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Clark County Park District facing Open Meetings Act civil suit…


In the aftermath of a contentious board meeting on May 12, 2014, Kirk Allen has filed a civil suit against the Clark County Park District and its Commissioners for their alleged violation of the Open Meetings Act in which they refused to allow public comment at the public meeting.

The Illinois Open Meetings Act is the law that governs public meetings in the State of Illinois. One of the requirements of the Act is that any person shall be permitted an opportunity to address the public officials under the rules established and recorded by the public body.

If a public body does not establish and record public speaking rules, they cannot arbitrarily imposed any rules. They still must allow public comment even without establishing rules. Failing to put it on the agenda is not an excuse either since public comment is not an action of the board.

A key point to remember is that this suit is not connected to the criminal act at the same meeting.

Case Number 2014-MR-18 was filed in Clark County Circuit Court today and you can view it below:

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  1. Good work watchdogs!! …You are actually better than the press…why? Because you are not only reporting on bad government…you are proactively trying to stop it! ! !

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