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April 22, 2024

Arcola Township Won! … Or Did They?…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 15, 2013


During the hearing on this FOIA civil suit yesterday, the attorney for Arcola Township successfully argued that the service of the summons was improper and therefore the Court had no jurisdiction. The Judge agreed.

The summons was served as: “William Coombe, c/o Arcola Township, 108 N. Main Street, Arcola, IL. (a copy of the suit was attached). It was even annotated on the back under “corporation defendants” – The defense successfully argued that it did not properly notify the Township, it only notified the township clerk as an individual.

So, from all appearances, the Township of Arcola kept the suit from moving forwards…congratulations.

What the people…you know, the taxpayers of Arcola Township need to be aware of is that this decision was not a decision on alleged FOIA violations, it was simply a decision on whether or not the summons service was executed properly. So you, the taxpayer, spent more of your money to stop that suit based on those grounds.

The elected township officials would rather spend more of your money to have the attorney prepare for the new suit (13-MR-53), properly served of course. It looks to me like the only person that won anything is the person collecting your money. The township could have accepted the intent of the service, although not completely within statutoral guidelines, and argued on whether FOIA was violated and if they had to release the public records.

So the next time you see your township officials, shake their hand and tell them they did a fine job…if you don’t mind them spending more of your money in this fashion.

You can download and read a copy of the new civil suit here, I added another count to it for their “alleged” improper imposition of fees.
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  • old
    Posted at 17:24h, 15 November

    I remember Mark Petty from years ago, Mark can I add interest to all those extra ice cream cones your son got and never paid for? I thought the deal was a parking space was for one cone a day, not three or four plus his buds sometimes. But now you seem to be ready to spend other peoples money for frivilous BS. Just turn over the da-n info they are asking for. This could, in the long run cost you big time. Ask Chris Patrick what he lost by his actions.

  • BIG
    Posted at 07:31h, 16 November

    Bill Coombe are you happy now that your name is not on the new law suit. You are forming a pattern that is starting to show. The Caucus, then the letter that said you did not do anything wrong, then the letter that says the township can’t get by with the tax money they are receiving. If you keep spending money giving your secretary raises and fringe benefits and giving your lawyers money to keep hiding information, your statement is probably going to be true. The picture above shows more than just yourself in the room running the township but whether your name is on the suit or not you are the FOIA officer and you are responsible for giving information to tax payers. So do your job and quit spending our money to cover your A–s you have already uncovered it quite well.

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 14:14h, 16 November

    It looks like from reading jmkraft above,the Township is just putting off the inevitable.I’m sure Mr. Petty likes the money,but I for the life of me don’t understand why you people just won’t give out the FOIA information.You were elected to serve the taxpayer,taxpayers are asking for information,do your job and quit wasting my tax money!

  • Fed Up
    Posted at 08:19h, 17 November

    How about the rest of this board Corky Clark, Dale Knowles, Butch Mast, Joey Hackler are you guys all voting to do this or are you just being led around and being told just what you need to know? We thought maybe the new ones could stop this. Thanks for taking your pay for all you do.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 17:36h, 17 November

    Take the FOIAS out of the picture. Don’t we still deserve answers and some changes. It appears we are getting neither. How can they justify her blatantly hiding the gas card information from the Trustees at the meetings for years, by giving her a $4600 raise? So much has come out regarding the waste at Township but things go on as usual. Did they forget they are working for us?

  • purple raider
    Posted at 18:29h, 17 November

    What a fine mess Arcola Township has gotten it’s self into,or should I say us the taxpayers.To start the board will not answer the FOIA’s,then they get drug into court to defend a lawsuit regaurding FOIA’s,they win? just to get sued again.After reading the new civil suit it looks like there are 6 counts with a possible fine of $2500.00 to 5000.00 for each count.Simple math shows that could cost the taxpayers of Arcola anywhere from $15,000.00 to 30,000.00!!What is so bad that you guys are willing to spend that kind of money to hide?We all know about the gas cards and lack of 1099’s filed,the over funded Comfort Station and the fact it’s not open for it’s intended purpose,availablity for use by the public.I remember reading way back the seceretary was overheard saying after the cacus”this will all go away after the election”.IT hasn’t and you, the elected board refuse to answer simple requests for information regaurding the use of taxpayer money.If it isn’t that bad it sure looks like it from the way you guys are fighting these lawsuits.

  • Broom Corn Joni
    Posted at 09:58h, 18 November

    Brand new week and same old stuff.Monday morning nobody at the Township office/Comfort Station.Wonder what excuse they have this time.

    • chickin gonna roost
      Posted at 12:07h, 18 November

      Maybe they are hiding from the deputy that has the summons, I hear they will get served again.

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 14:27h, 18 November

    The Township office seems to be a supporter for Pete Buckley who is running for Douglas Co Sheriff. You can find them at the Community Center later today. There is a fundraiser there tonight. She must be out getting things ready for it. Your Township tax dollars at work.

  • War
    Posted at 14:49h, 18 November

    Broom Corn Joni they are way to busy putting on a fish fry @ community building today for the new sheriff they want. The whole bunch is there we wonder why that is a township event? Are they using tax payers for that too? Hope the Democrat tax payers don’t hear about that.

  • Need Heat
    Posted at 14:52h, 18 November

    Why is township office not open not even note on door. Storm damage need assistance isn’t that what this place is for?

  • PI
    Posted at 14:57h, 18 November

    Surely the sheriff can find them they are all at community building. The sheriff is sure getting brought up a lot with the township along with Fred Nieman. Puzzling

  • Taxpayer
    Posted at 16:46h, 18 November

    would our dollars not be better spent keeping receipts and answering foia requests rather than putting on a fish fry why would the township care who the sheriff is?

  • West
    Posted at 16:49h, 18 November

    Maybe they need Buckley to run there next caucus like Mcgrew did this last one does everyone still remember that>

  • Cacus Krasher
    Posted at 18:03h, 18 November

    Need Heat,yes some of the elected Twp.officals are across the tracks at the community center doing the same for Buckley as they did for McGrew.After all maybe they think this will count as good behavior and go towards time served.

  • High Rider
    Posted at 19:59h, 18 November

    If the Queen would give Supervisor Clark a key then he could do his job and issue assistance.Sorry folks I lost my head,I meant after she ok”d it.

  • Big n Bowdre
    Posted at 07:23h, 19 November

    You guys in Arcola might be better off if the township ran a fund raiser for your legal fund.From what we read over here it looks like the taxpayers are footing the bill for a fight they didn’t ask for.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 09:01h, 19 November

    When are they going to open their eyes and see that she is the reason they are in this mess

  • Imagination
    Posted at 10:47h, 19 November

    Is it going to be a little awkward for Mcgrew to serve a summons for the next court date the township has coming since the fish fry was a success and the township did such a good job putting it on. Or did they already work that out under the table

  • Wind Dame-Age
    Posted at 19:51h, 20 November

    Don’t feel like your alone Need Heat,the township says they are for the little guy,yea right if you got the right name.Major storm goes through the area and the office is locked and they are raising money for a new sheriff.

  • Concerned
    Posted at 07:11h, 21 November

    Doesn’t the township have a comfort station that is open. They have a big budget number for that. That would have been great to have for the family’s that were affected by the storm on Sunday.

  • Disgusted
    Posted at 07:18h, 21 November

    the township was not concerned about the family’s and the children that were affected by the storm on Sunday they were concerned about the election of the new sheriff and his fundraiser. (Pathetic)

  • Mack Budreau
    Posted at 20:17h, 21 November

    Seems they are good at fundraising but not so good at following the law. Course if they fund raise for law enforcement types..they don’t have to worry about obeying the law, right? LOL..typical. Now that they can’t get around the suit which will be served correctly, I wonder bunk they’ll use to attempt to buffalo the judge?

  • Karma
    Posted at 21:33h, 21 November

    This is an open question to the township officials. Are you aware that your secretary is dragging you around by the balls, making you all look like a bunch of idiots and smearing the name of this town in the process?
    Deana needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY! She is denying emergency help to people in emergency situations? Isn’t that part of her overpaid position? How does someone gain so much power that she hasn’t got to answer to anyone? Not even the taxpayers that pay her salary!.

  • deputy dog
    Posted at 12:03h, 22 November

    Is not anyone concerned in Arcola Township that what the township is doing is against the law? Not keeping receipts, not sending out 1099’s, electioneering out of township office, budgeting for a comfort station and not having it open, mismanaging general assistance, running fundraisers for sheriff out of township office, smoking in public building.Passing out taxpayers money at there discretion If everyone is good with Bill Coombe Mark Nacke Corky Clark and the rest of the board breaking the law just because they did you a favor or you think they wouldn’t, had you better not stop and think about where your values are. It is hard to blame anyone but them because they are the one’s in charge of breaking the law and condoning it .Maybe this is why they are putting up such a struggle not to let the watch dogs see any receipts. If just one of these is true it is still breaking the law. Is just a little bit alright with some Is just a little illegal alright

  • Disgusted
    Posted at 13:36h, 22 November

    Karma you should leave the secretary alone after all, she only does what Bill Coombe, and Corky Clark lets her get by with by not doing there job. , we should ask these two exactly what lengths they are willing to go to let all of this keep going on and try to keep defending this . BREAKING THE LAW is still a moral issue also isn’t it

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 14:11h, 22 November

    Karma, you are exactly right on. The Supervisor needs to get in there and earn his (I believe) $8,000 annual salary, which is close to double what the mayor makes (again, I believe). She needs to go before she gets OUR township in further trouble.

  • Watch Tower
    Posted at 07:41h, 23 November

    Arcola has been known for it’s football teams,downtown area,and the relationship with the Amish community.And as you posted below deputy dog,after they get done dodging the lawsuits brought against them,Arcola will be known for a less desirable title,Dixon South!Sadly it’s becoming clearer why they refuse to answer the FOIA’s,the wrong doing and missuse of tax dollars are illegal and must stop.The FOIA’s are a tool meant to expose the illegal activity and giving up the information will prove just that.Corky Clark,you were elected Township Supervisor chairman of the board,do your JOB and show some leadership,put this matter to rest,answer the FOIA’s and save the taxpayers money!

  • WAR
    Posted at 07:15h, 26 November

    I am asking as a taxpayer to the township board,has anything changed at the township or did you talk about not fighting this next lawsuit and just answer the foia requests at there meeting last nite . I hope others that would like to see there tax dollars spent legally ask also

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 08:33h, 26 November

    I agree with WAR,Corky as chairman of the board,and members of the board,stop wasting my tax money.Answer the FOIA’s,and quit funding your lawyers retirement.The money your wasting belongs to the taxpayer not a few individuals on the board,remember that!

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 13:25h, 26 November

      It doesn’t matter to them what you say, it is all OPM (other people’s money).

  • Doug
    Posted at 11:02h, 26 November

    war until this was all brought up we all thought they were legal but by not showing receipts for there expenses we all know that is not legal and that they are hiding things . Yet they get by with covering up things with our tax money by no one else asking so, I am asking also

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 17:22h, 26 November

    What they should have done from the beginning was answer FOIAs to the best of their ability, admit they have problems and deal with the person that caused ALL THE PROBLEMS. GET RID OF HER!!! Would have saved us all a lot of money.

  • like 2 no
    Posted at 07:18h, 27 November

    what the plan is for the next the sheriff going to help out like he did at the cacus?is the board ready for what lies a head?

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 19:29h, 27 November

    Bill Coombe is at it again. I just read another jab at TIF in the Record Herald. He of course has a right to his opinion. I about threw up in my mouth when I read a quote of his. (Balanced decision making is the only way to ensure precious tax dollars are responsibly used). Bill Coombe take your own advice and stop spending precious tax dollars on Mark Petty and comply to the FOIA’s. What a hypocrite.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 08:32h, 28 November

    Using tax dollars to pay Mark Petty is just a drop in the bucket of misuse of PRECIOUS tax dollars by township. I’m sure we would all be shocked if we actually knew the true financials of the township. Paying for all her (and her husband’s and son’s) gas for years and for Mark’s gas (since he has used township truck for his personal vehicle for years), paying for her cell phone, and just PAYING HER OVER $60,000 a year. What a joke!

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:37h, 28 November

      I’m of the belief that you can’t blame the person collecting the money…the blame lies squarely on the heads of those trustees that approved the level of compensation given.
      People will always gladly accept pay raises, it’s up to the trustees to spend YOUR money wisely.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 10:16h, 28 November

    I somewhat agree with jmkraft on the money wasted on a part time secretary. The new $4,600 raise is solely on the new board. The gas card is another situation. The board didn’t know about it. It was done between the Road Commissioner and her. JW I can only see that the township is spending money on attorney fees to fight the FOIA’s. When they are finally produced we will see what has been going on for years. There must be something big or they wouldn’t be fighting this so hard. I am curious why the summons hasn’t been delivered. I assume you cant deliver it if the office isn’t open. Friday will be two weeks since the suit was filed.

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 11:17h, 28 November

    Bill Coombe,lets talk about ACCOUNTABILITY.1- not answering FOIA’s 2-gas cards and no 1099’s 3- Township equipment used for personal gain by the Road Comm. Mark Nacke 4-fighting a lawsuit just to be pulled into another lawsuit.Just what would you guys do with more money,give Deana another raise?What a bunch of …….

  • High Rider
    Posted at 17:57h, 28 November

    After reading the letter to the editor in this weeks paper by Bill Coombe,I looked back at some of the posts on this web site.Bill you claim to be concerned with(Balanced decision-making is the only way to ensure precious tax dollars are responsibly used).Remember Trailer Trash posting about the Black Stuff out at J.B.’s east of the interstate?Bill Coombe how many of the taxpayers”precious tax dollars”are sitting out there setup so hard that it can not be used on a township road?I’d like to see you post an answer to Lake Lady,what would the Arcola Township board do with more money?

  • purple raider
    Posted at 07:07h, 29 November

    Butch and Bill,I appreciate your concern for the well being of the taxpayers dollar,however I have a question for you guys.Explain to the taxpayers why the office was locked Monday after a storm went through the area,and local taxpayers in need of assistance could not reach assistance.The township has a Comfort Station it levies a tax for,why was this not open for the public to take refuge.Maybe some self reflection is in order before you and yours tells someone else how to handle money.

  • Union Jack
    Posted at 08:26h, 29 November

    Come on Bill,you expect us to buy that hog wash.Tell me how the Township is watching my tax dollar with all the time and money spent at the school and fire station.Those are 2 taxing bodies that have my money and you guys continue to do work for free that cost some of us our income.Oh and by the way Bill,who’s going to pay for all that junk and dirt at the township lot to be hauled off? Us,the taxpayer thats who.What a pathic situation,lawsuits and everything else that goes with it.

