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July 13, 2024

Dan Rutherford Politics – Lies, Sex, Cover-Ups!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 15, 2014

ECWd’s -Governor’s Race

Severance Agreements appear to be part of common practice with state level elected office holders, but we are not sure what true reason such an action is justified for a state employee.  Normally, if you do your job you keep it.  Screw up you get disciplined. Screw up real bad you get fired.  

Indications are that severance packages have been offered in lieu of exposing wrongdoing in the Treasurer’s office.  The question is, who committed the wrongdoing?  We filed a FOIA with the State Treasure, Dan Rutherford, who is a candidate for the Governor’s race and currently facing a Federal Law Suit  that contains some disturbing claims to include the groping of an employee’s genitals (#39 in complaint). The FOIA asked for all the severance packages offered in the last 2 years.  We will update when we get a response. I suspect they will refuse to provide the public record.

In the business world a severance agreement normally takes place for a number of reasons, but more often than not it’s done as a means of getting rid of someone that has dirt on the organization.  Yes, there are times where management simply wants to change directions and they offer a buy out of an existing contract, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Governor Candidate Dan Rutherford.  

His office is scrambling and it’s clear by recent press conferences, he is offering no answers other than straight up denial.  He is doing a pretty good job blaming the front runner in the race, Bruce Rauner, however, he has failed to provide any evidence to support such an accusation.  In fact, he has even refused to provide the investigative report done in his own office which he claimed found nothing wrong.  Now if it found nothing wrong why on earth would you not release the information?  More on his refusal to release it can be found here.

What I find interesting is all the buzz around these allegations and the talk of sexual harassment, yet not one main stream media is asking the question. 

Is Dan Rutherford gay?

With his own confirmation that he routinely shares a room with his executive assistant Joshua Lanning, who recently received a 50% pay hike yet cites he does it to save money for the campaign?  If saving money was the issue, why on earth do you bolster someone’s salary 50%?  Is it odd that he has never shared a room with anyone other than this guy, considering he wants to save money?  I could care less what his sexual preference is as long as he doesn’t legislate that personal agenda.  Indications are pointing to a cover up with refusal to provide tax payer funded investigation reports, and that should be concerning to all.   If we can’t trust him with a simple investigation report what else needs questioned? 

Illinois Review ran a piece recently that listed county coordinators for the Rutherford Campaign. The Edgar County coordinator is listed as local resident Randy Peterson.

More links pertaining to the troubles facing Dan Rutherford are listed below:



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  • Pete LeBeau
    Posted at 12:33h, 15 February Reply

    Since Rutherford’s dark side is coming out now, the question is why? His lifestyle of being gay is an open secret in Springfield, with voters being the only dupes to believe otherwise. The proof of that is in a quote from State Rep Josh Harms of Watseka, who said “We’ve expected something like this to come up.” That quote was in the News Gazette a day or so ago. Harms says he’s supporting Rutherford. Question is, did Harms take campaign money from Rutherford. It seems that is a major factor in his political support, namely that he doles out campaign money and that silences any possible opposition from low level hacks like Harms.
    And then there was the Ford County Republican party opposition to his senate candidacy for “unspecified reasons”. Ford was carried by Brian Heller. The rumor was the party had heard “the rumors” and didn’t like them. Ford’s GOP has fallen silent on Rutherford lately, and one reason is the promises of state “help” for county projects and such. Money is a great persuader to those who have no other God.
    Now he’s being outted. Busted. So we must ask “who did he screw politically?” He’s been left alone until now by the power brokers but the “elephant is in the room” now.
    He’s been screwing voters of the state all along with a fake “equal rights” line of BS when questioned about why he voted for the state to pay for gay partners benefits not once but twice. Now a male aide is suing after he claims Rutherford fondled his genitals. That is one voter who decided not to be screwed by Rutherford. Might be a good position for the rest of us to take.

  • Albert Pike
    Posted at 18:20h, 16 February Reply

    If Rutherford is using employees to do political work on the state dime, he needs to pay all those hours out of his campaign fund. But then there’s that pesky law that if you use state property for personal use as an official you can be convicted of a felony, can’t you? I’m sure his excuse will be the same as Blago’s was: “I just did what everyone else is doing”. If that’s the case maybe Rutherford would like to testify under oath as to what he knows about his “friends” in other elected offices in Springfield.

  • Homer Standiford
    Posted at 11:59h, 19 February Reply

    The update is he’s now cutting his pre-booked tv ads! ! ! …but he keeps saying “Zero chance of me quitting”. So when he quits with zero chance…I suppose it proves his incompetence on top of all the scandals since the treasurer needs to know that zero means it won’t happen. Poor Dan, the subject of such terrible, mean and unfair political pressure. Awwww…..its hard to feel sorry for a psychopath who’s been leaching off the tax payers of Illinois far too long. (back to his Tom Ewing staffer days)

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