel is greatly suspect and detrimental to COD. Are you truly representing the entire board and its best interests? Or are you telling individual board members what they want to hear? Is your legal advice calculated to ensure the continued flood of money from COD and its unwitting taxpayers? Are you and your firm using COD and its unwitting taxpayers to finance your campaign for the County Board? Is your legal advice based on your political campaign for the DuPage County Board?

Ms. McGuire, if counsel was not representing the entire board you would have grounds for an ARDC complaint, which you already tried that and failed.  The rest of your questions are from the text book of political hatchet jobs.  Each question has no basis to support it but the implication garners headlines.
It is no different than a person asking you: “Have you stopped beating your kids?”  I have no proof that you ever had but the question leads people to believe you had.  That is how political hacks operate and it appears you are a master  at it.

Need more examples of how this works Ms. McGuire?

  • In summary, Ms. Mcguire your position on the board is greatly suspect and detrimental to COD.
  • Are you truly representing all the taxpayers and students or you own personal interests in free meals and hotel stays?
  • Are you using your position on the COD Board to further your name recognition for future political gain?
  • Are you using COD and the unwitting taxpayers to finance your vacations?
  • Are you using COD and the unwitting taxpayers to finance your political aspirations?

Ms. McGuire, do the right thing. Resign now.


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  • Bill G
    Posted at 00:32h, 08 November

    Kirk; During the action CFO presentation, Trustee McGuire’s plea to change the record regarding foundation contracts was notable; she suggested the record reflect that all of these arrangements were appropriate. Seems a bit unhinged to me. Bill

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 23:12h, 08 November

      Just wait until we expose the report on the Herricane Graphics most recent contract. Blows McGuires words out to the water!

  • Michael Mastin
    Posted at 07:48h, 08 November

    “McGuire is the same trustee, along with another local Democrat that filed an ARDC complaint against the board attorney.”
    What difference does it make what party the local politician that filed the ARDC complaint is part of for this report?
    Great work as always, but just wish that politics were not a part of the agenda. It skews the value of what you both are doing and might turn people’s heads away thinking that you are using your pulpit for political reasons also. Bias is difficult to remove from journalism, but it adds a great deal of trust when it is avoided and makes your efforts more inclusive to all.
    Wish you would stick to the meat and potatoes of what you find and leave the party lines out of it. The public should not be lead to make conclusions based upon irrelevant information to the corruption. Wrong is wrong and no one party is free from corruption.
    As Jack Webb would say on Dragnet “Just the facts, just the facts.”

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 12:00h, 08 November

      The reason it was noted is because the trustees seats are non partisan and this particular trustee continues to scream politics is behind everything happening except the truth of it is she and her political puppet are the ones behind the scenes fabricating information and filing false complaints. Her own democrat party has contacted us and provided details of her political hatchet jobs. Her own party wants her and her puppet exposed.
      Dont confuse truth with an agenda. These positions are non partisan and there is no agenda to push ANY political view point. If you believe the facts have not been presented then please point out where and I will be clarified so there is no confusion.
      “Wrong is wrong and no one party is free from corruption.”
      And neither party is willing to admit or fix that problem.

  • Robert Anderson
    Posted at 12:55h, 13 November

    Thank God for McGuire. If Kathy Hamilton only cared about the College. She needs to stop manufacturing corruption and wasting taxpayer money. There was nothing wrong at COD.
    You and Kathy went to the FEds and created all these scandals so Kathy and her friends could feed at the trough. Here little piggy, $10,000 a day to one friend, $18,000 a day for lawyer friends. Mr Robling how much does he get, oh forgot Kathy pays him a little at the College and the rest out of her own account.
    How much does she and Joe Walsh pay you guys. The least you could do is be objective and honest in your reporting. This is like a gossip column with a teeny bit of truth and 90% twisted and distorted.
    I say again go home dogs you and Kathy have cost us too much and destroyed the reputation of COD.
    Hail Hamilton, the pay is great, so hail Hamilton.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 11:17h, 15 November

      There was nothing wrong at COD? The very trustee you are praising is raising issue with no bid pay to play contracts, rightfully so, and you now say there was nothing wrong? Those at the trough created the scandals. Here Little Piggy, Waterleaf no more! Robling’s entire pay is donated BACK to the school.
      Have NEVER received a Penny from Joe Walsh. Don’t like the column, dont read it. COD’s reputation as a fine education institution is not damaged. What is damaged is the reputation of all those people that allowed this crap to happen.
      To imply this was manufactured corruption is pretty funny considering if there was ONE shred of evidence to support that there would have never been all the Federal and Grand Jury subpoenas issued. You have to have reasonable grounds to issue those and I suspect they had more than enough grounds to issue them without having to manufacture anything.