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July 13, 2024

Quinn Administration complicit in airport grant fraud!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 26, 2014


When numerous people attempt to meet with officials and inform those in charge of wrong doing and lies pertaining to obtaining almost a Million Dollars in grant money and they “refuse”, what do you do?

Everyone in the public sector has a boss.  You take it up the chain and you don’t stop until each and every avenue has been exhausted.  As our regular readers know, we have hit that point in this county as it relates to the Airport Fraud many months ago.  Our officials are so focused on getting money for the project they have given up any principals they may have had as it relates to doing the right thing.

From the county we went to the state. Both ourselves and family members of the now deceased Rusty Bogue tried to visit face to face with IDOT officials, specifically Dr. Shea, IDOT Division of Aeronautics Director as well as Alan Mlacknick, Section Chief of Aviation Systems and Programs, and to date they have basically refused to even talk to anyone even after a State Representative attempted to assist in fixing the fraud that was uncovered.

I understand “Fraud” is a serious term, but let’s be honest people.  When a grant application contains information that is 100% factually wrong and there is no plausible reason such a gross mistake was made, it is fraud!

Ironically, the Division of Aeronautics is responsible for coordinating and implementing programs concerning air safety, airport construction, and other aeronautical related areas in Illinois. The primary role of the division is to provide modal integrity to air transportation missions, objectives and activities within IDOT.” (Click here to read the published site)

MODAL Integrity?

Using their own mission statement claiming the “primary” role of the division is to provide modal integrity, I am here to tell you they failed to a point well beyond miserably!

The list of failures begins with the fact they have refused to sit down and look at the evidence of the wrongs we have been exposing for about a year now.  I guess that would be the monkey covering their ears!

The next failure would be the clear fabrication of information in order to attempt to justify the project and take the focus off the fact the application filed by the county is false.   Let’s look at the fabrication of information found in the statements of an email by Alan Mlacnick:

  1. The current apron at the airport is nearing capacity based on the analysis and historical eye witness accounts by IDOT staff.
  2. Edgar County currently has one 8,000 gal tank

Those two examples would be the monkey covering his eyes because everyone in this county knows there are no airplanes to “eye witness” at the airport and anyone that can see knows there is not a 8,000 gal. tank but there is a 10,000 gal tank, contrary to the fabricated number on the application.  Had the so called eyewitness actually opened their eyes they “might” have seen a couple planes parked outside but they definitely would not have seen an 8,000 gallon tank.

Next is the whopper of a statement that to date they have refused to discuss with the very people trying to inform them of the truth.

  1. We have been inundated with inquires regarding the Edgar County Airport, accusations of mismanagement, and fraud and the effect it will have on currently programed projects
  2. The information submitted by the County and Hanson (Engineering) relative to the programming of both projects “may” have  some irregularities and inconsistencies, but I never  believed it rose to the level of fraud, nor would revised submittals substantially change the outcome of the program.

So now we have the monkey with his hand over his mouth as it is clear he is not going to say anything to scuddle the projects and of course they won’t speak with anyone because then they might have to actually come clean!

And finally, the most amazing statement I have ever read from a public official who clearly has no clue what is really going on with this group in Edgar County.

  1. “Regardless” of the application information provided by the county and Hanson, installation of a second tank is both eligible and permitted.

So now you have the fourth monkey who can see, hear or speak but rather than listen to the truth, see the truth, and speak the truth, he sticks his thumb up his butt and does NOTHING!   (Click here to read the document that contains all of the above information referenced!)

When a public official takes the position that “Regardless” of the information on a grant application, it’s not a problem as long as the project is an eligible and permitted project, its time they are removed from office!

This attitude in the private sector would lead to immediate termination.  Basically they are saying we don’t care what the application has on it we are going get this money from the Feds and we are going to spend it.  Forget the fact that such an act is the very reason we have such a decay in our society.  Forget the fact that it is a lie.  Forget the fact it is a clear waste of taxpayer money.  In short, Forget the facts!

Next stop was communication with the FAA and other Federal Officials to include the FBI, Department of Justice, and all members of Congress.  Yes, letters were sent to every member of Congress!

Clearly someone in Washington DC is paying attention to what has been going on with this cover up, and maybe, just maybe, there will be someone willing to stand up and put a stop to all this corruption instead of trying to sweep it under the rug.

As we reported a few days ago, the FAA has notified the Illinois Department of transportation Aeronautics division that all work on the Edgar County Airport fuel farm and apron expansion is suspended until further notice pending a review of the documentation used in the justification of the program by the Office of Executive Inspector General.

For those that know much about the US-DOT OEIG, they don’t get involved unless substantial evidence has been provided to support an investigation.  Considering Governor Quinn is under investigation for the NRI scandal costing the taxpayers millions of dollars it may take some time for them to get to this one, but rest assured his administration has taken the position of see nothing, here nothing, say nothing, and as usual, do nothing.

We suspect when the US-DOT OEIG is finished with there investigation the findings of fact will be forwarded to the Federal authorities to make determinations on where prosecutions would be applicable.  Most who have followed this believe those who should be prosecuted start with members in this county such as the former Airport manager Jimmy Wells.

