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February 29, 2024

Mike Heltsley can’t get anything right – re: resignations –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 21, 2014


Another one of County Board member Heltsley’s comments came back to bite him – as they all do. It was no surprise to us, and probably no surprise to the majority of the County.

This one is about his repeated comments about the “tremendous turnover” of employees from the Sheriff’s Department since Ed Motley was elected in 2010 and spends half of his writing space devoted to that subject. He stated all this and then “wonders why” there have been so many, insinuating it was Motley’s fault or the fault of the Watchdogs that they resigned their jobs.  Did he forget he is a county board member and can look at resignations any time he pleases?

We will start from the top on this one and fully explain the personnel turnover non-problem.

1.  This first resignation placed the blame squarely on…..wait for it…. yes! – The County Board!

The key paragraph reads: “My resignation follows the recent statements and actions by members of the Edgar County Board that I perceive as a direct and personal attack, and a deliberate attempt to undermine the efficiency and effectiveness of the Edgar County Sheriff’s Office“, further stating “These moves [of the board] will not allow the Edgar County Sheriff’s Office to provide the expected and deserved level of service to the people of Edgar County.” He then states how proud he was to be part of the team – one that did not exist with the previous Sheriff.

So Heltsley wonders why people quit, when all he has to do is look in the mirror! There you go Mike, you were the cause of a resignation.

2.  Resigned to take a job at a different police agency in Illinois. Closing his resignation by stating “I would like to close by saying that I appreciate what you have done and are doing to make the Edgar County Sheriff’s Office the best department it can be. I believe that you are working to bring a high level of respect and honor to the department and I pray that you will never waiver from that mission.”

3.  Resignation to pursue her life in another direction, stating that “It has been an honor to work for a Sheriff who has restored dignity, trust, and integrity to the office.”

4.  Resigned to move to North Dakota and take a job offered to him there, stating “I appreciate the opportunity you provided and wish you and your office the best.”

5.  Resignation blaming a female coworker for creating a hostile work environment and saying the radios accentuated her breasts to the inmates. This is one of the former jailers that are under investigation by the Illinois State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.

6.  Resigned to take a job with a different police agency. Stating “I appreciate the opportunity that I’ve been given here and I wish you the best of luck in the future.”

7.  Resignation from full time position with no reason noted, but did state he wished to maintain his part time position with the department.

8.  Resignation with no reason noted.

9.  Resigned to go work for the Paris Police Department stating he will miss the department, he was glad he had the support and opportunity to work there, and wishing the Sheriff and the Department the best in the future.

10.  Resignation, no reason noted.

11.  Resignation, no reason noted. Said he appreciated the opportunities he was given at the Sheriff’s Department and wished success in the future.

12.  Resigned claiming stress and health reasons among others. This is one of the former jailers that are under investigation by the Illinois State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.

13.  Resignation, no reason noted.

14.  Resignation, claiming harassment and other items to numerous to mention.

15.  Resigned from part time, stating that he “appreciated the opportunity that the sheriff of Edgar County and the Sheriff’s Dept itself has given me to work with such a professional team.”

16.  Resigned from a part time position to take a full time job with the Westville Police Department, stating “Thank you for the opportunity…

17.  Announcement of retirement after 30 years at the Department.

18.  Announcement of retirement stating that she was “pleased to say I have enjoyed working for you, and the citizens of Edgar County.”

19.  Announcement of retirement after 42 years with the department stating that he “truly enjoyed working for the department and will treasure the many memories.” Also stating he would still like to work part time for the department if needed.

20.  Resignation after 27 years, saying he thanked you [Motley] and all the Sheriff’s he worked under…  (I think this might have been a retirement also)

21.  Another retirement.

22.  Another retirement after 25 years. He stated he would help with anything in the future if asked.

Copies of the resignations are below – read for yourself what an embarrassment Mike Heltsley has turned out to be:


[gview file=””]




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  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 09:25h, 22 October

    Well it appears as though 1 clearly resigned because of the critical remarks (and apparent harassment) made by Mike; wherein Mike, were recognized for his efforts in undermining the effectiveness and efficiency of the department. Good for you Mike Heltsley.

    Then there were five additional resignations for no reason…but given the atmosphere created by Mike Heltsley, the massive reduction in budget, the “understaffing” because of the monies you took from sheriffs department and Mikes daily criticism of the department, what would anyone expect? Clearly Mike has an agenda. This doesn’t mention the worn out vehicles our deputies are driving or the fact donated lap top computers cannot be installed for funding reasons.

    Perhaps these 5 were concerned with the possibility that you [Heltsley] would somehow tamper with their future job interests or personal lives if they were to state those reasons. So, should we add another 5 departures to your count: making it 6 that have left because of your horrible leadership and negative influence on the sheriffs departments staff?

    Then there were two that were entitled to and simply retired…reason enough. Than an additional member stating he left to better himself in another law enforcement agency. Good for him.

    Then there were a few under investigation by an outside agency (called in by the sheriff)….for the possibility of wrong doing. That matter is being handled professionally but begs the question, why resign if you’ve done nothing wrong?

    And the last part. Ten staffers left with the greatest compliments regarding our sheriff, encouraging him to continue his great work and wishing him well.

    With that being the case, is it possible that deputies low pay, benefits, work load and constant harassment by Mike Heltsley and the county board: (using the funding of the sheriffs department as a political weapon) has caused our sheriff’s department to become a good place to start a career and an even better place to leave for better benefits? And perhaps towards a much more friendlier county board and one more appreciative of the work preformed?

    If so, that’s something that our Mike Helsley has done for our county. I’d like to see more details regarding Mike Heltsley’s law enforcement: or corrections or what ever resignation and the circumstances of his departure.

    • retired Lt.Foltz
      Posted at 17:08h, 18 December

      More than me agree Political corruption is leveling the work camp…….high schools could have been built any where. What happened to all those people who were for the camp. what happened to the 3 million dollars this town received each year in revenue. it cost 5 mill to run pwc it didnt open for 3 yrs where is that money? ……… think people Motley put things in place, so be it that people left they were just as guilty trying to make that sheriff fail Corrections employees replaced all and with plenty of experience. hostile work environment? what a cop out!!!!

  • Brenda Buckley
    Posted at 11:02h, 22 October

    Thank you for your volunteered time to write this article of great information. I am sure the research took a lot of time. Thanks again.

  • Nutjob958
    Posted at 21:16h, 22 October

    Once again the political scum has risen to the surface,