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We attended the Redmon trustee meeting tonight to figure out why Mayor Jim Cooper still insists he is the Mayor of that village. According to what he told the Paris Beacon News, he moved into his new home at 11396 Blackhawk Drive, Paris, IL on the 9th of November.

After informing him during the public session of the meeting that he was no longer the mayor, had he moved out of town as stated in the PBN, and that he should step aside immediately and let the trustees declare his seat vacant, he denied, or claimed ignorance of the fact that he automatically vacated the Mayors seat when he moved out of Redmon.

Election Code

(10 ILCS 5/25-2) (from Ch. 46, par. 25-2)

Sec. 25-2. Events on which an elective office becomes vacant. Every elective office shall become vacant on the happening of any of the following events before the expiration of the term of such office:

(1) The death of the incumbent.

(2) His or her resignation.

(3) His or her becoming a person under legal disability.

   (4) His or her ceasing to be an inhabitant of the State; or if the office is local, his or her ceasing to be an inhabitant of the district

Municipal Code

Sec. 3.1-10-5. Qualifications; elective office. 

(c) Vacancy by other causes.
        (1) Abandonment and other causes. A vacancy occurs in
     an office by reason of abandonment of office; removal from office; or failure to qualify; or more than temporary removal of residence from the municipality; or in the case of an alderman of a ward or councilman or trustee of a district, more than temporary removal of residence from the ward or district, as the case may be. The corporate authorities have the authority to determine whether a vacancy under this subsection has occurred. If the corporate authorities determine that a vacancy exists, the office is deemed vacant as of the date of that determination for all purposes including the calculation under subsections (e), (f), and (g).

 Former Mayor (he just don’t know it yet) Cooper’s Comments

When asked about whether he lived within the corporate limits of Redmon, he stated, after dodging around the subject, that he did in fact move outside of Redmon and that he did not read the statute the same way we did. He even went so far as to throw the County Clerk under the bus by saying he told him it was perfectly fine since he still owned property in Redmon. I serious doubt if that was what was said, but I will ask the County Clerk tomorrow about it. He even further stated that it depended on what was stated in the village by-laws – wrong Mr. Cooper, by-laws do not trump state laws.

Bottom Line

 The bottom line here, is that Mr. Cooper automatically vacated the seat by moving, and the trustees need to declare it vacant and appoint a new Mayor. The seat is vacant whether or not the trustees declare it vacant, it’s just that they cannot replace him without the declaration. He does not need to resign, he did that by moving. It doesn’t matter how much good he has done for Redmon over the years, and I’m sure he is still willing to do more good for the village, he cannot hold the elected position of Mayor when he does not live in the village. The election code defines that term with specificity should he feel the need to look it up.

Mr. Cooper, your next action, or inaction, should be to not show up, or at a minimum to not have a seat at the table of those good residents of Redmon that have the legal authority to occupy a seat at the table during any future meetings. Your past service to the community, as I understand it, was commendable, please leave it in a commendable way also.

Listen to the audio of this portion of the meeting below…he stated that “I just did move”, but in fact he moved a month ago.



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  1. Owning the Grain Elevator has no bearing on sitting on the board provided there is not a conflict of interest, which means the business owner may vote on matters that directly or indirectly benefit him.

  2. If you own a business in Redmon, example grain elevator, does that allow you to sit on the village board? I’ll bet no would be the answer.

    • To the best of my knowledge, the only requirements are being 18 years old or older, be an inhabitant (living in) of the village, and not have a disqualifying felony on your record.

  3. smblack, are you saying that its OK to pretend to be the Mayor when your not? If the law says the seat is vacant when the Mayor moves out of the district why is it such a problem to acknowledge that? Using your logic it woudl be OK for me to be the Mayor in Redmond even though I live in Kansas. Whats the big deal?

  4. First, is this really really such a big deal?? The little village of Redmon can use all the good people it can get. Some people need to get a life. Second, while you are getting that life, go back to school and pay attention during the grammar lessons (“he just DON’T know it yet”) Your lack of education proves your lack of professionalism.

    • Yes, it is a big deal. I am possitive there are more good people in Redmon that will step up to the plate if given the chance. While you are touting your superior writing skills, try using a “period” (“.“) in the appropriate places the next time you decide to write something down.

  5. You are being to nice by saying his service to Redmon was commendable, and I will leave it at that. The residents of this wonderful village know better. So long Mr. Copper, I like you but as a Mayor you are not any good. Now lets get someone in there with some good common sense, who works for Redmon and not for their ego trip.

  6. Mr. Kraft can I ask why you have interest in Redmon and who invited you to this meeting? I am a former citizen of the town and am the daughter of the Mayor and am very upset about the statements that you made about my father. I would really like to talk to you and find out more about what your position is in helping Edgar County. My father is very upset about what you have said about him and I am very upset also, I feel as if my family has been cyber bullied. I love my father very much and if you have any children or people in your life that you love I am sure that you would not want them treated this way. My mother was very indecisive about moving and the move was hard for them, I actually volunteered them to do the Christmas walk to help them make the move. My father loves Redmon very much and hated moving, he has lived there over 32 years. I know that he will abide by the law and know that he has and will, living there or not, always do what is right for that town and everyone in it. Regardless if some of them would do the same for him. I am praying for you tonight because I know we have to pray for people that hurt us and I only hope that you find the answers/solution you are looking for someday! God please bless you.

    • My interest in Redmon is simply that the law be followed, whether it be election law or laws concerning use of public property and funds for other-than-public uses. No, I will not reveal who “invited” us to the meeting. It does not matter, unless you intend on intimidating and harrassing them for the invitation. I simply stated the facts, and even gave him the benefit of doubt about his “commendable” service to the village. It probably was and I am not going to question it. He just needs to finish in a commendable way also.

  7. Hilarious…! WHY do these public officials plead ignorance of the law? WE as CITIZENS aren’t allowed to get away with that….!

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