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June 18, 2024

Lied under Oath!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 4, 2014

ILLINOIS 110th (ECWd) –

When public officials take an oath the words are only as good as the man speaking them.  If you couldn’t trust the words from the man would you vote for them?  Should a lying law enforcement officer be elected to be a law maker? Darrell Cox is a Candidate for Illinois State Representative of the 110th District.

One who lied under oath! 

“I was tired, I had muscle aches, I didn’t believe that that I could perform my duties as a deputy sheriff if I were to come to work that night” (page 279-line 13 of transcript)

“I drank water and lemon the whole night and it was served to me in a beer glass, a clear beer glass.”  (Page 303-line 15 of transcript)

  Page 7 of Appeal; COX v. SHERIFF’S COM’N OF COLES COUNTY No. 4-96-0088.

From the Judge (middle of third paragraph of the appeal):

Originally, the sheriff’s complaint against plaintiff alleged plaintiff violated Rule of Conduct 22, which prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages within eight hours prior to beginning a shift. Plaintiff denied this charge at the hearing before the Commission and the evidence on the subject was conflicting. However, in his brief written for this appeal, plaintiff states the “trigger event” for this entire matter was his decision to go to The Place and “consume alcohol in the presence of others who knew he was scheduled for duty”.

 Justification from Darrel Cox

“Plaintiff argues spending an evening drinking in a bar may have been an unfortunate choice of things to do while too ill to perform his duties as a sheriff’s deputy, but a choice which was not spelled out as forbidden.”  (Page 7 of Appeal)

When a law enforcement officer puts on a badge he is held to a higher standard.  His word has to be trusted as part of the front line of our justice system.  Sadly, Darrel Cox not only violated that trust to the people but has attempted to justify it with the cop-out that since his actions are not forbidden, it somehow how makes it OK. 

Do you really want to send a person to Springfield that has to have it spelled out to him that it’s not OK to sit at a bar drinking and call in sick, not to mention he lied UNDER OATH with the claim he was not drinking when in fact he knew he was!

Wake up people; stop putting liars into public service, locally or in Springfield! 


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