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July 24, 2024

Team effort garners top 5!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 29, 2014

Illinois – (ECWd)

A special thanks goes out to Reboot Illinois for their recent reporting on our investigative efforts in Ford and Iroquois County and by all indications the report was a hit.  (Their article here).

Our efforts garnered that story a top 5 spot as most popular items in the past week. Although the article gave us plenty of accolades, we could not have done it without key people of integrity stepping out of their comfort zone and standing up for what was right!  The real meaning of We The People is wrapped around the entire events that were exposed in that article.

A special thanks to the following because without this team effort, nothing gets fixed!

  • The whistle blower!
  • Will Brumlevee with the Paxton Record for great local reporting and additional investigative work
  • Rod Copas – Iroquois County Chairman for leading the charge
  • All other Iroquois County Board members who voted to fix things! 
  • The good citizens of both Ford and Iroquois County who came to the meetings and provided support for reform!

As reported by REBOOT

TOP 5 In case you missed them, these were the five most popular items on in the past week.

5. Corruption in Iroquois County was successfully rooted out by a citizen watchdog group.
4. Which Illinois towns have the worst-funded fire and police pensions?
3. The scores are in: How did Illinois’ Class of 2014 do on the ACT?
2. Here are 15 college hacks that will make your 2014-15 school year easier.
1. Travel these 10 creepy Illinois roads…if you dare.

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