  • WAR
    Posted at 09:06h, 29 November

    We all can now see what balanced decision making is at the township.those geniuses only like for everyone to see what fits for them. Sorry Butch and Bill it is hard to believe anything you say too much smoke and mirrors

  • neutral
    Posted at 16:18h, 29 November

    Sheep! You are all sheep! Your shepherd’s are a few alcoholics that sit at the tavern every night and dream this shit up. If you were smart enough to have your own opinion you’d see that the city of arcola have been wasting your tax money more than anyone. Not only with tif and wasteful city projects. They have 5 employees that make a combined 500,000 dollars a year( if you add in their benefits), and they are all part-time. Yes that is right. PART-TIME! When someone gets 60 + paid days off a year that is part-time. Between vacation days, sick days and holidays theses guys don’t even have to work 4 days a week. But what do I know. I am staying neutral.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 18:31h, 29 November

      The top 5 in City of Arcola make:
      Total: $277,333
      I doubt if the benefits will double that amount.
      I could be wrong though – why don’t you FOIA the info and send it to us?

  • Overdrive
    Posted at 20:07h, 29 November

    Definition of neutral -reduced in quality,disengaged position of gears.neutral it looks like you are a little of both.jmkraft took you to school,how about a rebutal.Better yet send a FOIA to City Hall,see if they answer,then post it here.Can you do that without calling Mark Petty first?I’m only asking because after all it appears you are -reduced in quality!

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 20:25h, 29 November

    Neutral, you are the biggest idiot I have read so far in all of this. One thing you said that is right “what do I know” NOTHING.

  • Neutral's friend
    Posted at 22:59h, 29 November

    Neutral is right…you are indeed sheep. Lets do an examination of finances of two places: Arthur and Arcola:

    To be fair and put things in perspective, Arcola’s population is 30% bigger than Arthur’s.

    The budget of the City of Arcola (12.2 million) is 270% BIGGER than that of the Village of Arthur (3.3 million). Arthur has better roads, a comparable economy, and a community pool.

    The township of Bourbon (Arthur) has a 3% larger population than Arcola township. Bourbon’s overall township budget (Road + twp) is 55% BIGGER than Arcola township’s budget.

    I did this to show the utter stupidity of folks on this board to try and point to the township as the problem despite all the evidence of TIF putting the twp, school, and others in a bind financially, all while the CITY is actually the most financially irresponsible public body in Arcola.

    The problem is TIF, and all of you can continue to waste your time on here OR you can start caring about the reason you pay the highest property taxes in the area. Ask the city administrator, even he admits the math does not lie.

  • Kacus Krasher
    Posted at 07:38h, 30 November

    purple raider,the reason the township office was locked Monday was because Deana,Mark,and Bill were over at the Arcola Center.You see,your precious tax dollars were busy at work getting ready for a Fund Raiser for Pete Buckley who’s running for sheriff.Sometimes that’s what needs to happen in order to pay off IOU’s,can you remember the Republican Cacus?

  • WAR
    Posted at 07:41h, 30 November

    Smoke and mirrors neutral what you are doing at the township is still against the law your day will come. It is starting to look like you would like to take all of Arcola down with you

  • Karma
    Posted at 07:55h, 30 November

    This is to “Neutral’s friend”. You are comparing apples to avacados here when you compare Arcola, Arthur, and Burbon. First thing, I don’t ever recall either of the other towns that you refer to having to find the money to cover a lawsuit that should have never happened because the township FAILED to have the proper insurance coverage. The township then had to beg for TIF funds to cover their asses! It must be pretty embarrassing to have that thrown back into your faces when you want to cry because of TIF! It sucks that you hate something so much, yet the very thing you despise is what saved your asses! You are part of the reason that it is as high as it is!
    Next thing, do they have an overpaid secretary at either township like Arcola does? She is the only PART TIME employee that I know of that is making a full time salary! Must be hard to justify that so now you are throwing daggers toward the city.
    Your comfort station that you are so proud of? It’s nothing but a way to sponge more tax money into your greedy hands. It should go!
    You township people are amazing when it comes to gathering crap and throwing it at the city hoping that something will stick! Get over it! You are going down in flames! And if I can personally figure out a way to break you further, I will. It has now become my mission to take out every lying, disgusting, thieving, backstabbing politician that I come across. And you are in my crosshairs now.

  • have one more
    Posted at 07:58h, 30 November

    At least our alcholics are at the tavern not driving around in a township vehicle or at the township office drinking Crown

  • Trailer Trash
    Posted at 08:07h, 30 November

    I read the letter to the editor from Bill Coombe.I could save the township some money.I’d like a new central air conditioner like the one they bought for my nieghbor,I think it was $2600.If they would buy me a window unit it would’nt be near as high and would me just fine.High rider’s rite that black stuff is still at JBs,did the township give that to JB?

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 08:26h, 30 November

    Idiot neutral and his moron friend have made this real easy to make a case. With a $500,000 price tag each City employee would have to make with benefits $100,000 a year. WRONG. I think you were drunk to post such a thing. The only drunk I know is the Nacke. Everyone knows he has time and time again driven the township truck after boozing it up. But no one says a thing. Why is that?
    To blame TIF as the reason taxes are high is another idiotic statement. You must have memory loss due to alcohol abuse. Are you forgetting about the two referendums for the school that you are still paying on and the lawsuit the Township had. Oh my, that doesn’t affect the taxes does it? Arthur is moving forward to establish a TIF district. When that gets done you will not have anyone to compare with.
    Please tell us how the other taxing bodies are in a bind. The only one crying is the Township. The Library received TIF money to complete its new addition. The Fire Dept received over $140k for its new building. The township received close to $750,000 for a lawsuit. The school received Millions from the TIF.
    Bourbon Township has more people and a bigger budget. But no high paid Secretary. Hmmm Pop open another beer with your buddies and come up with some more wacky comments.

  • Taxpayer
    Posted at 08:54h, 30 November

    Arcola township quit breaking the law do the right thing and don’t try to manage something you obliviously no nothing about

  • neutrals friend
    Posted at 13:35h, 30 November

    To Karma and Shadow Puppet,

    You are very wrong about why our property tax rates are high. This is not a new phenomenon, other communities face the same problem, especially in Chicago where TIF has run rampant just like it has here. When 45% of available EAV is taken up in TIF there is no way your taxes cannot be significantly higher than the communities around us who do not have anywhere near that percentage of TIF taking up EAV. It’s simple math. Ask, the City Administrator, he has admitted himself this is the reason.

    One of the school referendums was a county sales tax. What does that have to do with your property taxes?? The lawsuit was paid for with TIF money already there, how could that of raised your property taxes?? You again cite the amount of money TIF has given to each of these districts but you are too stupid to realize that it has taken many more millions away from them! It is good tif has helped with building expenditures but do not pretend that any taxing body is getting more money net-net right now. How long do 9 teachers have to be laid off every year so Libmans can get a 100% tax rebate on its property taxes?? I guess you will choose corporate welfare every time over teachers then I suppose.

    My point was, while TIF is the main problem, if you are going to attack some public body for financial irresponsibility it should be the city. How am I comparing apples and avacados? Arthur and Arcola are two small towns in Douglas county, no? One has better roads, comparable economy, and a community pool yet the other town has a 270% larger budget. How can that be? As for the twp secretary, you do realize, per Jim Kraft a couple comments down, 5 employees of the city make more than her, and possibly more because he stopped at someone making 54,000. By the way, Arthur has not set up a TIF yet, there is a process. The School superintendent is against it and it might not pass muster.

    You can say my comment was idiotic or that I am drunk all you want, everything I reported comes right off of AFRs filed with the state Comptroller. They are easily accessible, you should try it out sometime. You, unfortunately are so biased at this point you cannot look at what is really happening with the City and TIF. For months, the Chamber and City went on a TIF publicity campaign, and guess what. The rational and reasonable voters of this city after looking at everything sided with the twp and their allies come election time. Come along, we don’t bite.

  • Big n Bowdre
    Posted at 16:20h, 30 November

    neutrals friend,isn’t it amazing how easily accessible information is from the state Comptroller!Why don’t you and your friends up at the Township answer the FOIA’s and stop adding to the waste of taxpayers money?Or is giving up taxpayer information a one way street?It must be real bad!

  • Karma
    Posted at 16:31h, 30 November

    “Friend”, I am not pro TIF, nor am I anti-TIF, I am for Arcola and the future of this town. I see that the property taxes here are higher than some, I am not blind nor ignorant. BUT at the same time, I see business owners using TIF funds for their personal business, then all of a sudden opposing the very thing that assisted them when they needed it! That my “friend” is called hypocrisy! TIF isn’t the only reason for the property taxes being what they are, like you say.
    The next thing that I want to address is the fact that you seem to think that TIF has caused 9 teachers to be laid off. Do you not recollect that the state owes the school several hundred thousand dollars? The state and federal money hasn’t been there for local school districts for the last couple of years like it was in the past. Therefore, the schools are weeding out the non-essential teaching positions. Personally, I feel that it’s a good thing. We don’t need extra teachers when our kids are falling behind technologically because we are paying for those extra teachers instead of purchasing the technology that the kids will need to know in the future job market.
    The township secretary is WAY overpaid for a part time position! You and your “friend” are trying to compare her to an educated city employee with a college degree in a FULL TIME Position! Come on. You really don’t think that the people in this town are that ignorant to agree with your foolish argument? Or do you???? Why is it that there are people that have been commenting here that have known her for years saying the same things? They know that she is crooked!
    Facts are facts. You can’t hide from the truth and neither can your secretary!

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 17:38h, 30 November

    Neutral, none of the employees at city making over $50,000 are part-TIME secretaries. Pretty sure even the full time Secretary doesn’t make near that.

  • Corn King
    Posted at 08:52h, 01 December

    You guys can moan and groan and go back and forth all day about this TIF stuff. The real issue here is that the Township is not complying to many FOIA requests. I for one am truly disappointed that the Township is not following the law. In the process they are spending tax dollars to pay an Attorney to fight what is public information. I don’t care which side you are on, but if you are standing behind the Township while they are not complying to a law you are just as blind and guilty.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 09:45h, 01 December

    neutrals friend, were do I start? Maybe we need to discuss one thing at a time. You seem to get off track just like some others have done in the past. Please explain how a new building eligible expenses paid through TIF “at any percentage” could affect teachers.

    • friend
      Posted at 13:54h, 01 December

      Go ahead. As to your question, it either doesn’t make sense or is in reference to something I didn’t say.

      • Shadow Puppet
        Posted at 16:47h, 01 December

        friend, I wasn’t that hard to understand. You said that the reason 9 teachers were laid off is because Libman Co received a100% rebate of eligible expenses from TIF. That rebate is because they built another new building. At 20% or 100% only eligible expense qualify. So please explain how that affected those teachers.

        • friend
          Posted at 20:19h, 01 December

          Yeah, thanks for the clarification…now it makes sense. They were previously getting a 60% rebate. Instead of sending the other 40% back to the county to be distributed to taxing districts, they added it on to the rebate. I also wasn’t saying that dollar for dollar the reason teachers got laid off is because of that one action, I was simply making a point that while teachers are being laid off due to financial problems caused by the state and mostly TIF, the city decided to give a multimillion dollar corporation a 100% tax rebate instead of 60%. Why? Are you going to defend that?

          • Shadow Puppet
            Posted at 22:09h, 01 December

            The 40% you are talking about wouldn’t go back to the other taxing districts. Your comment sure did read like Libmans rebate was the reason for 9 teachers were laid off. This is the very first time I have heard such a comment about teachers. That’s news to me. My point is that it doesn’t matter if it is %100 or %20. It will only pay for eligible expenses. You need to ask the City why they did that, not me.

        • friend
          Posted at 20:24h, 01 December

          Also, I am still waiting on the rest of your response given you said “where do I start?” and “Maybe we need to discuss one thing at a time” and I responded with “Go ahead”.

  • diploma don
    Posted at 17:30h, 01 December

    Karma,I understand and agree with your statement about the township secretary as far as the salary and part time but,I must disagree with the education part,I’ll explain.When ever she see’s fit she attends training at the taxpayers expence,weather it’s at Peoria(Gambling Boat)or Effingham for a class on how to rig a Cacus.Everyone I’m sure remembers how “State mandated changes were to be implemented”in this year’s cacus.For those intrested enough to check it’s a fact nobody could produce another single township that held a cacus the same as the one the Republicans held in Arcola Township.She must have attened a training session at Perry’s Locksmith shop in Matton,because we now have the only township office in the area that requires a taxpayer to be bussed in.So you see Karma these are just a few of the changes this highly educated secretary has brought to Arcola Township all at taxpayers expence.And we have’nt even covered the gas cards,motorcycle trip,lack of 1099’s and a locked office in order to work on a fund raiser.I for one would like to see here graduate (if you know what I mean),because the taxpayers of Arcola Township can’t afford her getting a Masters Degree!

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 20:12h, 01 December

      Funny thing about rigging a caucus…you can only get by with it once, after that people are a little more educated on the caucus process.

      • friend
        Posted at 20:21h, 01 December

        Jim, please enlighten me on how the caucus was rigged. You are really good at conspiracy theories so this should be creative and entertaining.

      • friend
        Posted at 17:35h, 03 December

        Still waiting Jim. Don’t get scared now.

  • Doug
    Posted at 04:45h, 02 December

    But Corky and Coombes you were telling everyone before the caucus if the TIf was to go away then our property taxes would go down did you lie about that too

  • Farm boy
    Posted at 04:55h, 02 December

    Dick mohr Joe fortney Bill Coombe you are all hypocrites thank goodness you did not have to do too much thinking to get your tif checks from the government every year for your farming don’t want that to go away do you. Keep up the good work on trying to keep Arcola from growing

  • Amazed
    Posted at 05:14h, 02 December

    Hey Doug this is just how they got everyone to come to the caucus they did not mean to mislead you

  • Outsider
    Posted at 05:30h, 02 December

    Funny the ones that are crying the loudest about tif have nothing invested bill Coombe joe fortney dick mohr Steve holiday why is that do you guys just like to hear yourself talk or do you have another motive .not one of these guys have 1 tax dollar invested in it.

  • Karma
    Posted at 06:57h, 02 December

    Friend, you and your friend “neutral” referred to the people of Arcola as sheep. As I recall, the sheep were being herded the night of the caucus over to the fire station to be slaughtered by the deceptiveness of Corky and the rest of the township. And by the way, I didn’t realize that Deana was allowed to be at both caucusus? I thought that you were only BY LAW allowed to be present at one?
    I am really curious who this “friend” might be. Since Joey got his knuckles slapped for being on here, could it be his daddy? Or could this possibly be Deana herself trying to defend the illegal actions of the township? This is puzzling.
    Either way, friend, you are very misguided when it comes to the differences between the city and the township. For one, the city has acknowledged and answered every single FOIA request that it has ever gotten. They have NEVER responded to inquiries with locks on doors to keep people out! That’s a move made by the guilty party!
    Again, you are trying to sling crap at the city to try to get something to stick. You are obviously trying to divert the attention off of you and the township. If this is Deana, just comply with the FOIA and take your punishment like a big girl. You took the money like one!
    If this is Joey’s daddy, tell him to go back to school and leave the adult conversations to the adults. If this is anyone else “on the inside” over at the township, get your spine out of Deana’s lower drawer and do the right thing. It’s really not going to kill you to do so!

    Diploma Don, I stand corrected. I forgot about those “Classes” and all of that “education” that she has received on the bill of the taxpayer! You are right! We don’t need to pay for her masters either!

