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May 22, 2024

Edgar County Airport Advisory Meeting (Video) – Why Lie? –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 5, 2014


The “newly appointed” Edgar County Airport Advisory Board held its first meeting on September 2, 2014 to elect its officers and discuss other issues. Sources have told us that Adonna Bennett has tried claiming that she was still on the advisory board, even though that is not true.

During the public comment session (starting at the 3:18 mark in the video), Kirk Allen asked the new manager, Jerry Griffin, that since he was flight instructor certified whether or not he would give flight instruction as part of his duties as manager or on his own time. Mr. Griffin announced he would provide it on his own time.

Kirk went on to talk about the job application submitted by Mr. Griffin – never verified by the county prior to hiring him – and revealed that Mr. Griffin was not “currently certified” to fly or give flight instruction because his medical was 16 years out of date. According to the FAA, a medical is only good for 2 years if the individual is over 40 years old.

Further inaccuracies in the application include Griffin stating he performed 100 hour inspections of flight school airplanes, Allen noted that Griffin has never possessed an Airframe & Power-plant (A&P) or an Airframe Inspector (AI) certificate from the FAA and has never been authorized to inspect aircraft. His application also stated he was an “Aircraft Mechanic” from 2005 to 2010, but the problem is he can’t do that either without an A&P Certification from the FAA.

After being called out on the lie about performing 100 hour inspections Mr. Griffin claimed something entirely different than what he put on his application as it was clear he knew what he claimed was not true!

His application also makes claim that he rebuilds antique airplanes and sells them.  Yet another problem for MR. Griffin because doing that without an A&P license is something the FAA is very concerned about.

We do have evidence that he has been giving flight instruction to the person that bought Glen Hutchin’s airplane, and that he had taken other people flying – all within the past couple of months.

Why did he feel the need to lie, or embellish, on his application? The remaining questions here is: Can you keep a person employed that lied on his application? Is this non-certified pilot who acknowledged he gives flight instruction out of the County Airport have insurance to do so?  No is more than likely the answer for both questions, but this is Edgar County…

Rob Bogue talked about some of the recent airport history, and Jimmy Wells…well…what can I say, you can listen to it, but what he says is completely false.

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  • ECWDogs
    Posted at 10:14h, 05 September

    Edgar County Airport Advisory Meeting (Video) – Why Lie? –

  • Susan Newberg
    Posted at 13:23h, 05 September

    WOW! Didn’t know it was legal to lie on an application for employment. He should be immediately removed for doing so! How can citizens trust ANYTHING that comes out of his mouth?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 14:06h, 05 September

      It’s not legal, but that doesn’t matter here in Edgar County.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 16:39h, 05 September

    More telling is the reaction from Karl Farnham. Instead of getting to the bottom of it he wants the guy stop answering and then he rolls his eyes. Time to go Karl!

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 07:43h, 06 September

    It’s one thing to state the facts in pleasant terms on a resume. But when statements leave the arena of factual information and become someone’s wishful thinking then they are nothing more than lies.
    So, what are the facts? Jerry Griffin cannot perform 100 hour inspections on aircraft because he is not an FAA certified A & P Mechanic. Yes, an A & P mechanic could have Jerry assist him, but it is the FAA certified A & P Mechanic that has completed the inspection, not Jerry. That’s a fact.
    Jerry could have said he assisted in the 100 hour inspections of aircraft under the authority of an certified A & P mechanic, but he did not make that choice. He could have said, he was an apprentice A & P mechanic working towards certification, but he did not make that choice either.

    Clearly in his mind, he’s certified to work on aircraft independently and to make such claims, but the facts say he is not entitled to do so. Lives depend on this work, so ask yourself, isn’t this why one must be certified? Why isn’t he certified?

    Then of course, there is the other half of the controversy. No medical. According to the FAA, without a current medical, you’re not a pilot. Again, in Jerry’s mind, he believes he’s a pilot. Why doesn’t he have a medical certificate? What else does he believe?

    As Jerry focuses on toilet seats, rain gutters and now, in defending himself for his deceptions, the very wooden posts holding the hangers together and upright: remain teetering on the verge of total collapse. That’s no secret. This did not happen because of the good maintenance performed by the past manager or the past board. Neither did the crack sealing, asphalt sealing, building painting or other concerns “just” happen.
    Look it, I’ve visited with Jerry, he seems to be a nice guy and with good intentions. However it’s been said many times and over and over the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    Voigt, Farnham and English…all of which are on the county board as well as the airport committee have clearly made a big mistake. Mistakes happen. I don’t fault them for this mistake, but to my way of thinking, I can will hold them responsible if they do not correct this one.
    Airport history, and even County Board history has shown that our county board members rarely correct their mistakes and more often that not compound them with cover ups, and yes even lies. I’m so hopeful this practice is changing and that it will not continue.

    The wishes of so many… that something without the appearance of any wrong doing and something with the appearance of honesty and integrity has become the new way of doing things…. now remains in the balance on this issue. Jerry needs to go.
    The other candidates, all of which applied for this job in good faith and that did not lie on their application, need brought back to the table and given the rightful chance at this opportunity. Sincerely, Rob.

  • Sick of it all....
    Posted at 08:13h, 09 September

    I don’t understand how they can hire someone, for something as important as manager at the airport and a supposed legal pilot without checking out his background and making sure all his licenses and medical requirements were up to date. That should have been the FIRST thing they checked on all the applicants before even considering them for any type of job. Good grief, I’d hate to see the lawsuits if something were to happen and it was found he wasn’t certified to fly or instruct and that the board hadn’t bothered to check out their eligibility. Appears maybe the airport board is not in ANY WAY qualified to fill this position for the people of Edgar County. Maybe they need to bring in an outside source to find an airport manager… one that actually knows what to check on to make sure the one chosen is actually qualified and licensed to do the job. People of Edgar County, it’s time to get someone on the County Board that is willing to do the work needed to do their jobs…it still just boggles my mind that the Board didn’t look into the background and qualifications on this guy…… How does that happen unless they just pulled a name out of a hat? Or someone wanted him in the job, qualified or not… Another puppet for some board members to pull the strings on??