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July 13, 2024

Mill Creek Park Master Planning meeting 2-27-2015 (video) –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 28, 2015


Below in the video from the meeting, the Master Planning Committee of Mill Creek Park, or the Clark County Park District, starts the meeting by talking about what to do with the funds brought in by leasing lots for a private subdivision. This subdivision has been a sore spot for many district residents in the past year when they learned of the possibility.

All indications are that the current board is attempting to ram-rod this through prior to the election in April. Opposition to this move is not over, and I suspect will not be over for some time.

This board kept secret the terms of the Covenants, Lease Rates, and the actual Lease that led to an Open Meetings Act law suit. They refused to allow the public to inspect those documents before or during that meeting, which is a violation of law.

At around the 29 minute mark, a board member starts talking about all the turmoil and upheaval brought upon them in the past year or so – seemingly oblivious to the real reasons behind the turmoil, which is the fleecing of the public by turning part of the park into a subdivision.

At the 30:15 mark, he talks about “inaccurate information” but fails to explain what information has been put out there that is inaccurate. Without stating what information was inaccurate, that claim is baseless.

At around 32:10, Charity says the lots are ready to lease and that Mr. Stepp has appointed members to the Architectural Control Committee. This would be a violation of the very Revised Covenants that was (illegally) passed in the February board meeting. Those Covenants specifically state that “THE BOARD” will appoint the members of the committee. “THE BOARD” cannot possibly appoint anyone to anything without doing it at a meeting of the board. So right out of the chute, the Revised Covenants have been violated. “Ron, Glen, and Joe” were “appointed” to this committee in violation of the very covenants creating the committee.

At 34:10, this committee and Charity Murphy stated that the “Lease will always be a draft”. I fail to understand that statement unless they are attempting to subvert the Freedom of Information Act by claiming it is a draft document. That claim will fail, one way or another. I have requested a copy of the lease.

At 36:20 they talk about marketing the lots for lease and mention that Charity has a list of people that have already expressed interest in the lots. I have requested a copy of that list.

At the 42:00 minute mark, a board member talks about needing a public relations firm to combat the bad press they have been getting. I guess the Marshall Advocate isn’t good enough? Anyway, if the board would quit violating the laws of this state, violating the trust of its residents, and embrace the openness demanded in the Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Acts, this bad press might just go away…but it’s much easier to hire a PR firm.

Watch the video below, or read our other articles on the park district (here):



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  • Mike Rekart
    Posted at 10:05h, 28 February Reply

    Love your work guys!

  • Dave L.
    Posted at 16:17h, 28 February Reply

    After watching this video, it appears this committee and our board president are treating the proposed subdivision as a “done deal”…..mark my words, those lots in this “proposed subdivision” WILL get leased out, homes WILL be built out there, and I’m willing to bet that when it comes time to actually build the first new rental cabin to be placed in the campground/park that it will be built by a local contractor with the last name of STONE. The same STONE who built the most recent rental cabin located in the campground. I would also be willing to bet that the existing commissioners running for re-election ALL get re-elected!

    • Chris M. Gaines
      Posted at 20:25h, 28 February Reply

      I watched the video as well. I would bet on that as well based on their attitudes in this most recent meeting.. They don’t act too worried at all about bad PR or anyone specifically threatening this deal legally, it just seems to be a nuisance to them at most at this time. What can We the People do to change that is the only real question now? It takes a wolf to catch a wolf sometimes, a lone wolf specifically works most effectively alone. I would recruit a lone wolf to operate from the inside and gather evidence for a criminal case against them and then present that to our States Attorney, that then will hopefully be forced to file criminal felony charges against anyone involved in criminal activity. Quit playing with these criminals. End it once and for all. Just saying. Be proactive within our laws and go after these criminals. Unless you just want to keep talking about all this with no real consequences for those responsible for it. A message needs to sent LOUD and clear to others thinking about or committing the same crimes and this type of public corruption will end. Recruit a lone wolf (a private citizen who is well motivated and capable of this type of thing) to infiltrate their wolf pack and gather sufficient evidence to prove a felony case.. is my suggestion. Anyone else got a better idea? Please share it with us, We the People…please.

  • sandy gray
    Posted at 23:03h, 28 February Reply

    My question, this is a state park right, then what gives the park board the authority to do whatever they want without consent from state. This is a beautiful area for camping and fishing, leave it alone. One other question, whose pockets will be lined by this venture? Stone Builders and rhe park board members. They are doing this for their benefit I’d bet.It’s all about the money they can make for themselves, stop them from ruining a beautiful park, fishing and camping area.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 07:14h, 01 March Reply

      It is a Park District (a local government) and the voters in Clark County elect the commissioners.

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