  • no friend of mine
    Posted at 07:42h, 02 December

    friend,out of the post from diploma don the only thing you write about is the cacus,why is that?It’s hard to believe she could talk Clerk Coombe into using hard to find and never used loop holes.I’m sure he never thought it would stir up such a mess.neutral,are you going to answer Overdrive?It’s Monday moring and I’m sure City Hall will be open,I don’t think any staff wil be tied up gitting ready for a fund raiser.You can walk right in,no need for a buzzer.Simply give them your FOIA on salaries and experience what it’s like to recieve taxpayer information without paying a lawyer.Then pass that information on to your board.Oh and friend have some patience,the ECWD will enlighten all of us soon!

  • Taxpayer
    Posted at 08:43h, 02 December

    Butch Mast and bill Coombe we do not care what your uneducated views are about tif ,what we do care about with you two is what you are doing with our tax dollar. Why don’t both of you write a letter to the editor and explain why you are not releasing public information or do you think that it does not matter if you two do it . Are you two above the law like some of the others in your little click. Pretty evident you don’t know Much just what you are told by your boss

  • Country Boy
    Posted at 17:39h, 02 December

    Farm boy,good post.I just wish they would put as much effort into getting Nacke to use that black stuff on the roads everybody is talking about,as they do talking about others business.Those guys creditabilty has suffered in my view,I still remember the lies put out at the cacus.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 22:28h, 02 December

    She doesn’t care how much township money is spent foolishly (or illegally). Her taxes go to Bowdre Township. She so needs to go!!!

  • Tax
    Posted at 04:56h, 03 December

    Time sheet Deana Shields
    Monday7-9 Mark Nacke opens my door sets next to me and we look to see what those skunks did at ECWD
    9-10 Summons Bill Coombe tell him how to write letter to editor
    10-11 summons Butch Mast tell him how to write letter to editor
    11-1 Mark Nacke gets my lunch and shares office locked smoke break
    1-2 clear smoke summons Fred Nieman see if y new EAV we could get from taxpayers and call Charlie Mcgrew see if there are. Any new summons
    2-2:05 Summons Corky Clark tell him what deductions he has made over weekend
    2:05-3;00 Summons Dale Knowles make sure all vehicles ready for vacation
    3-3:30 Mark Nacke and me check Internet see
    What those DB did to us at ECWD ,
    shot of crown and go home
    Tues 8-9 Nacke buys breakfast and opens my door
    9-10 check Coombes and Mast letters to make sure they tell everybody if TIF is done away with I will be able to have more money to upgrade my vacation from motorcycle to expedition and maybe get gas cards back
    10-11 send Nacke to shed to check on his employee
    11-1 same as mon.
    1-3 had to talk to poor person about assistance Denied not registered voter
    Wed 8-1 waiting on record hearld to come out
    1-4 Nacke gets my paper and I read it to him we call everyone tell them they did good job
    Thurs 1-4 check Internet see what ECWD have done
    Fri 7-11 pay all employees run all receipts thru shredder and anything else that could get us in trouble ,change Joe Hacklers diaper and tell him not to play on computer
    As everyone can see we are getting our money’s worth here keep up the good work

  • Uptown
    Posted at 07:12h, 03 December

    Hey Tax you forgot to include calling Dick Mohr ,Joe Fortney and Steve Holiday to tell them they better fight to get rid of tif or we will make sure your farm subsidies are done away with

  • Ponder Pete
    Posted at 07:43h, 03 December

    Tax,I’m curious as to where the cemetery board and Jim Crane fall into her daily routine.After all it takes some time block anybody from trying to develope land by the cemetery,unless your growing and baling hay on it.And as for Jim Crane,briefing him on his talking points from the township to be taken to the school board is a job in it’s self.Funding Raising?My how time flys!

  • Courthouse
    Posted at 07:54h, 03 December

    Doug if the TIF goes away your taxes will not go down that money you are paying will just be redistributed to all the TAXING BODIES in the County doesn’t that make you feel a lot better about the whole situation at the township and what they are trying to do

    • friend
      Posted at 10:08h, 03 December

      Fundamentally wrong statement. Please learn how property taxes are determined.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 08:31h, 03 December

    The Township says are taxes are high due to tif. So are they saying that ,if tif expires the township will lower its tax levy so our taxes will go down? They didn’t lower it after lawsuit was paid off. Don’t they understand no one wants to hear the whining from them when we all know the foolish spending they have.

    • friend
      Posted at 10:17h, 03 December

      You. Are. Dense. The township will, I am assuming, levy the same amount but since 16 million (or probably around 12 million with an extension) would be added back into available EAV your property tax rate will almost certainly go down significantly. Your property tax rate for all taxing bodies is currently set against 21 million EAV, but if TIF goes away entirely your tax rate would be set against 37 million. What do you not get about this!? How do you have any authority to speak on any of this if you don’t even know how property taxes work!? Good lord this would be funny if it weren’t so sad…

  • friend
    Posted at 08:45h, 03 December

    Wow. You should probably get a life soon. Hate won’t get you to where you want to end up.

    • friend
      Posted at 09:27h, 03 December

      This is to “Tax” a couple comments down btw…

  • Arcola Lola
    Posted at 11:55h, 03 December

    Hey “friend”, I am wondering where you are getting your (mis)information on property taxes. Sounds to me like you are definitely an insider at the township repeating the lies that Deana has fed you. Courthouse is 100% correct when they said that the funds would be redistributed to all the taxing bodies.
    You continue to spread lies about TIF stating that you are the only one that knows anything about property taxes. I am sorry to be the one to tell you that you are not very informed at all. Unfortunately you have received your education on TIF from people there at the township office that only want TIF if they can have total control of the funds. I have a problem with that being a taxpayer here. I don’t want someone that can’t justify the spending of tax dollars that they get now to have control of even more tax money. You need to have your head examined if you think that the people in this town are going to let that happen! So until you have your facts straight and can come up with legitimate reasons why the township will not comply with the FOIA requests that they have already gotten, I see no reason for you to continue to post your lies on this page.

    • friend
      Posted at 17:21h, 03 December

      Yay! The queen of the misinformed/idiots is back. Let me try to explain this in a way that you understand…well hopefully. The twp levies a DOLLAR amount, NOT a percentage, ya see? The county then says OK, Arcola twp has asked for 1.2 million (includes road and bridge). What percentage of folks property taxes do we need to set against 21 million (available EAV) in order to get them their appropriation? See, and then they use their fancy calculation machines to come up with that number and that is the percent number you see on your tax bill. IF that 21 million EAV figure is increased to 37 million with TIF expiring then the tax rate can be MUCH lower given that the EAV the tax rate is set against is MUCH BIGGER! ITS MATH! You are like a brick wall if ignorance, and you seem to be proud of it for goodness sake. You know what, don’t even take my word for it. Ask the CITY administrator yourself, he even made these handy dandy graphs showing the amount tax rates would go down after releasing so much EAV. He could do that BECA– USE MATH. And lastly this statement: “Courthouse is 100% correct when they said that the funds would be redistributed to all the taxing bodies.” WHAT!? Property taxes aren’t “funds” to be distributed “to all the taxing bodies.” A levy is made, a tax rate is calculated to attain that levy. Simple as that. You are mistaken on what you thought the county said or mistaken about what they are talking about. When exactly and what exactly did the “county” say to you. And why you? Do you have special privileges to a “county spokesman”? Doubt it.

    • friend
      Posted at 17:29h, 03 December

      BTW Nicole, you might as well attach your name to these posts from now on, everyone knows who you are.

      • Arcola Lola
        Posted at 21:26h, 03 December

        Let me first address the fact that you totally ignored my statement about the township not complying with the FOIA requests. Isn’t that the main reason why everyone is so upset?
        Also, you are extremely obsessed with the TIF, which tells me that you are definitely on the inside at the township.
        Third, my name is not Nicole. Nice try keep guessing!

        • friend
          Posted at 22:24h, 03 December

          In regards to FOIAs I will let the court decide on whether or not they were complied with. But other than that thank you for admitting you were wrong by ignoring what I wrote. Please keep telling me how what I am saying is TIF “lies”. Its pure math…prove me wrong.

          • Arcola Lola
            Posted at 07:19h, 04 December

            You are not right. I will not argue with a fool.

  • Corn King
    Posted at 13:20h, 03 December

    friend, You are very supportive of the Townships actions. Please tell us how you support numerous denied FOIA requests by the Township.

  • Ps
    Posted at 14:49h, 03 December

    Friend you seem to be the brightest star in the township so please explain why you are so interested in saving the taxpayers money by doing away with the tif yet you never address the wasted spending at the township which affects every taxpayer in the township which would save taxpayers money also. I as a taxpayer know we have to pay taxes so we can generate more tax base what I don’t want to do is to have my tax dollar spent illegally like the township is doing . You are playing a good game with your little followers. Pretty sure your day will come

    • friend
      Posted at 17:26h, 03 December

      What wasted spending? I don’t have a connection to the twp or “insider knowledge” so all I know are the numbers available to me by the IL comptroller and other public documents and that’s why I have been arguing here strictly on finances. Not about my opinion on whether or not a taxing body is wasting money. So, in short no I don’t have an answer. Have you ever asked any of them? Have you ever gone to their meetings? If you really expect to get answers how do you expect to get them on this little site? Stop being a little chicken sh*t and go ask them!

  • Acc. 2020
    Posted at 14:59h, 03 December

    This is to friend ,who cares if 100% of the EAV is in tif if Arcola can keep going and growing the way it is I would say we are on a good positive track . Do you have a problem with Arcola if you do step up and get yourself in a position to change it . It does not sound like you are suggesting a better plan to keep Arcola strong just a way to stop it

    • friend
      Posted at 17:04h, 03 December

      This one is just too stupid to even start… 100% EAV!?! Really? Get a clue…YOU also have revealed you do not understand the consequences of TIF to taxing district budgets including the school. Mattoon, Charleston, Champaign, Paris, Monticello, etc, etc, all have 3% or under of EAV taken up in TIF….but Arcola has 45%. Yeah lets go to 100% or we’ll will just die as a community. Oh, wait…last I checked Monticello, Arthur, Paris, Champaign, Mattoon, etc, are doing just fine. Get a clue.

  • not sure
    Posted at 15:01h, 03 December

    friend i’m not sure what your saying.are you saying the eav has grone from 21 to 37 million since the tif program started?if so why not let it continue and grow increasing the eav even more?can’t the township tighten their belt a little,i’m sure the comfort station balance will grow on it’s own from the $80, has in it now.lets face it,you can’t use toilet paper if no ones there!

    • friend
      Posted at 16:59h, 03 December

      No, that’s not what I said. Simply, of 37 million EAV in Arcola, only 21 million is available to set a property tax rate against because of TIF. Not hard to understand.

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 22:27h, 03 December

    friend, You are so eager to call everyone out with all of the name calling and name guessing. You may be the one that needs to get a life. All in all these comments are from very frustrated people. You can go on and on about how much you know and how little everyone else knows. But at the end of the day these people are upset at the Township Board because of their actions. We feel that we have been lied to and used. The Township has not answered FOIA’s and continue to drag this out in court. Shame on them and you.

    • friend
      Posted at 09:26h, 04 December

      I don’t begrudge anybody for being frustrated with the FOIA thing. I am not saying i agree with it myself but at this point i dont have any reason to believe they are lying and so I will let the courts decide. As for the TIF stuff, you best believe I will point out everyone’s idiocy and misinformation on the topic. Don’t go spouting off on it if you dont even know how it works or who it affects and how. 16 million taxpapyer dollars are sucked up into TIF and it deserves to be understood instead of a group of 15 or so folks on here willfully being ignorant about it and then trying to conduct a witch hunt at the twp because they dont like the twp standing up for its budget needs even though the school and others are doing the same. I suggest they get out of the kitchen if they can’t take the heat.

  • Dick Mohr
    Posted at 22:29h, 03 December

    I would like to set the record straight for CPA, Outsider, Farm boy and Uptown. I
    don’t know where you obtain your information from but you need to change sources.
    I have never spoken against TIF as you have stated. I also have never shown support for TIF. I have attended TIF meetings to try to learn more about how TIF works for our city.
    I do not feel at this time I could make an informed decision, but I am learning more all of the time and hope to have a better understanding in the near future. When I finally get a complete grasp on the concept of how TIF works, then I will hopefully form an educated opinion. And yes, I have talked with the mayor and the city administrator to get their ideas on the subject. So CPA, Outsider, Farm boy and Uptown, you have made false accusations against me and should learn not to post about topics of which you are ignorant. If you decide to post something back, beyond an apology, try to make it constructive and not the usual useless derogatory rhetoric that is so prevalent on this sight. And to Country boy, you talk about credibility.
    Having correct information is credible. False information is not. Posting your real name on this sight is credible. Using a pseudo-name is not.

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 07:43h, 04 December

    friend,enough all ready about your EAV talk.You’ve been avioding the issues most are upset about,Waste and illegal use of tax money.Do you or don’nt you condone the actions of the township board,such as the gas card,no 1099’s,township equip.use for personal gain,office closed during fund raising event,refusal to fully answer FOIA’s,just to name a few.A simple yes or no,then we will know exactly where and who you stand with.

    • friend
      Posted at 11:17h, 04 December

      So basically, you are saying, Yes, you are right about TIF and the finances and the higher property tax rates so lets see if I can corner you on something else. On the FOIAs, I already answered that a couple comments down. Gas Card? I wouldnt have done it but it was not illegal and the person who did it won an election, run against him if you dont like it. 1099s? That issue was fixed per the audit, what else is there to do? You want me to sue her? Township Equipment? I’m pretty sure everyone knows about that, yet did anyone run against him? did they? Didnt think so. Why is this an issue now but wasnt then? Why is this an issue now after 20+ years? To try and convince me this isnt anything other than a witch hunt conducted by a group of city allies after they got pissed things werent going their way on TIF isnt going to work. Don’t waste your time.

  • friend
    Posted at 11:25h, 04 December

    Arcola Lola,

    You said “You are not right. I will not argue with a fool.”

    Aww, Why did you give up so easy?? You can’t prove me wrong pure and simple. Math does not lie. In all the posts in that little exchange you not once tried to prove anything I said wrong except to say I am an idiot, misinformed, blah blah. Please, if that is true, how come you can’t prove it? You can’t even give me one single stat, number. SOMETHING. You were wrong – you dont even know how your own property taxes work and the affect of TIF on them. HAHA, you have been outed as the fool. Don’t go hide now Nicole. Stand up and prove me wrong.

  • CPA
    Posted at 12:07h, 04 December

    Dick Mohr the only thing that stands out that you should be so interested now in what goes on in town. We guess it could be guilt by association since there are phone records the day of the caucus from the township phone that for 18 minutes they were talking to you. Now electioneering out of a public building is illegal which I am sure will come up later. So you see we just thought you were condoning all of the less than acceptable way the township is being handled. It seems you have taken this as a personal attack yet you have a position that takes care of taxpayer money and you seem to be letting the township secretary take care of what you should be. You were appointed for that job.So who owes who an apology. I can be the bigger person if it should it come out that you have not assisted in any of this which we all hope thanks

    • friend
      Posted at 16:51h, 04 December

      Yeah Dick Mohr is in on it too! And the witch hunt continues…

  • Arcola Lola
    Posted at 13:09h, 04 December

    “friend”, in your previous posts, you refer to me as “Nicole”. Let me straighten this out once and for all. I am not a person named Nicole. Nor do I associate with anyone named Nicole. The only Nicole that I know of is the mayors wife. I can only assume that is whom you keep referring to.
    And like I said before, I will not continue to argue with a fool.

