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July 20, 2024

Lisa Madigan – Part 2 – Failing the Citizens –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 29, 2013


In our first article in this series, we revealed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for review that has been in the hands of Lisa Madigan for over 10 months. For those that think 10 months isn’t so bad, this article is in reference to a FOIA request for public records from the Clark-Edgar Rural Water District (CERWD).

The initial request for records was submitted to the CERWD in June 19, 2012, in which Mr. Allen was charged $253.30 for records because en employee of the District wasn’t available for work. This charge for records is alleged to be in violation of Section 6 (d) of FOIA in that fees not consistent with the Act were charged and was considered a denial of the request.

17 Months and Counting

The intial filing of a request for review to Lisa Madigan’s office was on July 21, 2012 – more than 17 months ago. The AG assigned a file number: 2012 PAC 20613 to the complaint, and the last written communications on it was August 1, 2012 – coming up on 17 months.

We understand that sometimes there is some turnover in personnel that might extend the time needed to formulate a response, but this is completely unreasonable. How can an office that purports to advocate for citizen access to public records take this long to render an opinion? More to follow.

Documents are shown below. (Letter from AG)
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