Hit and Run in Metcalf, IL. – Village without Water –


The Village of Metcalf held an emergency trustee meeting this morning to discuss the hit and run that damaged a village fire hydrant last night. This caused low water pressure and a boil order issued for the village residents.

Details that are known at this time include:

-Hit and run to fire hydrant at intersection East 2300th/North 900th; Metcalf, IL (commonly known as Metcalf Road and Ocean to Ocean Road Intersection).
-Known damage to vehicle determines it was a rather large 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton or maybe even an SUV.
-Tire tracks left do not show that it was a “dually” but the tire tracks indicate “beefy” tires.
-Right front corner of truck is damaged including bumper and headlight.
-Truck missed the corner running over hydrant and traveling thru residents yard heading east toward Chrisman.
-Damage included a broken fire hydrant and excessive water leak of over 25,000 gallons of treated water.
-Water customers are without water currently and until fixed.
Emergency Trustee meeting was called at 10:00 am and approved B&T Drainage to do emergency repairs. Hopefully this will be repaired within the next 24 hours.
Identity of the driver and vehicle are unknown at this time.

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