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April 25, 2024

Brocton Police Dept. – Actual Costs –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 2, 2014

There are still some diehard anti-police department people out there ranting about the “cost” of the Brocton Police Department, so we decided to show the actual net cost to the taxpayers of Brocton.
First, from 2007 thru 2010, the net cost of the PD never approached what was appropriated for it in the Brocton annual budget.
Actual Net Cost prior to disbanding PD:

Appropriated Funds Acutal Net cost
2007 Labor $7,200.00 Actual Cost $4,827.56 Fines Tickets $5,130.31
Equipment $5,000.00 $2,353.62 DUI $882.00
Total $12,200.00 $7,181.18 Total $6,012.31 1,168.87
2008 Labor $7,200.00 $6,682.19 Tickets $4,571.23
Equipment $5,000.00 $5,423.96 DUI $123.00
Total $12,200.00 $12,106.15 Total $4,694.23 7,411.92
2009 Labor $7,200.00 $5,566.37 Tickets $4,371.43
Equipment $5,000.00 $3,608.56 DUI $277.00
Total $12,200.00 $9,174.93 Total $4,648.43 4,526.50
2010 Labor $7,200.00 $4,622.43 Tickets $2,643.37
Equipment $5,000.00 $4,650.01 DUI $350.00
Total $12,200.00 $9,272.50 Total $2,993.37 6,279.13

This is the point where the new village trustees voted to disband the PD stating it was too costly, then attempted to sell its assets in order to ensure the next trustees would not have the funds to restart the PD. That action failed, and later newly elected Trustees voted to reinstate the Brocton PD.
Here is what its actual costs have been in the past 4 months:
Sept                     Oct               Nov                Dec
Labor           219.09                 342.16        447.21          447.22
electric         38.81                   27.61            41.26             29.84
heating              0                           0                  0               193.84
Supplies       70.00                       0               91.80                 0
Laptop Data 93.04                       0                  0                 46.54
Total              570.94                 369.77        580.27         717.44
Some one-time expenses due to having to restart some services required are not included (like a $1000 payment for data communications service). Also, there have been no fines payed to the PD since it was reinstated – those will be coming form the County.
This also reflects a $3.00 per hour increase in pay for the officer.
It looks like the total cost, per taxable property, sits at around $3 per month, but since it was already in the budget there has been no changes in taxes due because of the PD.


Jan 2011 Presented by Kim Key on Behalf of Virginia Wienke and Linda Lankster a petition presented to the board for elimination of the Brocton Police department. 50 signatures.
February 2011 Presented by Pam Kelly a petition was presented to the board to keep the police department 70 signatures.
February 2011 A letter from Sheriff Motley was presented to the board establishing a mutual aid agreement between the Village and the Sheriff department All ayes!
April 2011 a resolution was presented to the board to put the question of maintaining or dissolving the police department to the March 2012 election. Passed All Ayes!
May 2011 new board sworn in including Rick Wahl, Robin Wahl, Virginia Weinke, Linda lankster.
June 2011 all expenses were shut off for the police department by the new board.
July 2011 Virginia Weinke ask about the fate of the police department and concerns about the electric being turned off.
August 2011 Rick Wahl cited the resolution that was passed was not properly on the agenda and ask for the resolution to be stricken. No action taken.
September 2011 Rick Wahl made motion to rescind the resolution passed by the previous board to put the fate of the police department on the ballot in March of 2012. Passed 4 to 1.
November 2011 Viginia Weinke ask that the police department inventory be advertised for disposal. No action taken
December 2011 Linda Lankster presented a ordinance to the board that had NOT been discussed to be created or approved to be paid for dissolving the police department. Was voted on and passed 4 to 2.
January 2012 Bill Weber informed the board that a petition was circulated and a new question was place on the march 2012 ballot regarding the fate of the Police department. Weber ask the board to suspend all action.
January 2012 Virginia Weinke ask the board to consider selling the police cars to Chrisman and attempted to give the evidence to the county sheriff department.
April 2012 after the referendum passed, Linda Lankster sated she contacted the State Board of Elections and they advised her that the referendum was advisory. Not contact given or written proof.
May 2012 Linda Lankster contacted Auggie Griffin, the county clerk, and said that he stated the referendum was advisory. No written proof given. Mr Griffen told the Mayor that it was binding. No written proof given. State board of elections was consulted Ken Menzil. Mr Menzil never got back to the Mayor on the matter.
June 2012 Virginia Weinke has contacted the State Board of Election. No written statement given. Rich Kash sent a letter claiming the referendum in his Opinion was advisory.
June 2012 Viginia Weinke made motion to accept the attorney OPINION regarding the referendum. Passed 4 to 2
June 2012 Discussion on disposal of police department inventory as per Rich Kash Opinion on disposal.
July 2012 Bill Weber informed the board he was taking legal action in regards to the failure of the board to accept the referendum as binding.
July 2012 John Kraft cited a section in the state constitution that if a referendum passes by one or 1,000,000 votes it is binding.
July 2012 Virginia Weinke made motion to send police inventory to attorney for disposal,
July 2012 Virginia Weinke claims that Ken Menzil from the state board of election sent her a written letter that the village attorney opinion was correct on advisory. Virginia Weinke DID NOT PROVIDE the letter to the board nor has she to date!
July 2012 Kirk Allen ask the board member if they had read about their powers as trustees. He stated that regardless of an attorney opinion the law should be consulted. He also ask why they were ignoring the victorious referendum.
August 2012 Pam Kelly stated there was an ordinance voted on at the December 14, 2011 meeting to dissolve the Brocton Police Department. She questioned if that item was worded on the agenda so as to make the public aware of the upcoming vote.
August 2012 after much discussion between residents and the board. Pam Kelly made a motion to reinstate the Brocton Police Department so police protection is available to the Community. Leon Flood seconded.
Roll Call Vote: Rick Wahl – No Robin Wahl – No Pam Kelly – Yes Linda Lankster – No Virginia Wienke – No Leon Flood – Yes
August 2012 Linda Lankster made a motion to accept the attorney’s opinion on the referendum that it was advisory with a second from Virginia Wienke. Roll Call Vote: Rick Wahl – Yes Robin Wahl – Yes Pam Kelly – No Linda Lankster – Yes Virginia Wienke – Yes Leon Flood – No
August 2012 Bill Weber – asked about the attorney opinion on the referendum if that was the only opinion the Board has in writing. Yes.
New board members properly elected, and in later months voted to reinstate the Brocton PD.
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  • ECWDogs
    Posted at 21:00h, 02 January

    Brocton Police Dept. – Actual Costs –

  • John Windmiller
    Posted at 21:13h, 02 January

    Keep writing those tickets and the police department will be self funded. I wonder how many of those are speeding tickets in town where the speed limit is an arbitrairly posted 25.