At some point, however, the buck has to stop.  Does it stop with the Governor and his administration for doing nothing?  Does it stop with the County Board? Or will this be a case where they actually go after the very people who fabricated the information and actually signed the documents?  Only time will tell!



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  • Mack
    Posted at 00:01h, 27 September Reply

    oh boy… more reason to love Illinois and its famous corruption. Ha!

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 10:31h, 28 September Reply

    Yes, what has been revealed is the truth. Document after document has been provided to the FAA, the OEIG and others, all proving the fraud and the corruption that took place not just here in our Edgar County, but in Springfield. I believe there will be consequences for all: but let me comment on a local perspective:

    It was Chris Patrick’s leadership, influence and involvement as the “airport ” chairman, along with Jimmy Well’s devoted participation in this “invented project”: (one that would require enormous amounts of concrete) that created it. This was done with the support of Hanson Engineering, a corporation that can only make money with aviation development projects and from those in Springfield tasked with bringing federal money to Illinois (for the benefit of Illinois residents?). No one really had a big incentive to check the facts.

    It is however, a fact that Jim Wells deliberately lied about the “35” airplanes at our airport and the 1,000 gallon fuel tank. These lies were perpetuated in the many Edgar County Board meetings, study sessions, and in committee meetings for the past year: all at a time when in public session they were called out for what they truly were. Lies.
    Our County Board members even received documents that were eventually forwarded to others. Their (non) action can be found by viewing the many video tapings of same.

    In regards to Edgar County, It can be argued, board members caught unaware of the facts (if there were any) became comfortable with the lies, the momentum of the project, their friendships (benefits to themselves?) and in the prospect of bringing thousands of dollars to our community. So, they chose to steal federal monies to which they are not entitled in hopes they would not be discovered rather than tell the truth.

    This ‘community’ lie…ultimately afforded Jimmy Wells and Chris Patrick a distinct level of protection and immunity, from other activities. (That will follow below).
    Perpetuating the deceit on the federal government had to continue in order for the money to come rolling in. Who else better to defend and protect the lies, than those that created it? Jimmy Wells. Then of course, Jimmy Wells our airport manager, had to be protected in order for the project to be protected. He had to survive in order for the federal money to arrive and for concrete to be sold. Everyone that participated and now went along with this deal did so because of incentives and of course, the consequences if they did not.

    Even our local news paper(s) participated by choosing censorship rather than truth. They have refused to print the facts regarding this fraud. Any doubts so far? Just review our County Board’s meeting minutes, video tapes and the public documents then compare them to the articles they wrote: only then will you discover how our local media is censoring what we read; what we think; and our lives.
    Articles regarding the Airport posted on this web site offer another convenient, but truthful contrast.


    Let me put this all together. My son Rusty, his business, and his employees were repeatedly badgered, harassed, hazed and tampered with by the Edgar County Airport Manager Jimmy Wells. He blocked hanger doors, there by preventing Rusty from delivering his airplanes to his customers, he quibbled over storing lawn mowers and snow plows in a hangers where they did not belong refusing to rent this additional space to Rusty, he refused to provide any security in space that Rusty rented and “shuffled” spaces he was renting, he even refused to collect rent when payment was offered and made available, to name only just a few. Even puppet Advisory Board chairperson, Adonna Bennett, joined in the act on several occasions, one, by throwing his certificates of accomplishments to the floor, then mouthing her considerable drama, then searching Rusty’s leased property and another in bit of theater in our court house.

    Clearly, Rusty was being driven from the airport…by Jimmy Wells….and Chris Patrick…..with the help of our county board and committee members by this harassment. Their actions had an enormously negative impact on my son’s business, life, finances, happiness and even work performance.

    Jimmy had “protection” from all of his mischief because of the lies he told in submitting the grant and as the protector of the project: he was thereby invincible. Anything he wanted to do, he did. Board members now complicit in the lies, only wanted the $880,000.00 federal grant at any cost. They did not want the truth to come out, it was too late for that: but it has.

    And what did Chris want? Obviously, he wanted to sell concrete and large amounts of it to the airport. He wanted complete control of the airport as he had for the previous years with the help of the man he put in place at the airport, that was Jimmy Wells. He wanted his mistress to continue her employment at the airport (as it has) as did his previous mistress. He wanted the general aviation space where RSB was conducting business for storing his “second choice in airplanes”…remember he was unsuccessful in forcing a sale of N229H to his benefit. He wanted the secret banking account (the tax free CD account) to remain a secret. He wanted to feed his ego. He also wanted RSB’s growing business: to hire RSB employees, then Rusty, then when denied; he began a “hostile” take over of Rusty’s business with the help of the county board’s silence caused by “this federal grant”…to which I refer to as BLOOD MONEY.

    The ‘push back’ felt in bringing the truth to the surface on this grant has been noted. Those hoping to gain in one way or another have expressed themselves by their action and inaction. Those guilty of fraud and in participating in this hoax, do not want to be held accountable.

    Attempts to silence the truth and prevent justice: even to the point of fire bombing multiple aircraft, have inspired greater determination by myself and in so many more. Know this, the firebombing of these two planes was conceived, ordered and carried out….as a measure of push back for telling the truth… those living in among us.

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