Race for the 110th Legislative District –


After being repeatedly asked who is paying us to report on the race for the 110th legislative district, here is the answer:




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  1. Just a couple of questions…Why is the local republican party helping these clowns? Who’s behind this farce politically? Does Weaver have anything to do with this, AND ..AS A LEADER …IS HE SILENT (approval by silence),or is he speaking up against the corruption exposed here?

  2. The candidates have destroyed themselves with their own actions. At least some of them have. In their minds…the ones who are touching breasts…attending “beever festivals” and the like are just acting like all the other people running this state. They’ve got a case of “I’m just doin’ what everyone else is doin'”. Of course that’s what any good psychopath always says. Blago-itis runs deep in both parties.
    The only news organization that can report this news is you guys. And for the opposite reason of being paid off to do it. You actually don’t depend on advertising dollars to do your reporting..thus you are free from economic reprisals in small communities where this news is hitting home. KEEP IT UP GUYS….you are giving the rest of us a big glimmer of hope with your success!!!!!!!!!