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July 13, 2024

College of DuPage – Higher Learning Commission Report – SLEA takes the hit!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 16, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –
We received a copy of the HLC documents today and wanted to get them posted for all to digest as soon as possible.
A quick review points to a lot of issue that are going to need to be reported on but in light of the recent SLEA articles, these qu0tes from HLC gives you an idea that once again, our investigation and reporting was spot on!

“Therefore, there is the potential for these “students” to receive federal and state financial aid for 22 credits in violation of the federal credit hour definition. The federal definition of credit hour is the standard for all of higher education. COD’s practice of awarding  this number of credits for SLEA participation is not appropriate to higher education.”

“The College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs (Jean Kartje) likewise referred to it as Prior Learning Program credit. The College, however, does not have a Prior Learning Program policy even though some individual areas grant credit for prior learning.”

“The crosswalk between SLEA instruction units and the objectives of the three recently added criminal justice courses does not show that adequate attention is given to the criminal justice courses’ objectives. In addition, the institution made a concomitant change in credit hours without an increase in the hours of instruction and  was not able to justify the number of credit hours. Likewise, the clock hours allocated to the SLEA curriculum and the credits awarded do not follow the federal definition of a credit hour.”

In short, a lot of problems were identified with SLEA and a lot of work is needed to clean up the mess created under Breuders reign of terror at COD.  I suspect some administrators might think about looking for employment elsewhere.
As we take time to digest the information we will follow up on many points raised we will share those as time permits.
HLC Letter to COD – COD placed on Probation
[gview file=””]
Below is the Detailed HLC Report.
[gview file=””]


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