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June 17, 2024

Edgar County Board Meeting – 8-13-2014 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 13, 2014


The Edgar County Board held its regular monthly meeting today, August 13, 2014, at the courthouse. There were several actions taken, among those were:

-Roll Call: Dan Bruner was the only board member not in attendance

– Sandra Willett (currently Clerk Pro Tempore) was appointed to fill the vacant office of the Edgar County Circuit Clerk following the death of Karen Halloran on July 31, 2014. This office will be on the ballot this November for the remainder of the unexpired original term ending in December of 2016.

-Majority voted “No” on paying the invoice of Thomas McGuire and Associates. Heltsley, Farnham, and English voted no. The invoice was for $1415.20 –  which will dramatically increase when the county gets sued over not paying the legitimate invoice. Thanks guys…for costing the taxpayer even more money.

-Approved several highway department resolutions to include the reappointment of the County Engineer, Arron Lawson.

-Hired Linda Leeth as the part time Assistant Animal Warden

-Accepted the resignation, effective January 2, 2015, of the Edgar County Assessor, Beverly Markley (I believe she is retiring)

-Approved advertising for a county assessor

-Appointed the following to the Airport Advisory Board: Dale Barkley, Joe Scheiner, Jerry Kesler, Jake Barrett

-Hired Jerry Griffin as the Airport Manager

-Transferred $15,000 from the Probation Services Fees Fund to the General Fund

-Approved the 2015 holiday schedule – the same as the Supreme Court with the additional day of Good Friday

-Awarded new phone system bid to “MidWest”

-On recommendation of the Sheriff, voted to disband the Sheriff Merit Commission (should have been disbanded decades ago)

-Jeff Voigt commented that the budget is in excellent shape

-County Treasurer commented about paying back the tax anticipation line of credit as soon as possible to avoid paying the $20 per day interest

During public comment Rev. Jack Hoffman asked the board to consider some type of rules for setbacks on high power electrical transition lines within the county – Kirk Allen asked about the residual monies from the mass transit – John Kraft asked the board to state which statute gave them the authority for an airport advisory board.

Video will be added here as soon as it gets uploaded.




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