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May 22, 2024

Death Row Stories: "Randy Steidl" – to broadcast in July…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 7, 2015

We just received a CNN update regarding the airtimes for Death Row Stories. Unlike previously reported, the series will not air across all time zones at 10pm but instead each episode will air on Sundays as follows: 
10P and 1A ET, 
9P and midnight CT, 
8P and 11P Mountain, 
7P and 10P Pacific. 
All premiere dates remain the same. 
July 12th marks the premiere date of the new season of “Death Row Stories” on CNN – a new episode will premiere on each of the following five Sundays.
The case of “Randy Steidl” is presently scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday, July 19th at 10pm across all time zones. This date/time is tentative and subject to change.
CNN will be also airing re-runs of the episode in the week following its premiere.
Please note that all broadcast dates are subject to change pending CNN’s breaking news coverage.

Please visit and join their Death Row Stories Facebook page ( for additional updates. You can also connect with their online community on Twitter and Instagram by using  #DeathRowStories.
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  • Chris M. Gaines
    Posted at 21:24h, 24 June

    Questions remains, lots of them… If Randy and Herbie didn’t commit this unsolved double murder in Paris Illinois as they claim, then who did do it? Do they know who did it? Has this murder case gone cold or is it obvious who did it based on credible evidence or public opinion and speculation and evident justice will never be served in this murder case because of corrupt politics in Illinois?
    You should report less on things that don’t matter as much to most people and instead focus your attention on more serious crimes like this one… shine a huge spotlight on this unsolved double murder case in your town of Paris Illinois until the perpetrators are brought to justice no matter what their political affiliations are or how much you fear them and/or retribution for reporting on it. Be willing to take mitigated risks or even life threatening risk for other people and that ultimately will secure your own freedom, liberty an security within your own community and throughout our world.
    This still remains a huge black eye for the city of Paris and the county of Edgar and our State of Illinois obviously until all those responsible for it are exposed in public and justice is served upon them. May God have mercy on all our souls for allowing this travesty of justice to happen on our watch.

  • former Paris resident
    Posted at 06:06h, 25 June

    Chris : I lived in Illinois for 49 years , Paris was my hometown I was born there . We all know who killed Dyke and Karen but with the corruption of the whole state nothing will ever come of it I’m afraid . The connected people can and have stopped this from ever being solved and it goes to the highest offices in Illinois and a corrupt State Police . Not all of the Police because I know Rori and he’s an exception along with many of his fellow officers . I remember running around at age 15 hearing the stories of the Italian mafia being in Paris and then came the conviction of a local businessman in the ” Pizza connection ” . It was a common story of how biker gangs called Paris , ” Little Chicago ” , because of the ease and amount of drugs available in that small town . The Watchdogs are doing a great service and even though I do not live in Illinois anymore , I have them book marked and read their stories daily . Some things take years to change and unfortunately it will take many years for the corrupt culture of the state and now local city governments to change but there is still hope .

    • Chris M. Gaines
      Posted at 09:14h, 25 June
      I agree with you. Most well informed people do as well obviously. I think more attention needs focused on it to finally solve this double murder case. Why not report on it more not less now?
      Rory has helped me personally in my times of need when I ask him for help and always returns my calls and has treated me with respect and is a professional in my experience with him so far. I thank him privately and publicly for that and respect him tremendously for it. I consider him one of the few former law enforcement officers that have had a positive effect on my life personally recently. If more law enforcement officers and the agencies that employ them would act like professionals as Rory did and still does our nation would start to regain the public trust that obviously has been eroded because of the continued illegal criminal activities and unethical, immoral actions of many many law enforcement officers locally like in my hometown of Charleston Illinois in Coles County and nationally throughout history and especially recently and the national reporting of all this has caused a national debate currently about law enforcement officers in general being good or bad and being protected by the “Blue Wall of Silence” through public corruption, especially in Illinois being the most corrupt state in our union STILL.
      We the People need to focus now on rebuilding this public trust in our government agencies and public institutions before it collapses the foundations of our government as “they” planned in advance. Who is “they”? Not most of us We the People obviously. Get informed first, then get involved in taking ACTION against this government TYRANNY please. Join us!