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April 23, 2024

Edgar County Board Study Session – 8-25-2014 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 27, 2014


The Edgar County Board held a study session on 8-25-2014 at the Highway Department.

Troy Eads, the ETSB Chairman, gave another presentation on what the ETS Board envisioned for the future of 9-1-1 services in Edgar County. From what I understand, the ETSB is wanting to put the emergency dispatchers under the operational control of the ETS coordinator. According to Eads, they would then contract with the Sheriff Dept. for radio dispatch services.

Some interesting tidbits came out during the meeting, and you can watch it on the video (below):

– They (ETSB and County Board) know they can eliminate the dispatcher union by going to a “Contractual Service” (11:15)

– Eads stated during the meeting that “it’s easier to hold them accountable when they aren’t organized” (1:26:10)

– The Sheriff is not in favor of this move, but acknowledges he will work with whatever the County Board decides to do (27:03)

– Twice, there was mention of $36,000 that was going to go towards “the bond” (22:08 and at 1:16:50)

– Security upgrades are going on at the Animal Shelter

– There is a vacant seat on the ETS Board that needs to be filled

– There was talk about putting more public records onto the internet for easier access by the public

– Voigt talked about the budget and said the county was on target to make the goal of budget reduction for the year




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