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May 20, 2024

Wildcat 1 Wind Turbine Blade Break –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 4, 2014


Another blade failure

Credit:  Whitley County Concerned Citizens | ~~


There has been another blade failure in the Wildcat 1 wind farm.
It happened sometime last night (April 2nd). The turbine is located just east of 500 East and north of Hiway 28 in Tipton County.
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  • Jim Hartwicke
    Posted at 21:55h, 04 April

    These turbines are monuments to stupidity and greed of both the Obama administration and the local farmers who gave them space to go up. Obama promised to raise the cost of electricity dramatically and this is part of his plan to do it …since these machines don’t really work as the propaganda says they do. Anyone with these on their property is not only harming immediate neighbors but is participating in the destruction of our energy policy in this country and really shows they only care about money. So much for “family farmers” helping preserve community and land.

  • Mary Englbrecht
    Posted at 13:25h, 05 April

    spin spin spin. That’s all we got when they put these in and now the problems are starting. we moved away from the area to get out of the wind mess. Too bad more of our “neighbors” didn’t stand up and say no. Now its too late. Another Obama policy designed to destroy us.

  • jannie
    Posted at 17:55h, 05 April

    I believe that many well meaning people actually believe the hype that the wind guys say — instead of actually doing some research for themselves. For some reason wind projects don’t have to be transparent – they can say jobs created, but don’t have to show. I’d like to know is the computer operator who may handle 3 wind turbines on 3 projects counted as 3 jobs or 1. And, the maintenance team of 4 people who handle 10 wind complexes 40 or 4 jobs. If you go to a county that have wind projects and ask how many jobs most of the time they don’t know. The wind company will say “xyz number of” homes fueled — I’m wondering how many does a nuclear or coal plant fuel. And, where can I go to see how much daily output xyz industrial wind complex puts out at each time period. And, how many birds/bats killed – we don’t know they’re on private land and they don’t have to say.
    This problem has gone through Democrat and Republican Administrations — The wind lobbyist can fool anyone.

  • Jullian Perilat
    Posted at 21:00h, 05 April

    Well in Illinois Excelon is looking at shutting down nuclear plants because the electricity is costing more to produce than they can get for it. The Champaign paper says 57 million dollar pay roll at Clinton and millions in taxes will possibly end early due to the amount they are getting for their power. (Excelon has long claimed that because utilities are forced to buy more expensive wind power, they can barely get break even costs at night for the baseload they are generating.) Remember…this utility had to get government approval to build…and then took investor money to build…and now has that investment ruined by communist forced markets that are called renewable portfolio standards. So screw the utility, investors and market place…and the consumer ultimately. All this to pad the pockets of the people who are building these farcical toy pinwheels. I don’t see any wind turbine installation employing 600 people. and paying annual payrolls of 57 million dollars. And the stupid politicians in this state keep allowing it to happen. GOP and its brain dead mantra “I’m for all of the above” . NON-sense. Blade breaks are the least of the problems. This whole system is a rip off of the tax payer and electric consumer. Nazi-style Goebbels lies about how many homes are powered by these machines are believed by the gullible left wingers and rinos, along with the greedy. No wonder Illinois is going bankrupt.
    Anyone who goes along with these in any way is helping the phony green movement destroy our energy independence. All those farmers putting these up are helping Al Gore and his liars. Ignorant fools one and all.

  • caseih2388
    Posted at 22:26h, 05 April

    I’ve noticed while driving almost daily through the local wind farm that I see no wild life. There are no deer to be seen. I see no road kill other than maybe a rare opossum. There are no pheasants but there are a few birds. Does anyone else notice this? But, then, the turbines do not make offensive noise*.
    *denotes sarcasm.