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April 18, 2024

College of Dupage – Trustee McGuire costs taxpayers over $23,000.00 in expenses

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 10, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –
May we suggest another criminal investigation be started on Diane McGuire for filing expense reimbursement requests for matters outside the scope of the Community College Act?
Based on records provided by COD there are over $23,000.00 in expense reimbursements made to Diane McGuire since she was elected in 2011.   Now there are numerous legitimate expenditures, however, it doesn’t take long to review the documents to find events she is getting reimbursed for that are not an obligation of her duties as a Trustee.
For example, why is it the taxpayers obligation to pay her expenses for foundation dinners, foundation donor wall and foundation meetings?  Is this yet another example of how COD and the foundation are tied as one?  I suspect the Chicago Tribune attorney’s will take interest in that little tidbit.
She even billed the school for Chamber meetings, which I can only assume are Chamber of Commerce meetings, which again is not a valid College expense as I can’t find anything in agendas asking her to attend on behalf of the school.  She just goes places and bills the College and has implied that she is there as an “Ambassador” for the college.  Can’t find that title in the Community College Act either.
It appears her husband goes with her on these vacation business trips as page 50 outlines she owes the college money for her husband.  How does that work out?  Is this not an admission she used public credit for private purpose?
She even bills the college for the MAC Madness event, not once but twice!  Now I may be mistaken but how is a night of entertainment and drinking at the MAC an obligation of the taxpayer?  I know, some will say since it was a fundraiser so it was appropriate.  The voters can decide on this one but reviewing the video of  the event it appeared to be more of a night of entertainment with free drinks on campus.

Photos from the event show former trustees Svoboda and Kim Savage in attendance as was Erin Birt and Diane McGuire.  We already know that Erin Birt did not turn in any expense for this event so it will be interesting to see if McGuire was the only one, which is where I place my bet.
I understand an elected official’s right to be reimbursed for expenses, but after reviewing McGuire’s reimbursement records it does point to numerous questionable expenses that by all indications were nothing more than a chance to get paid for socializing or attending meetings that were not COD business meetings.
When the next election comes around I suspect the voters are going to want to know this particular candidate cost the tax payers over $23,000.00 in expenses.  Did you get what you paid for?
We are pleased to report that our FOIA request for these expenses turned up NO EXPENSE reimbursement for Erin Birt. Did free booze and food outweigh the need for expense reimbursements?
[documentcloud url=”” container=”#DV-viewer-2259064-mcguire-expenses-2011-2015-redacted-final”]


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  • Lucy
    Posted at 14:41h, 10 August

    These all look like legitimate reimbursements. She takes her duty very seriously and does a good job staying informed and representing COD. Not all trustees are rich and can afford to attend events representing the College on their own nickel. She should not be denied participation or reimbursement from the College for attending these events.
    I wish you would go after Hamilton who is wasting millions of tax payer money on legal fees. How come you are not squaking about getting the attorney general to press charges against Hamilton for violating the ethics ordinance. And Oh, why is it ok that Hamilton bought the Board so now they all vote for what she wants. That is real good representation. So glad we have you objective watchdogs watching are backs. Your relatives were probably on Ceasar’s detail as well.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 15:59h, 10 August

      Wow Lucy, aka Betty, Rob, Robert, and Tim, you use so many names it is hard to keep track of which one to answer. It doesn’t matter though because they are all coming from a disgruntled loser still upset about the April election results.
      “Representing COD” is not listed under a trustee duty or board duty in the Community College Act.
      I suppose you think the free food and booze at the waterleaf wateringhole were legitimate also? Someone taking their job seriously would first find out if they have the legal authority to do things and participate in events that have nothing to do with her elected position as what should be an uncompensated trustee.
      How is this needed: Page 39, hotels for $538.83 when it is only 35.55 miles from her home? Really? How about this: Burger King in Naperville on Feb 2, 2015…how is that a reimbursable expense when she can go home and feed her face there? there are many, many more…

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 15:55h, 10 August

    LUUUUCYYYYY I think we got a problem! 🙂 Are you serious? Where in the article did we even imply that trustees, McGuire or any other, are not entitled to valid reimbursements? Hamilton wasting millions? Got any evidence of that? The actions of the new board recovered $2.4 Million that they never knew they had. How is that wasting millions?
    Why are we not squaking about getting the AG to press charges against Hamilton for the claimed ethics ordinance? For starters, we covered that in another article and anyone with any common sense knows two things with that issue. #1. There was no violation under Illinois laws or COD policy. You have to be blind to not see that. #2. The AG is not the person who would charge her if she did violate the law. That would be the job of the States Attorney.
    And as far as the teh board all voting for what she wants, I can only guess you either have not been at the meetings or if you were you were sleeping because there have been several votes where the new members DID NOT vote the same as Hamilton.
    All indications are you simply an angry person still upset that the election didn’t go the way you wanted. Get over it.

  • Toci
    Posted at 12:03h, 11 August

    Wow a very classy representation on jmkraft behalf. Very professional calling your readers disgruntled losers. Applause to you on your unprofessionalism and poor judgment. Speaks volumes about this website!

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 22:08h, 11 August

      Maybe the truth hurts? That person has used so many names, and said the same things under all of them, that it has become too hard to keep track of.