    • friend
      Posted at 16:49h, 04 December

      I understand, when your wrong and cant admit it this is the isual tactic. How am i fool again? How am I wrong again? Pathetic.

  • Sick
    Posted at 14:23h, 04 December

    Friend STOPyou have proved you are the smartest person alive and everyone loves a politician

    • friend
      Posted at 16:52h, 04 December

      I proved everyone loves a politician? You really are “sick”.

  • Mr. Watson
    Posted at 15:07h, 04 December

    friend sure does know a lot about every ones troubles. Made reference to the School having 9 teachers laid off. The Township Road District is in financial dire straits. The City having handy dandy graphs and we all know that his would be much better. Quoting the City Administrator on more than one occasion. Commenting that someone is thinking they have special privileges from the county like he does. Always right and being smarter than anyone else. Take a guess who is so brilliant and has a hand in all of those taxing bodies?

    • friend
      Posted at 16:46h, 04 December

      I guess I never thought of myself as any smarter than anyone else but I can say for certain that I am particulalry more well informed on TIF than people on this blog. They are making that quite clear. Not surprising though as they blindly carry out the city’s witch hunt. Anyways, besides all that what was your point?

  • Thankful for Volunteers
    Posted at 16:28h, 04 December

    Dick I am afraid I am going to have to agree with CPA on one point. You and all the other board members were appointed on the fire board to do your job and that was to take care of our volunteer fireman not to just take up a seat at the fire house. If you do not want that job then step down and let someone else have it, don’t just pay someone else to do your job. Every time that firetruck starts those firemen are risking there lives and they volunteer for that, maybe if you would take that 11 or 12k that your paying to have YOUR job done and split that with those firemen then that would be a start in thanking them for the job they do. Instead it sounds as if you are standing up and telling them not to talk on this site about anything that goes on there. Do not try and take away any more from them they still have freedom of speech however they want to do it. This is not directed to you alone the whole board is accountable.

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 20:44h, 04 December

    There you have it folks,I gave friend what was an exercise in creditablity,judgement,and character and friend failed miserably.friend would not answer yes or no because the belief is everything was fine until they were caught.Now the attitude is there is nothing to see here move on and don’t ask questions.Let’s look at his post back to me.Gas cards-would not have done it but the person who did it won the election,big deal(he could’nt even say Mark Nacke)1099’s-issue fixed as/audit?How can they say that when in fact the Township,which is fighting a tax issue itself,will not require a Township employee pay back taxes owed to the citizens of this state for compensation received since 1998 while working at the Township.Township Equip.-everybody knows about that,so that’s a green light to do whatever he likes.Lastly,”why is this brought out now?”because no one knew about the back door deals till now.friend,your done on this sight.We now know through your post that you side with the wrong doing and will not condemn the actions of this board.As a final point,FOIA’s-you don’t think they are lying.How can you say that when they won’t release any information!Your double talk is wearing a little thin.I will now ask these questions to two more people tomorrow.Stay tuned.

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 07:34h, 05 December

    Dick Mohr and Steve Holaday,both of you have expressed your views here,so I’m asking you the same question as I did friend.Do you or don’t you condone the actions of the Arcola Township board,gas cards,lack of 1099’s,township equip.use for personal gain,office closed during fund raising event,and refusal to fully answer FOIA’s.A simple yes or no is all we are looking for.

  • Dick Mohr
    Posted at 09:20h, 05 December

    I will not discuss the fire district board in this venue. This is not the place for that. I can tell from your post you have some inaccurate information and misconceptions of the fire board, a board that does a very good job. Call me and we will talk or come to one of our meetings and ask questions. The one and only purpose of my original post was to defend myself against what I believe were personal attacks. That was my only issue. Subject closed. I would like to attend a “friend” class on the TIF, could help me get over my mental blocks on TIF. And CPA, to suggest that I might be guilty of possible electioneering is quite a stretch and completely ridiculous. You obviously have the phone records so you know I talk to the township on many other days and you picked just one. Shame on you.

  • CPA
    Posted at 10:53h, 05 December

    Dick you need to re-read did not say you were electioneering, it was out of the township office to you for 18 minutes. So you talk to the township on many other days about fire dept business or there bad roads
    Still not a personal attack

  • Confused
    Posted at 10:58h, 05 December

    As I see it, the City expanded the TIF where it seemed to be needed. One example is a new district was formed to help fund the Library Addition. With that being said it grew into a major part of the whole City. There was great growth in EAV in the TIF districts but didn’t help the non TIF EAV very much. Not all TIF districts will have a 20 plus year affect because they were not adopted at the same time. I assume that is why the City was exploring the option of an extension. The talks have been going on for several years now. As I understand it the City has a new proposal for the extension. This is where I am confused. Massive amount of area will be taken out of the current districts or closed out. Guaranteed percentage of dollars being distributed back to taxing bodies. I am not aware of the other details but I believe this seems to be a workable solution. I say drop all this “what has been done in the past” and work together towards the future of Arcola.

  • Corn King
    Posted at 07:49h, 07 December

    Confused, that was the best post I have seen on this non-issue. I am still wondering why the Township hasn’t been served. It’s been over three weeks from when it was filed. jmkraft can you tell us what is going on with that?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:25h, 07 December

      When I called, the Sheriff Dept informaed me it was served on Monday (Dec 2). I have not received confirmation and the Circuit Clerk has not updated Judici to reflect that. So, with the lack of any additionally available information, it has the appearance of the Sheriff Dept participating in a stalling tactic by intentionally delaying notifications.

  • Harley
    Posted at 16:26h, 07 December

    Jmkraft What is your goal? You stated the sheriffs department had told you that the township had been served, then you turn right around and try to start a conspiracy theory because you want more confirmation. Have your followers not given you enough hits on your site lately. You are just stirring the pot , a pot that is already at a boil . Let this play out in court and do not cause in more division in our town.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 16:37h, 07 December

      My goal? To have my day in court. I cannot schedule a court date until after the circuit clerk receives certification of service – which would be about the same time I should receive a letter in the mail from the Sheriff’s Dept. with a copy of the service. It does not take this long for a letter to arrive in the mail. Maybe I’m just used to our Edgar County Sheriff, the Iroquois County Sheriff and the Sangamon County Sheriff service of process that took less than a week from initial filing to receiving confirmation of service in the mail. I filed this on November 15th.

      It’s not that I “want” more confirmation, more confirmation is “required” in order to proceed.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:08h, 09 December

      Harley – that’s an interesting choice of a username…are you the one that took the four-state harley trip using the township credit card?

  • Corn King
    Posted at 17:19h, 07 December

    Harley, I lay the blame on the Township for this division. ECWD has requested records and the Township is hiding behind their attorney. The first summons was done in just few days. This one took over two weeks. So one would think something is up. The Clerk should have done what he was elected to do and this wouldnt be an issue. Putting on a fund raiser for a current Douglas County Deputy that could serve a summons would make a person think something isnt right over here. I am not picking sides. I am wanting a public body to follow the law.

  • Snowjob
    Posted at 07:30h, 09 December

    Harley so let me get this straight you are good with the township letting this all go to court just because ECWD asked to see receipts of how the township has spent taxpayers money. Seems to be an easier fix to this problem just give them the receipts. They have really got you sold on they have nothing to hide right. From the outside it looks as though there are only a few that are divided most only care about what is the right thing to do

  • Marine
    Posted at 09:02h, 09 December

    Your little group Harley seems to have conspiracy theory on the brain, asking for receipts is not a conspiracy theory it is the RIGHT of every taxpayer and if you disagree with that which side of the constitution are you on?

  • No Change
    Posted at 09:12h, 09 December

    It sounds as though a division in town is a good thing, maybe we can break away from all the illegal things the township is doing and has done. We do not want the whole town to go down like Dixon. Lets stop this, Township produce your receipts and maybe the law abiding citizens can enjoy there Christmas and you guys can lick your wounds and start treating tax dollars the way they were intended

  • Gas Card
    Posted at 10:21h, 09 December

    Mr. Kraft that is the same sheriff that ran the caucus that was one sided just exactly a year ago. and for that favor he did for the township, they organized a fund raiser for his replacement and the hits just keep on coming, no conspiracy here

  • Only went toEIU
    Posted at 13:16h, 09 December

    William Coombe reading from above you are the one responsible for supplying information why is it that you are fighting this so hard. If you do not want to answer that here on this site then answer that in another letter to editor then everyone could stop looking at this site. But please no double talk you do not have to convince us that you think you are so much smarter than everyone else. After all this is a simple question .Why cannot taxpayers see receipts for the money the township has spent?

  • Warrior Chief
    Posted at 16:02h, 09 December

    Conspiracy theory?Harley,I wouldnt worry about that,after all it seems like your buddy the sheriff is doing you guys a favor to pay off the fund raiser run by the Arcola Township office.I know sometimes paperwork can get shuffled around, lost, or missplaced,like back in the day when the sheriff was with the I.S.P.working a case in Paris.It happens.

  • Harley
    Posted at 18:35h, 09 December

    Just as I thought it would go. Some people on here have some reading skills but absolutely nothing in comprehension. I said nothing of approval of the township actions.
    I just pointed out that Mr. Kraft is the one that brought in the “appearance” of conspiracy
    in his post. Not I. Maybe some of you could get a family member to read and explain this to you. Please read it again. I understand “friend”s frustration with trying to get a point across to the tunnel vision on here. Get some help with this one, Google edgar county watchdogs and look around You don’t have to look very far.

  • scooter
    Posted at 18:39h, 09 December

    Conspiracy?State mandated changes in the way a cacus is to be run(not true),forms to be filed before you can run,Republican cacus ran by the sheriff,locked Township office door while township staff and officals run fund raiser for sheriffs chief deputy,2nd lawsuit filed for not answering FOIA’s.Waaaaait a minute Harley,you may just be onto something with this conspiracy stuff!

  • Harley
    Posted at 21:25h, 09 December

    I give up. I never accused anyone of a conspiracy. My post clearly states jmkraft is accusing the sheriffs dept. of participating in a stalling tactic. I have never seen such a collection of stupid. I’ve been here two days and can’t wait to get out of here. You nimwits just keep on entertaining each other.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 23:20h, 09 December

    Harley, it seems as though you are putting words in peoples mouths. You were the one using the word “conspiracy” to begine with. Then you stoop to name calling just like the ones before you. It appears that you think you are above everyone else. Maybe you need to have someone read your post back to you.

  • Aware n Arcola
    Posted at 07:35h, 10 December

    Harley,lets talk about goals.The goal of some taxpayers are to find out what our tax dollars are used for.The goal of the Township board seems to be,by what ever means neccessary, to block that from happening.It is now 12-10-13,and the lawsuit is still not posted on the,that appears a little strange,kinda like a stalling tactic.You state you’ve never seen such a collection of stupid,some of us have never seen such a disregaurd for releasing taxpayer information.You however are free to give up,we will not!

  • Loving Florida
    Posted at 14:41h, 10 December

    Harley you could tell your buddy Charlie this could all go away if those pinheads at the township office would just give up the information that is being asked for after all this is not the first time they have not released info that a taxpayer has asked for ,what are they hiding. We are all pretty sure Charlie wants to retire without any blemishes so this is pretty easy fix don’t you think or have they made it way more complicated than that we all know there is something there they don’t want anybody to see

  • township citizen
    Posted at 16:48h, 10 December

    I totally agree Florida.The good sheriff should use his influence and tell Corky,Mark,and Bill to do the right thing,answer the foias and release the information.The longer this goes on the more people are getting informed,and questioning the reason for all the secrecy.The more the Township stalls and fights these lawsuits the more it looks like they are hiding something.I ask the taxpayers of this township one question,if there was’nt a problem in the township office,then why spend taxpayer money to fight releasing the information.IF as they say sunlight is the best disinfectant then lets get the Township files unlocked and out in the open for all to see.

  • Bildo Ferguson
    Posted at 01:08h, 11 December

    Harley, I agree with what you and friend are saying completely. Captain xxxxxxxx Kraft and his boy band feed off the ignorant, without them his little game would be over. He is exactly what rex n company paid for. Maybe soon his traveling circus freak show will move along to some other town.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 05:29h, 11 December

      FWIW: Nobody pays us for anything, and we NEVER leave until it is over to OUR satisfaction (by that I mean following the law and complying with FOIA). My opinion is the “freak show” is the township officials that think nobody has a right to view records related to the expenditure of PUBLIC funds. They will have to open their eyes sooner or later, but rest assured when that happens we will be there.

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 07:39h, 11 December

    Harley it looks like somebody struck a nerve with your new friend Bildo.When will you guys learn,ECWD are not for sale, read their work.As for the traveling circus you guys should know about the traveling part,remember the motorcycle trip?Back to the ECWD work,the airport manger they have been after,he resigned,as jmkraft said they NEVER leave until it is over!

  • Spelling Teacher
    Posted at 07:43h, 11 December

    Are you sure your name is not spelled with a D, Ms. Ferguson

  • Still wondering
    Posted at 08:13h, 11 December

    why is it that we hate these guys at Ecwd so bad after all ,all they want to see are some receipts . What is the big deal?Why the big fight?

  • Chess Master
    Posted at 10:18h, 11 December

    BF, I can only guess that your username is a stab at the City Administrator and the Mayor or you cant spell. That is again a tactic to shift blame somewhere else. This has been the Townships and its crony’s chess game from day one. I don’t know if you are ignorant or not but your words seem to make you out as so. If you condone the fight to release what is public information, then you are a monkey in the Townships freak show. Clearly they have released only part of requested records. Their attorney says they do not have them at the Township office so they do not have to produce them. The board is not smart enough to know that is not correct. By the way, it’s my understanding that the City has “completely” complied with every FOIA it has received. Check-mate

  • Silent Knight
    Posted at 14:33h, 11 December

    Those of us looking to the east see a real problem coming over the horizon.What is your Township Board up to?If half of whats posted is true,you people have good reason to ask questions concerning your tax money.I’ve talked to some of the towns people the past few months and this thing of not answering those foias is starting to have a bad smell to it.I believe you will find poor leadership is the problem,anyone thinking they are above law will act this way.I’ve read posts here and followed the Watchdogs and what jmkraft said is true,they keep going and going till they get answers.

    Posted at 15:29h, 11 December

    All of the township board and the few people on this website could you explain one more time why, JM Kraft, Terry ,Rex, Bill , Larry ., Doug , Don, Pete, Mack, Richie , Why would the township not answering a foia request for gas receipts and for phone records, be all of these people to blame for doing this to the township and not the people at the township doing this to themselves. We are all pretty sure any one of those mentioned above would be more than happy to help the township produce those records so those at the township could start working on township business instead of working so hard on finding out who did THIS to them so they can make them go away. Accountability is not a bad thing it is the law. I am one of these guys and I do not want JM Kraft to go away now that they are working so hard on covering up how they spent my tax dollars

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 15:40h, 11 December

      I don’t go away.

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 17:19h, 11 December

    Dick Mohr and Steve Holaday,it’s been 6 days since you were asked a question and we have yet to hear from you guys.I can only guess judging from your silence that you approve of what the board is doing.Dissappointing to say the least.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 19:06h, 11 December

    Silent Knight, I assume you are from Arthur. Please enlighten us. How much does your Township pay a part-time secretary? You do, of course, buy that person’s gas and pay their cell phone, don’t you? You also pay that same person (or someone else) approx. $12,000 to do your Fire districts books too, don’t you?

  • Dick Mohr
    Posted at 00:01h, 12 December

    Unhappy, I really don’t believe your question is worthy of a response, especially the way it is worded. It seems the way you have confronted me with this,it looks like you are trying to put me on the spot and make me look bad. Not for sure why. But if my answer seems to be that important to you , I have a proposal. I am pretty sure I know who you are. I hope I am wrong. You want an answer, post your name. Think it over. Will it be worth it? I don’t think so, but you called me out. You say you are disappointed, but not as disappointed as I am for you involving me with this question, and that disappointment will be miniscule if I am right on the name. Is my answer to this dubious question that important to you or anyone? The ball is in your court. I would think the best way to resolve this is for you to call me, ask me person to person, and not to do this in a public forum. I believe the outcome will be much better for the both of us than a challenge in this venue. An answer for a name. I will understand if you choose not to expose your identity, but also choose to leave me out of any of your future posts. An answer for a name. Sounds simple but you have a difficult decision. I believe you have my number, I hope that’s the avenue you pursue. P.S. This is between myself and Unhappy, please the rest of you that pick these posts apart , stay away from this one. Also unhappy, you said I posted my views on here. Untrue. All I did was to try to defend myself. No views. Point them out for me.

  • Just More Krap
    Posted at 00:52h, 12 December

    JMkraft you sound about like herpes, no one likes you, yet you never go away.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 06:27h, 12 December

      The least you could do would be to use the same fake name when you are throwing your insults “Bildo Ferguson” LOL.

  • Silent Knight
    Posted at 07:33h, 12 December

    Just Wondering,I can’t speak for our board but I’m pretty sure nobody around here close has the same arrangement you folks have with part time help.Gas cards,not likely,but if that were the case I’m certain the proper tax forms would be filed.The $12,000 does sound a little high.

  • Raw Nerve
    Posted at 07:10h, 13 December

    We agree with the person with all the initials what is the big deal just show the records and move on. Every time someone brings up this point about the township there seems to be a lot of double talk about another subject isn’t that right unhappy

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 08:18h, 13 December


  • Courthouse News
    Posted at 11:52h, 14 December

    Another weeks gone by and still no sign of the summons on the good sheriff running cover for the Township while Mr. Petty looks to postpone again?jmkraft,you suppose that’s the way the sheriff in Effingham Co.operates,if so they may want to rethink their business model.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 13:13h, 14 December

      I received the original summons in the mail on Tues or Wed and delivered it to the Courthouse at 3:50 p.m. Friday. My opinion is that sending the original to me was indeed another way to stall, especially since the last one they did was returned to the douglas county circuit clerk like it should have been, but this one was sent to me. I did personally take it to the circuit clerk on friday.

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 17:09h, 14 December

    Why does that not suprise me?Just who is involved and how far does this go?Most know the sheriff use to sit on the township board and most recently the township and the powers that be put together and ran a fund raiser for his pick to follow him,but come on!It looks like Courthouse News might be more right than worng.How can they justify handling this summons differently than the last one unless it is a stalling move?And if they are stalling again-WHY?Has the Township got it’s hooks into the Sheriff’s Dept.and the Douglas Co. Courthouse too?This information the ECWD wants must be real bad to put this stunt!

  • Big n Bowdre
    Posted at 18:48h, 14 December

    So goes the Queen and her Court(Township board).Open your eyes people,can’t you see why we got rid of her.She’s going to run you guys into the ground and be the only one to walk away.

  • Sometime Soon
    Posted at 05:49h, 15 December

    Bill Coombe your still willing to keep hiding gas receipts ,your arrogance that you think you are above the law is showing everyone your true self. Keep it up you are only postponing the inevitable.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 09:07h, 15 December

    Big n Bowdre, you are SO right. Corky says her knowledge makes her invaluable. When are they going to wake up and see that it is her invaluable knowledge that got them into this mess?

  • Doug
    Posted at 11:39h, 15 December

    The picture of all these clowns above you need to rethink your clothing maybe something in long sleeves and stripes now that it is cold outside Maybe Charlie Mcgrew could help you with that

  • CPA
    Posted at 11:49h, 15 December

    Just wondering do you remember when Bill coombe said they did not have enough manpower in there office to gather receipts cause it takes so long to look for all of them and we do not keep all them in the office? But we do have time for sheriff fund raiser and meeting with lawyer to fight this.” logic right”

  • Not Amused
    Posted at 12:19h, 15 December

    Just how many people are indebt to this self appointed Queen?It’s widely known about her and Mark,but come on Charlie,you to?Word on the street is Lawyer Petty said the receipts will never be released.Thats a pretty strong statement,and from the looks of it one they are trying to see through.

  • Trojan Horse
    Posted at 14:36h, 15 December

    Why are you all up in arms? The Township doesn’t have to give any information out that isn’t kept in the townships office. Just ask Mark Petty. Please Township Board stop wasting our tax money on an incompetent bafoon. I am very disappointed in the board. Your credibility is on a fast downward spiral. Pathetic

  • Warriors
    Posted at 15:36h, 15 December

    Harley looks like your guy Charlie Mcgrew is still at it. Wonder what his cut out of this is? Surely it is moe than just getting his man in the right place. First Paris then Tuscola nowArcola third times a charm maybe this will stop

  • Locked Out
    Posted at 15:40h, 15 December

    For those that attended the Republican Cacus,how are these lawsuits working out for you?Did you think it would come to this?Is this something to be proud of?And Sheriff Mcgrew,I’m not saying you are doing anything illegal but,is it right?Why is this last summons done differently from the first?It sure does’nt shed a very good light on you.

  • Butch boy
    Posted at 15:47h, 15 December

    Hey Butch you should stop picking on Mr. Kraft after all ,all he wants to see is some receipts that your secretary is not wanting anyone to see. You can do that in your business but you can’t do that with taxpayers money it is against the law

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 16:56h, 15 December

    CPA, pretty sure they have to have permission from state before destroying public records ( which with all her invaluable knowledge, she would know). I’m sure she can come up with the paper from state giving her that permission. ECWDs should FOIA for that.

  • Happened Before
    Posted at 17:57h, 15 December

    CPA,with her invaluable knowledge of State Law,I’m sure she will declare it is State Mandated that all incrimanating receipts be destroyed before they can be released to the unclean(taxpayers).As for the credibility,what credibility?

  • Mayberry R.F.D.
    Posted at 08:23h, 16 December

    Now just hold on a minute Otis it’s all starting to make sense,I mean with all these summons being served and paperwork being screwed up it’s starting to come together.Sheriff Mcgrew is getting ready to retire right,so he’s going to need some walking around money and benefits.Where could he work part time with good benefits,no make that great benefits,and do something he’s done before.Arcola Township–That’s Right!They’ve got a locked door,Douglas Co.Courthouse does’nt have that,but he’ll get used to it.Charlie can run the cacus for her,that will be easy because he’s already done that in the past.And lastly when the State mandates changes in the election laws on how a cacus is to be run,Charlie and Mr. Petty can enforce them.So you see Aunt Bee it’s as plain as the nose on your face,these folks have worked together in the past and they’ll get along just fine in the future,yes sir just fine.Stay tuned Arcola Township Taxpayers for a new show coming soon called Law and Order,sponsored in part by the ECWD!

  • High Rider
    Posted at 11:52h, 16 December

    News flash;the summons regarding the failure of the Arcola Township to answer FOIA’s sent to them about Taxpayer information has been posted.Clerk Coombe has been sucessfull in getting his name removed from the suit and it would appear the Sheriff has been given permission to finish his job.Lets see what creative moves the Township has in store for us this time

  • 2nd edition
    Posted at 16:07h, 16 December

    we all know what they have in store for us ,spend more of our money hiring Petty to get this one thrown out again. Bill Coombe you have such good management skills. All over phone bills and gas receipts.or have you told all of your followers a different story, don’t suppose they read the civil suit that could prove a different story wrong

  • Lost Not Found
    Posted at 16:51h, 16 December

    Where have all the supporters of our township board gone?Have they been banished to the land of the misinformed or were they simply forbiden not to post here.Now that a second summons has been served,finally,what kind of shenanigans do we have to look forward to?Another medical issue that can only be cured by walking a dog down Main St.or will the ECWD get their day in court?

  • Trojan Horse
    Posted at 17:33h, 16 December

    I don’t believe this one will be in favor of the Township. I think if the board keeps fighting what we all know should be done, it will be easy to unseat them next election.

  • Legal Brief
    Posted at 19:37h, 16 December

    Trojan Horse,no doubt they will continue to keep fighting,after all it’s gone this far.As for the ease of unseating them,the law and the court system may take care of that!

  • You are myHero
    Posted at 07:32h, 17 December

    Lost and Found you mean those people like Fari Shafer and Don Munson who wrote letters to the editor about how upstanding these people on the township board are, were they told to write these letters or maybe they were just misinformed

  • West Jeff.
    Posted at 08:03h, 17 December

    Christmas is almost here and the season of giving is upon us.Speaking of giving,I see where the Township Board met last night and more likely than not the invaluable seceretary will have a very merry Christmas.No doubt there was talk of the summons they got,I mean the 2nd one,anyway I’m sure we will read of their plans to fight it in the paper.Oh wait I forgot,they don’t answer FOIA’s let alone publish what they are up to with taxpayer money.I’m sure now that the process has started the ECWD will get what they’ve got coming,a lump of coal.

  • Reality
    Posted at 09:54h, 17 December

    Joey Hackler remember just a few short months ago you were defending the township about the foia request from ecwd. well you forgot to tell everyone back then you were just fighting this because it was served improperly.You made it sound as though these crooks in Paris was trying to look at something they had no right seeing. Well now we come to the second suit where are you going with this one. You are telling everyone they just want to see receipts of how you are spending taxpayers money aren’t you? Now there may not be anything wrong with those receipts that they are asking to see but there is something wrong with you paying a lawyer to fight showing those receipts and spending all this time and effort to make this go away. You , Bill Coombe, Corky Clark, Butch Mast, Dale Knowles, Barney Joergens need to do your job that you were elected to do. Everyone knows it is way too late to ask Mark Nacke if he can stop this slide

  • Watchn from Bowdre
    Posted at 15:03h, 17 December

    Well Reality how you guys over there getting along with your Cast of Clowns,sorry,I mean board.Mr. Petty will surely have a bullet proof defence,such as you people don’t deserve information.Good luck at the courthouse,heck it’s only money,Arcola,not ours.Tell Mark to give The Queen a peck on the cheek for us,enjoy X-mass suckers!

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 15:24h, 17 December

    They had a monthly meeting last night? It was only the 3rd Monday of the month. I thought they met on the last Monday. Wow, So they can move the meetings to suit them? I don’t see any reason they couldn’t have met on the 30th. Petty probably wouldn’t have been able to attend. Now the board will not have to do anything for six weeks. What’s the matter with me, the board doesn’t do anything anyway. The Dept Clerk has it all done for them. That brings up another question. How can the Dept Clerk not live in Arcola Township??? I assume they have always done it that way, so it’s ok.

  • missfire
    Posted at 19:07h, 17 December

    Hero, I would’nt be to hard on Don and Fari Bell,I don’t think they know all thats at play here.I wander if they would write the same letter today?After some thought on the matter folks,I’m afraid the answer is most likely yes,and here in lies the problem.Mark has done everybody a favor(at taxpayer expence)and Deana has done everybodys job.So here we are on our second lawsuit,with no end insight.So goes the GOOD OLE BOYS club.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 21:11h, 17 December

    Richey Rich, if you will look at state statute you will see that UNFORTUNATELY the deputy clerk doesn’t have to live in the township.

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 07:05h, 18 December

    Didn’t Don or Fari write about family values in their letter?Family values?Really?

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 10:00h, 18 December

    JW, I assume they have to live in the same State? (Sarcasm) LL, Deana does have family values. Here is the Road Districts credit card, filler up because we have a trip to take. It’s a “Family” road trip. Ring, Ring, Hey Mark I need you to bring the Townships dump truck, backhoe and a paid employee to haul some dirt at the cost of the tax payers. Sure will caller, we do it all the time. That’s because we are all “Family” & I need re-elected. So there is a taste of their Family Values”.

  • JW
    Posted at 15:19h, 18 December

    Hey Harley and Dildo we have not heard anything out you guys since the new law suit as a matter of fact we haven’t heard from any of the old gang cat got your tongue or does your secretary. Really we know you guys could do something about this, it is going to be a little embarrassing for some of you but most of you have blown that off before. So lets stop and show gas receipts and phone bills after all it is the law and we think most of you abide by the law. Feel free to correct this if it is wrong( not my spelling)

  • voter
    Posted at 15:28h, 18 December

    bill corky dale,and deana nice picture, we now have more comments on this website about you guys antics than you guys got votes in the election. seems a little odd but you guys have still got it going your way right

  • R.F.D.
    Posted at 16:51h, 18 December

    Come on guys!They took away the cards,what do you expect her to do,something for nothing?Sure the clothing drive will help,but it can’t replace the cards.I just she has other stuff hid to tide her over to the new year.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 20:33h, 18 December

    RFD, they took the cards away and gave her a $4,600 raise. Nice move Township Board.

  • Maybe
    Posted at 21:08h, 18 December

    Maybe this is just a bad dream.Maybe elected officals would act in the best intrest of the taxpayer.Maybe personal gain could take a back seat.Maybe the ECWD didn’t need to sue for information.Maybe nobody had to hide behind a locked door.Maybe a board could gain back the trust this community had in them.Just Maybe.

  • Union Jack
    Posted at 07:27h, 19 December

    I see in the paper where Rd. Comm.Nacke found a check for the Lions Club out at school.I’d like to see him find some paperwork to settle this lawsuit and put a stop to all this.

  • News Hound
    Posted at 14:59h, 19 December

    Just got done looking at Dec.-Jan. issue of Discosure,WOW a lot to digest.jmkraft,any chance of seeing an article on Arcola Township in the next issue?Keep up the good work!

  • Courthouse News
    Posted at 19:01h, 19 December

    What I’d like to see in that paper is a court date.The Sheriff has had to run his course on this one,by that I mean I.O.U.’s payed in full.

  • First Time
    Posted at 09:27h, 20 December

    bill coombe and butch mast and the entire Township Board you gave a public comment on a subject about determining the future of Arcola which is a complex matter that all of you see as how it affects the township today and not how it will affect our community in the future. North Koreas dictator had his uncle executed the other day to divert attention away from another matter that is going on there. You have a chance to do the right thing by producing receipts for gas and phone bills, after all they are only asking for twelve months. Are you so busy trying to divert attention away from the real issue that you cannot produce receipts that you can retrieve from the internet by a push of a button. Are you guys willing to try and kill the future of Arcola to protect someone from seeing some receipts. This seems to be a very simple question that the township is having a tough time answering, It sounds as if we have some real issues here with some real big egos running the township. So before talking about taking care of someone else’s house why don’t you clean up your own first. I cant see where this is going to turn out good for the township nor if it lingers too much longer it is not going to be good for our community. Quit dodging the inevitable simply show receipts or step down and let someone that cares what happens to our community fix this mess. I think you will find( if you care to ask) folks in this town there are none that understand why you want to hide these receipts. Maybe 1 your lawyer Mark Petty

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 10:08h, 20 December

    A question was posed to me about the gas card use. I couldn’t answer it. Isn’t the fuel used by the Road District tax exempt? I assume yes. The question is, when Deana purchased fuel for her personal use with a Road District credit card was it tax exempt?

  • Irs
    Posted at 11:44h, 20 December

    SP Joey hackler said that was all taken care of with an audit they took her cards away gave her 4600.00 raise and told the IRS we don’t pay tax on gas nor on compensation . We have not seen the paperwork on that yet but pretty sure IRS will want that at some point .petty wants to take care of that separately it pays better for him

  • Politicaly Correct
    Posted at 11:50h, 20 December

    We here in Arcola Township have our own dictator,she drives a big ole black SUV thats always parked in front of the Arcola Township(that is when she sees fit to work).If Corky Clark chose to lead rather than refuse to carry out his assigned duties as an elected Township Supervisor,then we would be in a very different place right now.RECEIPTS!It’s all about receipts and their refusal to do the right thing,release the information.I like many now believe that because of the fact they are fighting so hard over a hand full of receipts,that there is a much bigger problem she is trying to hide.2 lawsuits over gas we now know she used and a trip taken,think about it,it’s not addding up.

  • Watcher Tower
    Posted at 17:20h, 20 December

    First Time,theTownship is worried about it’s house alright,that is wooried about letting taxpayers that payed for the house see how it’s being run.As for cleaning it up,it may mean legal action aganist the care takers.Now if that sounds a little harsh,I’m sorry,but what else are we to think with the way this board is acting?Rather than give up one of their own,it appears they would rather take the community down and tarnish the good name of the township.I thank and support the ECWD efforts to root this cancer out of our township.I hope it is resolved sooner than later.

  • Purple Raider
    Posted at 18:50h, 20 December

    If this gets ugly,Corky Clark and the board you over see will have alot of explaining to do.Never mind the money wasted on fighting the lawsuits,the reputation of the board is shot.Is this what you signed up for Joey?Enjoy your card game.

  • Lib-Man
    Posted at 16:45h, 21 December

    I wonder if some of the Township Board supports have come to believe that there may something to these lawsuits and the fact that the board refuses to answer the FOIA’s in full.The noise makers have become silent,it’s hard to win when the facts are not on your side.

  • The Grinch
    Posted at 15:21h, 24 December

    12days of x-mass(twp.govt.)
    1st day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 1 locked office door
    2nd day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 2 lawsuits
    3rd day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 3 cemetery trustee’s blocking land development by I-57
    4th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 4 ineffective trustees
    5th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 5 FOIA’s filing
    6th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 6 NON transparent boardmembers
    7th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us a Road Trip with 7 charges on a twp. credit card
    8th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 8 months since a clean and honest election?
    9th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 9 sheriffs deputies to do the Queen’s biding
    10th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 10 Watchdogs looking
    11th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 11 I.R.S.agents checking
    12th day of x-mass the twp. gave to us 12 months of irregular office hours

  • Watch Tower
    Posted at 17:29h, 26 December

    I see where the Effingham County Board voted to audit the sheriffs dept.,due to recent events and concerns.They are going to hire “West and Company”accounting firm for a “specific”audit.
    Now,if you remember back,several people on this site offered to donate money for a “full and complete audit”of the Arcola Townships books.I’m sure the offer still stands.I will continue to watch for the outcome of that audit,and hope we can get the same coarse of action for the Taxpayers of Arcola Township!
    P.S.-didn”t the board go to Effingham Co. for the”State mandated Cacus Rules changes”that were only “Implemented”by the Arcola Township Republicans,and no one else in the state?

  • Elf on a ledge
    Posted at 18:55h, 26 December

    Mr.Grinch,we have delivered gifts in Arcola for years and when you get above the clouds the view is very clear.Look for some coal to to fill stockings in the future,you are closer to the truth than some would like.And Sheriff Charlie,take heed from Effingham County,you dont wont to be sent to the land of the misfit sheriffs.

  • CPA
    Posted at 09:22h, 27 December

    Watch Tower the money is set aside for the audit just waiting for the watchdogs to do there thing here. No need to be in any hurry they cannot cover up everything they have done let”s let them dig themselves into a deeper hole. After all just from a little pressure they have admitted to wrong doing of passing out taxpayers money for personal use for gas. They think they have blown that off to there uninformed by saying they have corrected that in an audit. Please publish that audit then it could be true. We all are still here

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 19:11h, 27 December

    Fat chance of them publishing anything any where CPA,The Queen won’t even let the paper print board minutes in the weekly paper.Yes Watch Tower,I’m still in for an audit,after they lose this lawsuit let’s make that happen!

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 10:10h, 29 December

    What is being done about the illegal use of taxpayer money for personal gain (supplying gas for her and her family FOR YEARS)? With all that invaluable knowledge she has, you would think she would know that cannot be done. If the township elected officials and fire dist. Board are going to continue letting her do their jobs for them, the least they could do is not accept their salary. They don’t deserve it. The township board surely knows that if they don’t clean up their house now, it will be done after next election.

  • War horse
    Posted at 07:42h, 30 December

    Just Wondering the taxpayers cannot afford to wait till the next election unless this board steps up and does there job now. Oh wait a minute this board does not have enough sense to do there job. they would not be letting mark and deana get by with what they are doing with taxpayers money if they were doing there job. bill coombe what other favors do you need from them another new road or an ego boost. All of these people voted for these guys to get there taxes lowered wonder what they think now . So everyone wake up your taxes are not going to get lowered let just make sure to spend our tax dollar for the good of our community not for the good of one taxing body.

  • Politicaly Correct
    Posted at 08:07h, 30 December

    J.W.answer to your question about taxpayer money and personal gain is nothing,not by this board.This Township is where it’s at because Deana is doing just that their jobs,keeping all others at bay.Housekeeping will take place only when it is forced on them(lawsuits).Elections?The people in this town will have to think for themselves meaning,not buying into mistruths,not paying attention to phone calls made from the Township Office asking for support for their cause,and not falling for”New State Mandated Laws”that didn’t exist.
    Oh and it wouldn’t hurt for the Township Central Committee to think for themselves also and not be lead around by Mark and Deana!

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 16:16h, 30 December

    I am thinking that the Townships attorney should have a responsive pleading soon. I assume due within 30 days of being served. Could this be delayed too????

  • ground swell
    Posted at 18:47h, 30 December

    i’m glad people are starting to put 2 and 2 together

  • Elf on a ledge
    Posted at 06:31h, 01 January

    I see on the front page of the paper where the Lions Club and Arcola Fire Dept.gave out nearly 100 food baskets,great job people and thanks for the service.Are those Libman Broom boxes the food is in?Seems a little odd,since some in the picture have little good to say about a company that is so generous now and through out the year.Not everybody needs to wear it on their sleeve so you can see it.Thanks to those not mentioned.

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 17:00h, 03 January

    I wonder where our tax dollars will take The Queen this year?

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 20:15h, 03 January

    The amount of charges for the motorcycle trip are minimal to the amount of gas we paid for for her and her family. The total spent on gas for each year going back to 1996 should be FOIA’d and then compare to other townships of similar size. (Might add beer to that. Rumor has it, we have bought plenty of that, too.) Then we would maybe get an idea of her and Mark’ s abuse of township funds. Trust me, it is shocking. But yet they still whine about being broke. Most businesses that are short on funds make cut backs. She should be the first cut back.

  • Discussed
    Posted at 07:25h, 04 January

    Another new year and still no court date.I know the wheels of justice move slow but it doesn’t help when the sheriff and the courthouse is on your side.More and more people believe the longer and harder they fight giving out information the bigger the problem.J.W.might be more right than wrong,family members and others could be at involved.

  • West Jeff
    Posted at 16:44h, 04 January

    That is right,alot of us want to know if they are clean,why fight it so hard?She’s always been pretty upity herself while treating some with very little respect.Both the Fire and Township boards act like wipped pups,afraid to stand up to her and sit still not saying a word.I look for the day they are made to answer questions put before them.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 17:33h, 04 January

    West Jeff, what do you mean ” IF they are clean” ? A gas card to pay for personal gas already proves they are not clean. The Board admitted to this by saying they corrected it by taking her gas card away and gave her a $4,600 raise.

  • High Rider
    Posted at 18:59h, 04 January

    Good point j w it looks like their support level has topped out.Who’s going to go to bat for them when the truth comes out?It’s to bad that some family members may have to be put through this.After all,if they can’t tell the truth to the public how can they tell their own family?

  • Christmas Past
    Posted at 11:48h, 05 January

    Has anybody been to the township office lately?Just wondering if Mark and Deana have taken the Mistletoe down yet.

  • Elf on a ledge
    Posted at 14:14h, 05 January

    Is mistletoe needed?

  • Trojan Horse
    Posted at 16:06h, 06 January

    Does it really matter what decorations are still up at the Township office? This is petty child’s play. You all should be more concerned about the entire board turning a blind eye to all of this.

  • It Matters
    Posted at 08:33h, 07 January

    That’s the point.People are truly concerned what this board is hiding.Sure some on the board might not know everything that’s going on but,that doesn’t excuse them from releasing FOIA information.Joe Hackler said he was going to hit the ground running,his biggest worry seems to be free clothes rather than the use of taxpayers money.A number of us will not turn a blind eye to any of this,a lawsuit is not child’s play and adults sit on the board.Weather they are responsible to the taxpayer or not has been called into question,they have made choices they will have to defend.

  • $ man
    Posted at 15:55h, 07 January

    It burns my butt that she can get away with not paying taxes on wages she has earned as township seceretary.Anyone of us that openly admitted not paying taxes on compensation would be answerable to the IRS,and now that her own board knows about it only serves to magnify the problem.The entire board needs to rite the ship and put this behind us.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 18:05h, 07 January

    Pretty much, the only person on board I had any respect for, before all this started was Bill Coombe. Watching his actions thru this has definitely changed my opinion of him. I thought he would be the one to stand up and do the right thing. So disappointing!!

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 19:05h, 07 January

    Problem is, $man, it wasn’t wages. The Board didn’t even know about gas card. It was use of township funds for personal gain. That’s against the law. Their justification is calling it salary now. What a joke. I guess we will see who gets the last laugh.

  • $ man
    Posted at 07:57h, 08 January

    Agreed,I stand corrected.Still it gripes me to see this board stand idly by doing nothing about the 1099’s.To you board members,you were elected to conduct and carry out the business of the township,that includes following the law.Knowing the IRS is owed money and not righting a wrong falls squarely on your shoulders as board members.When the ECWD win this lawsuit and taxpayer information is ordered released Arcola Township board members will be held accountable for their lack of action!

  • Sometime Soon
    Posted at 10:30h, 08 January

    You are correct just wondering there will be the last laugh, but just remember this was only one year of records they were showing and only a partial of that. When all the records have to come out what else has the board covered up by letting one person illegally run the township. It is not legal for her to open bills, pay bills, sign checks, and mail off checks without control from board other than the trained monkey reading the bills at a meeting after all she prepared that list. If this wasn’t so illegal they could make a movie out of this. She will run out of trained monkeys at some point then we can all look back and say, that was not really that funny.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 18:30h, 08 January

    Oh trust me, I am well aware that we have only seen a partial year. I wonder if the board has even checked to see how many thousands of dollars her and her family charged to township each year for gas. All we have to do is compare our township expenditure for fuel to other townships of similar size, and we will have our answer. This is only one of their waste of taxpayer money.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 20:08h, 08 January

    How would we know if the board has reported this wrongful use of credit cards??? Has anyone asked the board? Not defending the board, but I don’t believe we can assume what has or hasn’t been done. We need to let this play out and it will most likely give everyone concerned the answer in due time.

  • Big n Bowdre
    Posted at 07:51h, 09 January

    Why would you guys ask your board anything?The only answer you will get is her’s.

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 15:33h, 09 January

    Big n Bowdre,how can you guys run the Hindsboro Fire District without a$12000.00 seceretary?I see in your annual report their’s no disbursements for a seceretary,did you guys give her a gas card under the table?

  • Watchen from Bowdre
    Posted at 17:37h, 09 January

    Who needs a seceretary if eyerbody does their job,besides from the looks of it she just stirs up trouble.Come to think of it that’s why we got rid of her!

  • Courthouse News
    Posted at 08:28h, 10 January

    It may be after they set the date and finally go before a judge more chairs will be needed for the entire board.When he asks what they knew about the lack of 1099’s,I wonder what the answer will be.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 15:39h, 10 January

    Courthouse News, the court case has nothing to do with the gas card or failing to file 1099s. It is only regarding whether or not they have to answer FOIAs they say they don’t have to answer.

  • Courthouse News
    Posted at 15:06h, 12 January

    Thats just it,the FOIA’s even though they didn’t answer them in full lead to the gas cards.When they are made,aganist their will,to answer the FOIA’s who knows what they are hiding.

  • Watch Tower
    Posted at 07:34h, 13 January

    Where are all the supporters that backed the Township Board?Lets see now,how long have they fought the release of taxpayer information?Long enough people are starting to wonder why?

  • Keep hiding
    Posted at 13:12h, 13 January

    When all the double talk is done, which it seems to be about over from all the township supporters and the truth comes out what is everyone going to think of these good old boys then. After all why are they fighting so hard not to let anyone look at the books. If anyone would pay attention the secretary and the road commissioner both park in front of the door at the township office everyday, they don’t even want you to look in the window, and the locked door doesn’t that say come on in?

  • Aware n Arcola
    Posted at 16:38h, 13 January

    Watch Tower,it does make one wonder where George,Jack,and Eagle have gone.This is going way out on a limb but,you don’t suppose they are starting to think there is something going on?A lawsuit will do that to you.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 17:03h, 13 January

    Mr. Kraft would you please explain the new information on Judici? If I read it right, its just another stall from Petty.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:58h, 13 January

      More formalities…we’re getting there.

  • Purple Raider
    Posted at 07:12h, 14 January

    I think Mr. Kraft is being nice.I belive the new information translates to “Up yours Township Taxpayer”courtesy of the Arcola Township Board!

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 10:22h, 14 January

    I don’t understand why there is a civil suit. I thought the AG was supposed to oversee this kind of thing?? I sure do hope this works. Its really sad that the Township is holding out on this. I was told the audit found the gas card issue. I am now under the impression that a FOIA found the gas cards. So which is it? Maybe a summary of the audit is needed to prove it. Each day that passes with no answers will surely erodes any kind of trust for those at 108 E Main.

  • Big n Bowdre
    Posted at 14:23h, 14 January

    Whats this dance going to cost you guys over there?Is Petty wanting to add to his gun safe with your money?

  • Politicaly Correct
    Posted at 16:47h, 14 January

    I see the ECWD scored a victory in the FOIA department in Edgar Co.,well done.One would think with a ruling in favor of answering FOIA’s in Edgar would carry over into Douglas Co.and be a victory for the taxpayer.Jan.30th isn’t that far off,let’s all watch and see how Our County judicial system works.

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 22:05h, 14 January

    Richey Rich, the gas card was found by a FOIA not an audit. I don’t believe that FOIA was answered in full either. Pretty sure that is why ECWD got involved.

  • Consider This
    Posted at 08:58h, 15 January

    Pro se-representation means advocating on one’s own behalf before a court,rather than being represented by a lawyer.
    Kirk Allen took on Il. State Health and Family Services and Julie Hamos by himself”Pro se”and won.HFS was represented by an attorney from the Il.Atty. General’s Office.
    When you believe your in the right you don’t need anyone else to do your bidding.The Township Board is not spending their money on lawyers fees,they are spending our’s,the Taxpayer’s money.
    If there is nothing to hide why doesn’t the Board defend itself and present it’s own case,instead of paying an attorney?

  • Doug
    Posted at 10:47h, 15 January

    It was a year ago they said there was a group trying to overthrow the township, then there was someone trying to run for supervisor that was going to fire employees, then there was people hiring other people to look at the records at the township, now they are in court trying to not let anyone look at the books because they said they found some things wrong and they corrected it there way. then we locked the door, now there is just a select few that are still defending them. I am sure I am not alone. I am sick of all the lies, contempt , false accusations, and arrogance that is being bred out of the township office. Most all taxpayers know there is always going to be some misgivings in all political offices but Arcola have we not had about enough from the township. Stop hiding and blaming someone else for your actions.It is called accountability

  • War Horse
    Posted at 15:53h, 15 January

    Hey Doug; bill coombe writes a letter to the editor about how the City is mishandling tax dollars(where is the proof) yet he is the Foia officer at the township and he will not release any information about how the township is spending tax dollars, is that accountability or is that his arrogance shining thru.

  • JW
    Posted at 16:01h, 15 January

    There is no way Bill Coombe could go to court on the 30Th Pro-se and tell the judge why he does not want to show ECWD those receipts, because he probably does not know what all of in all of those receipts. I am sure he does not want to take the heat

  • Cacus Krasher
    Posted at 16:44h, 15 January

    Doug I know what your talking about.We were told if Marcia Foran got the supervisors job she was going to get her nephew fired.They must have been real worried to put that one out there.

  • High Rider
    Posted at 08:20h, 16 January

    Doug you were part right about overthrowing the township,and that was the part about “a group”.”A Group”of people that didn’t bow down to Mark or Deana ran the Democratic cacus the way it was always run in Arcola.”State Mandated Cacus Changes”were not true and the Republican Cacus was the only one in the state run the way they ran theirs.Lies,false accusations,misleading information,call it what you want,some events that took place in this town in the last year are unacceptable.It’s time for a stop,that can start at 11:00am Jan.30th.

  • Legal Brief
    Posted at 14:14h, 16 January

    It will be interesting to see what creative ploy Mr. Petty has up his sleeve this time.I’m sure he knows that Kirk Allen has taken on the Atty. Gen.and won.

  • Jb
    Posted at 15:58h, 16 January

    High Rider there is no way the township can keep track of all the lies they have told everyone over the last year they don’t even keep track of gas receipts. When all this comes out then the pressure will be on and we will see which one will be the better person the lying will stop

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 16:03h, 16 January

    I am ashamed of the Arcola Township. They are hiding behind an attorney and sadly they are incapable of telling the truth. All of this has come to light because the Township, which is lead by Deana, cried that they were broke. Because they are broke a TIF extension is out of the question. An annual budget report comes out in the local paper. When you have more funds after a fiscal year than you started with, thats called surplus. Broke, I think not. It clearly shows they have funds. They have had up to $80,000 for a comfort station that they do not use or need. It’s used to horde dollars to pay Deana’s salary. Speaking of not need something, a Secretary comes to mind. She probably doesn’t like that title so Office Manager and Deputy Clerk it is. Those titles make it more official. Come on. Does anyone really know what she does on the days she is there? Every taxing body thinks they could use more funds than they have. Even if they hold out long enough that the TIF isn’t extended and they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it will still be a WIN for Arcola Taxpayers. Look out Township Board, 2017 isn’t that far off.

  • like 2 know
    Posted at 18:53h, 16 January

    I’d like 2 know why the board is hiring a lawyer and spending my tax money to hide expences my money payed for.If Kirk Allen can represent himself at a state level,why can’t our elected people represent us at a county level?Guys,how bad is it?

  • Just Wondering
    Posted at 22:13h, 16 January

    I would like to know how they can justify paying a PART-TIME Secretary the amount she is getting, plus all her benefits. I just don’t understand how the board can be so blind. Have they done any comparisons of the workings of our township to other townships? She has run our township off in the gutter. Corky, you are a huge joke. Why don’t you do the job you was elected to do?

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 22:21h, 16 January

    like2know, I dont think you are on the same page just yet. This isnt at the county level. If the township would answer foia’s there wouldnt be a need for representation in court. I dont want anyone at the township representing me and my tax dollars in any fashion. How bad is it you say, we will know in due time.

  • like 2 know
    Posted at 07:36h, 17 January

    Shadow Puppet,to late that elected board already represents you,or should I say misrepresents you.They meet every month behind that locked door making decisions with your tax dollars,like the one where they gave Deana a $4600 raise.

  • Jb
    Posted at 11:01h, 17 January

    What the township is doing is illegal it is against the law what more needs to be said, is everybody good with what they are doing.

  • Broom Corn Joni
    Posted at 11:19h, 17 January

    Richey Rich,the Township is not broke,their own reports show that.What everybody has forgotten is that they are fighting a tax issue.Think about that for just a minute,a taxing body Arcola Township,fighting another taxing body,the City of Arcola.All the while knowingly having employees that owe state and federal taxes on past compensation earned at the Township from 1998 to 2013.Corky Clark,as Township Supervisor,have you directed your board to fix that tax problem yet?If not the above situation is Arcola Township Boards definition of hypocrisy!

  • atwrp
    Posted at 11:27h, 17 January

    We fixed the credit card problems and we have began to keep receipts what more do you select few want from the township. Everyone thinks there is so much going on up here that is so illegal but all we have ever done is to try and do the best we can with what we have. We have so many budget restraints it is hard to run an office and to repair the roads with the money that we have. . Our surplus of money every year is just what we need to pay the bills for the next year and as everyone knows everything is just getting more expensive. We are doing everything we can to repair the damage that has been caused by all of these events and we will keep working towards a solution

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 15:09h, 17 January

    atwrp,what do you mean when you say you fixed the credit card problems?Did you pay the back taxes due the IDOR and the IRS?

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 16:59h, 17 January

    atwrp, How did you fix the credit card problem? You can get credit card information many years back. Why cant you do that? My point was that the Township had more funds at the end of a fiscal year than they started with. That is a surplus. What is meant by “all of these events”?

  • Watch Tower
    Posted at 17:28h, 17 January

    What’s the matter atwrp,running a little scared with Jan.30th coming up?It’s not that hard to run an office when you don’t need to hide behind a lawyer.No you are not doing the best you can when you refuse to fully answre FOIA’s.

  • Union Jack
    Posted at 07:40h, 18 January

    R.R.could be they are talking about the free work at the fire dept. that cost some of us job money.Nackes still got the dirt at the shed,guess who’s going to pay to haul it off,us taxpayers.

  • Arcola Lola
    Posted at 09:09h, 18 January

    I am reading all of these posts and getting more confused by the minute. Can someone explain what exactly is happening on Jan. 30th?
    Atwrp, you folks are really playing with fire. You let Deana run everything without questioning her on anything for years and this is what you end up with. Trouble! You are trying to convince people that there is nothing going on over there at the township offices, yet the doors are locked and no one has seen the information that was requested by the FOIA’s. Getting on here and proclaiming that you are so broke when the numbers don’t lie is a joke. Hey wait, I know where you can add an extra $70,000.00 to your budget every year…

  • Trojan Horse
    Posted at 09:34h, 18 January

    Union Jack, You are correct about Free Work. But it isn’t free. The township road district is using tax dollars that are levied for township roads on in town projects. atwrp says their budget restraints makes it hard to repair roads. I have one solution for the road district, stop spending road district money on projects in town & who knows where els. Its wrong & illegal. Man up, you sissy Twsp board

  • Courthouse News
    Posted at 11:17h, 18 January

    Jan.30th is the beging of the end for the arrogance and secrecy of the Township Board and Deana Shields.When the ECWD win for the taxpayers of Arcola Township,they can no longer hide behind their locked door!

  • Doubtfull
    Posted at 13:43h, 18 January

    atwrp,just because you post here that you are”working towards a solution”doesn’t cut it.Actions speak louder than words,and as most of us following what the Township Board has or hasn’t done with these lawsuits,doesn’t speak well for your creditabilty.

  • $man
    Posted at 15:33h, 18 January

    Budget restraints atwrp?Thats pretty weak,considering your own reports show an increase every year.

  • Truss me
    Posted at 14:43h, 19 January

    While you claim to do the best you can with what you’ve got,have you people looked at what you’ve got?I was reminded the other day,with I might add your own reports just what you have.I don’t see how you can cry poor mouth any longer.

  • Amazing Place
    Posted at 16:52h, 19 January

    So atwrp you fixed the credit cards,started to keep receipts,and done everything you can to repair the damage that has been done.After being caught by the ECWD and FOIA’s you finally start to conduct yourselves properly.Arcola Township Office–what an Amazing Place!

  • tuscola time
    Posted at 09:13h, 20 January

    This is what happens when you people let Deana run unchecked.See ya the 30th.

  • CPA
    Posted at 09:26h, 20 January

    Atwrp your name says it all, you are all twerps. You should know you cannot keep a surplus of taxpayers money in the budget year after year just for your convenience. Is it really that bad in that office that this one secretary can convince all of you she knows everything. If you look at the law that is illegal or the way it looks all of you think you are above the law.

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 10:58h, 20 January

    atwrp, is not going to answer us. Probably got their hand slapped for the post. So what are they doing now that they haven’t in the past? Not much I am sure. Running a Campaign out of the Township office for a Republican Sheriff Candidate. The whole Township board ran on the Republican ticket. No change there. She ran the caucus from there to. Hello, vote for my picks, they will serve me well. If you need transportation, I can give you a ride so you can vote for my guys. Using the Road District machinery and employee to help out certain non-road district projects. No change there. Took away gas card and changed it into a $4,600 raise. Wrong change there. Joey changing his name to Joe and this made him an adult, I think not. No change there, he’s still a kid.

  • Watchn from Bowdre
    Posted at 16:01h, 20 January

    That’s just what she wants a kid,easy to control and very green.Just look at how he put her in her place,took the cards away and gave her a $4600 raise!You guys over there have a funny way of fixing things.

  • who are you kidding
    Posted at 08:02h, 22 January

    Atwrp, several problems with your post. 1st, There are more than a “select few”. 2nd, you have started to keep receipts? Are you kidding me. With all the thousands you have allowed her to spend attending meetings I would think she would have known years ago those have to be retained. 3rd, you fixed the gas card problem? SERIOUSLY? I don’t know of anyone that thinks giving an extremely overpaid PART-TIME secretary a $4,600 raise after finding out she was illegally using taxpayer money for her benefit is a correction. According to other posts, her entire family was charging gas. Have you checked that? 4th, don’t even start whining again about the budget. You have a part time secretary and road commissioner that extremely abuse spending of taxpayer money. How much gravel did we pay for that went on individual drive ways instead of roads? Or how about the township truck sitting at her house in Kemp with roofing material on it? It is a known fact we can get along without her. Every other Township seems to do just fine without a $70,000 PLUS PART TIME secretary.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 10:08h, 22 January

      Got a picture of it?

  • who are you kidding
    Posted at 13:21h, 22 January

    No, but oh how I wish I did.

  • Courthouse News
    Posted at 17:43h, 22 January

    jmkraft,did the Township get the date moved?And if yes WHY?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 20:06h, 22 January

      Looks like a hearing for their motion was scheduled for Feb 13 at 10:00 a.m.

  • Legal Brief
    Posted at 16:53h, 23 January

    Here we go again,the taxpayer gets stuck once more with the bill to Mr. Petty.How much this time for the duck and weave?Just more evidence there’s something wrong at the Township.

  • like 2 know
    Posted at 15:42h, 25 January

    It’s the end of the month,is the township board going to have a meeting?The 30th is this thursday,they surely have something up their sleeve.

  • like 2 know
    Posted at 16:40h, 25 January

    It’s getting close to the end of the month does anybody know if the township board has a meeting?Surely they’ve got something up their sleeve for the 30th.

  • West Jeff
    Posted at 18:59h, 25 January

    Need to check for an agenda,no wait that’s not information the taxpayer has a right to.

  • Jb
    Posted at 08:49h, 26 January

    like 2 know, they do have a meeting Monday night. Mr. Kraft looks to be the highlite of the meeting . Now is the time for everyone to ask all of those board members why they are fighting so hard to keep Mr. Kraft from seeing those gas receipts. You could go to the meeting but you probably will find out they are going into executive session so they can keep even you believers from hearing what is really going on. 2 more court dates set that surely wont cost us too much. also looks as if they are going to do a little remodel on the office maybe to put in one way glass so no one can see in either. Hope they have enough money left to work on some roads

  • Dogg walker
    Posted at 12:01h, 26 January

    Saw the agenda and jb you are right,it looks like they knew what they were doing when they locked the public out.That meeting’s got lawsuit written all over it.Executive session,is that what they call not answering FOIA’s?

  • Doug
    Posted at 13:53h, 26 January

    Jb are they going to ask for TIF money to do that project or are they or are they just going to take that straight out of our tax dollars. After all, that overpriced secretary cannot just have any kind of an office to run her (Jesters) out of she needs the best. All you board members talk about that a little bit Monday night and make sure that is a needed project

  • Trojan Horse
    Posted at 17:11h, 26 January

    They must be feeling the heat about the big surplus in the so called comfort station. Need to spend some of that money on more than Deana’s salary. Even though we don’t have all the info requested they are so transparent in their actions. Pathetic

  • Taxpayers of Arcola
    Posted at 07:29h, 27 January

    bill combe letter to the editor, township is in such financial woe.$4600. secretary raise, lawyer expense for hiding gas receipts.$6900. gas bills for ? Pay for locking doors, remodel office that isn’t even needed.$80,000. comfort station You were not lying about being in financial troubles. please quit running our business like this.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:15h, 27 January

      What newspapers are these letters in? Can someone send me a copy?

  • Politicaly Correct
    Posted at 07:32h, 27 January

    They probably won’t ask for TIF money,although they did get some in the past,to the tune of $761000.00.Besides,they are still money ahead from not paying state and federal taxes on compensation to Deana.I”m sure with all of her “schooling” she can find a way to pay for the office renovation.

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 15:04h, 27 January

    There has been more than one instance Bill Coombe wrote a sad story for us uneducated voters to read. Unfortunately, I used mine to start a fire. Arcola Record Herald is the place to find Coombe’s brilliance. Mark Nacke sent a similar letter to registered voters before the last election. He was uncontested, hmm. We all know who wrote that letter and why. The letters were only written to pose a stance against a TIF extension. Fine, but don’t cry that you have no money solely because of the TIF district. Even a moron knows better.

  • Unhappy Taxpayer
    Posted at 15:34h, 27 January

    The Queen and her Court meet tonight to discuss “Legal Matters”.Translation-“making plans to dodge another Lawsuit”.Fear not i’m sure we will be informed of their strategy in the paper.

  • West Jeff
    Posted at 17:23h, 28 January

    I’m sure if you asked any of the township trustees they would be glad to fill you in on the lawsuit they’er fighting on our behalf,yea right.Big meeting last night jmkraft,anything new on the court date for the 30th,or has Mr. Petty found another way to delay it again.

  • Politicaly Correct
    Posted at 18:40h, 28 January

    W.J.try this on for size,elected by the people for the people,sounds good but it does’nt work with this board!

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 16:47h, 29 January

    Well Deana,have you got Mr. Petty lined out for tomorrow and the Township’s court date?No doubt the ECWD will represent themselves,while the taxpayers dollar will pay for covering your a#= I mean hind end.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 13:34h, 30 January

    Status Hearing went smooth as planned and next hearing date is the 13th. Its going to be interesting to see as this all plays out. The peoples rights have been infringed and a few good folks are going to fight for those rights by all legal means available. The people WILL prevail!

  • High Rider
    Posted at 18:48h, 30 January

    Great news Kirk,you along with jmkraft are to be congratulated for your work here in Arcola on behalf of the taxpayers.We the people are watching and cheering on your efforts.The City had a meeting with the taxing bodies for the TIF extension today.Can’t wait to hear what the Township had to cry about this time,if it’s about money I’m going to call Bulls**t.I’ve seen their reports.Keep up the fight!

  • West Jeff
    Posted at 17:16h, 31 January

    Sounds like Twp.Atty.Petty is now atty.of record for the Township,it maybe time to pay the piper.I to would like to thank the ECWD,I hope they enjoyed their lunch Thursday.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 17:22h, 31 January

      It was a good lunch – I had the Dutch Sausage right down the street from the Arcola Township building.

  • Trojan Horse
    Posted at 19:22h, 31 January

    One step closer to getting what should have been given to the public from the start. Thank You ECWD. From what I heard about the City TIF meeting the Twsp group was civil. But Bill Coombe had to have the last say.

  • back bencher
    Posted at 07:22h, 01 February

    I to was at the TIF meeting,hoping to here the Township explain the their position on TIF.I was told by one of the board members recently they were against it because they couldn’t afford it financially.I believe I heard everyone that spoke and not one member from the Township board said it was a burden on their finances.

  • $ man
    Posted at 11:12h, 01 February

    I also attended the TIF meeting b.b.and anyone giving their treasurer’s report a honest look can easily see they have enough money.It did how ever appear listening to Clerk Coombe the Township Board would like to control the running of the TIF after it’s extended.

  • Attendee
    Posted at 13:29h, 02 February

    It was said by a person at the TIF meeting that she had heard some money went to the wrong people or places,and a educational campaign would be good.That was done in the past by the Chamber in the newspaper,but that was countered by misinformation and lies by certian ,shall we say forces in the community.The Township seems to haved eased it’s position against TIF for now,let’s hope it continues.GO ARCOLA!

  • Taxpayer
    Posted at 07:36h, 03 February

    The arrogance they have at the township board to try and control more of our taxpayers money. They will not even release information about how they are spending the money that we are giving them now. Why do they think we as taxpayers would want there input into how our tax dollars are being spent to help grow our community. bill coombe why don’t you be mindful about how you spend my tax dollar at the township and let business people make the business decisions. Why don’t you stick to figuring out how you are going to cover up the misspending that has been going on for years at the township. I don’t think hiring lawyers and making new court dates is going to cut it.As we all can see by the attendance at the meeting the other day everyone is watching.

    • AWP
      Posted at 14:53h, 04 February

      TIF is not a “business” decision. It is a decision about TAXPAYER money being spent on investment. How entitled you are to believe that business people have a right to taxpayer money. Don’t get me wrong, I believe TIF can be useful to a degree but lets be honest – if you cant survive as a business without TIF you have a bad business model.

  • Side Line Sally
    Posted at 09:26h, 04 February

    When I saw Joe Hackler walk into the TIF meeting Thursday I thought we might get a chance to hear his views and concerns on the matter in public,didn’t happen.The meeting was well attended and there was good back and forth from several people,they didn’t completely agree with each other,but none the less everybody was free to voice their views.Instead of joining the conversation,Joe sat there looking like the unprepared student in class hoping the teacher didn’t call on him.I suppose Joe will go back to his computer where he is most comfortable criticizing those who don’t agree with him.Joe you are in over your head,you had your chance Thursday to man up and be a part of the answer,instead you blew it,sitting on your hands hoping to make it back to your computer unscathed.So untill you show more respect for the position you were elected to you will remain”Joey”to many of us.I hope you will take a good long look at what you have and have not done regaurding this matter and join in with the others in the room that day to work towards a solution thats best for Arcola.

    • Joe Hackler
      Posted at 15:19h, 04 February

      Sally – My view on this matter has been public since the election. I’ve been to many meetings, spent many hours working, and had plenty of conversations with people about a TIF extension – all of which were never focused on blocking but only on achieving a deal. Even the last Joint Review Board meeting I spoke. I’m sorry that you feel the need to speak this way after you decided to attend this latest meeting in which I happened to not talk. My number is 217- two seven three-5050 – I’d be delighted to talk.

  • Business Man
    Posted at 13:37h, 04 February

    Sideline Sally; everyone in the room noticed since we did have a crowd of business people the township was not too outspoken against the Tif Mark and Corky wanted to make clear that was there personal opinions even though Corky had to have there attorney tell everyone that. And Bill Coombe could not have put it any better, the taxing bodies should be mindful of the taxpayers when making decisions. What a statement coming from someone that thinks they are above the law when dealing with taxpayers monies by not giving out public information and by hiding behind a lawyer paid for by tax dollars to try and hide those receipts. After all he did say that to the school board members and it appeared he was letting them know that he was much smarter about this issue than they were. I hope these people at the township are not wanting to control the school board also. they already have control of the Fire district and you would think they would already have control of the tif dollars since Corky sets on that board also. Although we were not sure he understood that. If you happen to see one of these township board members on the street or in a coffee shop ask them what the law suit is about and how is it coming along. But be sure to remember what they say to you today. because it may not be what they will say to you tomorrow. You DO have that right to ask it is YOUR money they are spending actually, it is your obligation

  • Watch Tower
    Posted at 16:28h, 04 February

    B.M.if there is another TIF meeting can anybody go?Now as for asking that bunch anything and expecting a answer,don’t hold your breath.People that have been working for a better Arcola have been accused of trying to undermine the Township,only now it is the Township that is being are correct,it is our right and our obligation,but most know locked doors shut people out.It’s to bad that it takes people from Edgar fight for and fix the problems that we the Taxpayers of Arcola Twp.should fix ourselves.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Posted at 17:40h, 04 February

    Seems as though things are getting off topic. Everyone has the right to voice his or her opinion on any subject. But what isn’t right is the Township not coughing up the records requested. Its not rocket science to get records from a credit card company or any bank you do business with. THAT’S A FACT. Joey you have chosen to surface again. So please tell us why you allow the tax dollars to be spent on an attorney playing word games with the FOIA’s. That is in no way shape or form promotes holding the line on spending like your campaign propaganda stated. Was it only words to get elected? In due time this information will be public as it should be.

    PS, Joey I would appreciate not getting double talk. Thank You

  • Business Man
    Posted at 07:00h, 05 February

    awp; again you only tell the side of the story that you want your followers to hear. How entitled do you think farmers are to receive TAXPAYER MONEY for investment. Is that not a business? TIF is not structured solely on a need basis it is also structured for growth of a community. As is a lot of scholarships for our students, those scholarships do not ask for financials from the parents or students, they are offered to reward the exceptional student for what they have to offer mankind and to assist them in their future to make a difference in the world. It is quite evident that you have never owned or run a business.So before you speak why don’t you stop and ask yourself why am I talking so negative about something that is helping farmers, students and business people.That is a pretty big group in our area. Or do you think doing away with this tool for our community will improve our business climate. It seems as if the township is the only taxing body that has issues with this. Maybe you have an idea that would promote our community better. If you do our farmers, students and business people would love to hear it. So before you respond listen to what our community is saying, If you do not want to help our community then please do not hurt us, just say nothing at all.

    • AWP
      Posted at 12:39h, 05 February

      Scholarships are nothing like TIF. That analogy makes no sense whatsoever and if you believe it does then you have a fundamentally wrong idea of what TIF is for. Please go read the TIF code in the Illinois Statutes. Its very clear. As for farmers – way to throw a red herring out there. I never brought up farmers and whether or not I believe in the validity of ag subsidies has nothing to do with TIF. Nice try. And lastly the biggest lie of your comment is that the twp is the one force in town blocking a deal. This just makes me chuckle because if you had any knowledge whatsoever of any of the talks and negotiations over the last 2 years you would know that under no circumstance is the twp the only entity in town who is for a fair TIF deal. You apparently know no one on the school board…

  • Politicaly Correct
    Posted at 09:16h, 05 February

    Joey you bore me,Sally is right you talk openly when sitting with your friends at a card game,but hide inside a computer when a subject makes you uncomfortable.Business Man is dead on with his post here,no need to futher elaborate about the TIF,the lies put out about it during the election seem to be losing creditabilty.I how ever am going to focus on the lawsuit this board has got My Township involved in,and for what,not answering questions regaurding My Tax Dollar.ECWD have proven more than able to hold their own when fighting for the good of the taxpayer,and I expect the same Feb.13th.

    • AWP
      Posted at 12:33h, 05 February

      Does no one else find it hilariously ironic that one would accuse someone of hiding behind a computer as they type out their anonymous comment? I mean you cant be serious. I feel sorry for the amount of hate that emanates from your written words and probably your heart. If you were serious you would pick up the phone and have an adult conversation with Mr. Hackler or Coombe or Clark or whoever you are wanting answers from or you know..attend an actual twp meeting. I believe there is a public comment section for folks just like yourself.

  • Teacher
    Posted at 10:34h, 05 February

    Joey we are sure you are going to grow up and be a great politician, but lets not start your career out with broken promises and misconceptions. You must remember what you said on this site earlier, you said you were going to jump in after the election and get to the bottom of all of this. Well it has been a YEAR and all that you and the rest of the board have done is continued to hide information, continued to try and cover up misspending at the township and for whatever reason all you want to focus on is the tif. Well Joey you were elected to focus on the spending habits of the township and to take care of our tax dollars. Your report card is not looking very good for the first year. Let us give you some homework, jump over to the next article that was posted this morning about Bill Coombs letter and the questions that Mr. Kraft has asked him. Why don’t you team up with your board and try to give some logical explanation of why you should not answer them. The taxpayers expect answers not double talk. After all these questions are not that tough, they are the law of how you are to treat taxpayers and their information. We are afraid if you cannot answer these easy questions now about your own communities government, you may have to put your big boy pants on if you want to step into the state arena. Better question is ,why you would NOT want to answer those questions, after all you are growing up in this community why would you not want to start your reputation here with a straight A report card. If there is nothing wrong why would you not want to show receipts and phone bills. Your clerk said it, you guys are open books

  • who are you kidding
    Posted at 10:58h, 05 February

    I am a little confused why the township is continuing with lawsuit instead of responding to foia. By now we all know that we paid for her (and her family’s) gas for years, so why not just give ECWD what they want. We already know what they are going to find.

  • Aware n Arcola
    Posted at 11:11h, 05 February

    AWP,lets talk about your bad business model.Having a Township that’s under insured,get’s involved in a wreck,get’s sued,sell’s bonds to settle the suit,and then get’s a check for $761,000.00 of TIF money to help settle the suit.A Township office that try’s to enforce so called “State Mandated Cacus Rules”that never were.A Township that gave gas cards to an employee that already made $45,000.00+benifits/yr. and used those cards out of state for personal use.A Township who’s seceretary’s salary is half of the General Assistance expence for 1 year.A Township that has a $80,000.00 Comfort Station that is open less than 35 hrs./week and never during holidays or during Broom Corn Festival.A Township that does’nt bid out Insurance or go thru TOIRMA which could cut a $47,377.00 bill in half.A Township that refuses to answer FOIA’s because they’ve never been questioned before.AWP,what do you have to say about the above business model?

  • Lake Lady
    Posted at 14:23h, 05 February

    AWP,Terry Foran and Randy Willams tried to talk to the board months ago,and I believe it had to do with credit cards,got no where.If they won’t answer a FOIA what makes you think they will talk to a taxpayer.Oh and by the way AWP,tell your buddy Joey what happens in Arcola does’nt mean it stays in Arcola,how he handles himself will follow him clear to Springfield.

  • Richey Rich
    Posted at 15:46h, 05 February

    AWP, I don’t find any of this to be hilarious. You must not be aware that people have tried & tried to get answers at the Township meetings. No luck working that angle. You can’t get completed information through a FOIA. Only bits and pieces at best! No luck there. Clark and Coombe stand on the principle that if it isn’t kept at the Township office it isn’t subject to a FOIA request. You can thank Petty for that interpretation of the law. This is the first time Joey is open to phone calls. In the past he said that he didn’t have time to listen to anyone on the phone. The only communication he was allowing at that time was through email. AWP, It does seem odd that you used a surname for Joey and not Mr. Coombe and Mr. Clark. This must have hit a nerve with kid Joey. It is very frustrating that they will not release the “COMPLETE” records pertaining to the FOIA’s. If there are improprieties found, fix them and if there isn’t great. Lets get this out in the open so Arcola can move on. We can only hold a steak on this black eye for so long before the steak rots. It’s just that plane and simple.

  • who are you kidding
    Posted at 17:36h, 05 February

    Another component to this is that the documents they do not have in the township office are documents destroyed without permission from the state archival office(which, I believe is required). Why are they not being investigated for this?

  • Watch Tower
    Posted at 18:54h, 05 February

    R.R.that was a very good post,with several points made.I think you are on to something here,after you pointed out the posting of the names I went back and looked,you are right.Again it just goes to prove they think that if you throw it at a wall and it sticks it will fly no questions asked.Well questions are being asked and they don’t like it,to bad let Frank Lincoln ask.We will get the answers.