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April 22, 2024

Time for change within the Illinois Community College Board –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 23, 2015

Springfield, IL. (ECWd)

With the mass unveiling of inappropriate spending, policy and statute violations, and other actions of Illinois’ Public Community Colleges lately, there has been no focus in “the Board” that oversees them, their policies, and serves as an intermediary between the Community Colleges and State Legislators; the Illinois Community College Board, or ICCB.

Problems recently reported with local community colleges include those identified within the College of DuPage, Heartland Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Southwest Suburban Community College. Many more will surface in the coming months.

Seven of the eleven appointed positions expire(d).

ICCB’s stated mission reads, in part:

The Illinois Community College Board utilizes the advice and counsel of all constituent groups of the community college system in establishing policies necessary to implement state statutes.

It appears, at least lately, that more likely then not, they are failing that portion of their mission statement.

The ICCB is governed by the Public  Community College Act [110 ILCS 805]

The majority of the ICCB will have expired terms on June 30, 2015 – just a few short weeks away.

Current ICCB Board Members:

Name – Term Expires – Appointed Date – Who Appoints – ??? – County

Alongi, Guy 06/30/2015 08/01/2003 Governor Member Perry
Barnette, Randy J. 06/30/2015 08/25/2010 Governor Member Cook
Bruce, Terry 06/30/2015 09/17/2012 Governor Member Richland
Dorf, Michael 06/30/2015 09/09/2011 Governor Member Madison
Garate, Teresa 06/30/2019 11/15/2012 Governor Member Cook
Giannoulias, Alexi 06/30/2017 08/10/2011 Governor Member Cook
Jackson, Jonathan 06/30/2019 12/23/2013 Governor Member Alexander
Lopez, Lazaro 06/30/2019 03/09/2015 Governor Chair Cook
Morris, Suzanne 06/30/2015 11/01/2003 Governor Vice Chair, Member Lake
Nall, Martin 06/30/2015 6/30/2014 Student Advisory Committee Member, Non-voting student None
Pulver, Thomas 06/30/2013 01/01/2008 Governor Member, Faculty DuPage
Rendleman, Jake 06/30/2017 12/01/2005 Governor Member, Board of Trustees Williamson


My recommendation to Gov. Rauner?

Appoint some good people, with good values, that are willing to step up and fix what is known to be broken.



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  • Suzette Lake
    Posted at 14:44h, 23 June

    This pseudo “watch dog” organization has some questionable authorship issues with the content of this “article”. There are allegations of several colleges of which you provide zero content. One college’s actions are indeed the precursor of many calls of misused funds, however, real context for the other murky references to institutions is nonexistent.

    Public community colleges in Illinois serve more than 65% of all higher education students. They are doing a LOT right – and they have outstanding records for stewardship of taxpayers dollars. In fact, they’ve been doing a lot to educate your children, so perhaps we can look forward to fewer groups like yours that make lame insults seem like actual issues.
    One can only hope!

    • Lucy Wayne
      Posted at 16:00h, 23 June

      Seriously Suzette? Obviously you haven’t followed all the stories on the College of Dupage. If any REAL press existed, there wouldn’t be a need for citizens to do their job!

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 16:00h, 23 June

      Are you upset we showed up at a city council meeting last night?

      Speaking of “Authorship Issues” – the main media in your area has serious problems reporting anything other than what Mayor R. wants them to report – it is failing the public and failing the public body by not holding them accountable – just like I said at the first meeting last night.

      Other Public Community Colleges include Heartland CC with their wind turbine purchase and gifts for trustees that are forbidden according to law from accepting any compensation. Another one is Lakeland CC who thinks it can operate a print shop that drive local businesses out of business – all while having no instructional classes related to the printing and print shop. I could keep going, but over the next several months we will publish more articles on these and other community colleges.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 16:05h, 23 June

      Here are links to what we have written in the past on CCs

      This might be why you are upset considering where you work:

      Another one: