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July 20, 2024

Tag Team Lies – Hagen & Clark

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 4, 2013

During the last Ford-Iroquois Public Health Board meeting it didn’t take long to prove yet again lies are the path of key people working in that agency.  After publicly exposing some key points and now a commitment of a Forensic Audit people are singing like birds in the tree.

Not only did Julie Clark lie to the board she did so KNOWING the HIPAA breach was by her boss, Doug Corbett, not the Edgar County Watchdogs and this document, as well as this one proves that!

In fact, in her own hand writing on page 2;  ” Breach occurred when Mr. Corbett sent an un-redacted e-mail to Mr. Rick Bowen…”

Not only was it the Public Health Administrator that breached the confidentiality of the clients but the entire Ford County appointed board members knew it the day it happen because they too received the e-mail and did NOTHING!  Considering two of those members are Doctors you would think they would know what just happen.  Yet another example of why those members should be removed.  They cant even recognize a violation of their own policies when it happens.

The date of the breach was April 18th, 2013 and contrary to Julie Clark’s claim, the email was NOT sent to the board members it was sent to her, Cary Hagen and Luann Armantrout.  The board members received it as being CC’d on the e-mail.

From: Doug Corbett
To: Julie Clark; Cary Hagen; LuAnn Armantrout
Cc: Ted & Cathie Jensen; Dr. Brucker; Dr. Bernadette Ray; Elynor Stagen; [email protected]
Subject: ECIAAA Audit Investigation Letter
Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013 11:53:39 AM

And to top off her fine example of investigation skills (that’s a joke) she then claims the Edgar County Watchdogs got the information from a FOIA to Rick Bowen, Ford County Board Chairman.

Nope, didn’t happen Ms. Clark and just like we told you during the meeting, it was not the Watchdogs who submitted a FOIA to Mr. Bowen and after being called out on the carpet for your piss poor example of a HIPAA officer you now know what we said was absolutely the truth.  As you can see in this document, line item #15 makes it very clear it was not us!

Ms. Clark, had you done your job honestly from the beginning you would have never put your foot in your mouth although it appears you must like the taste as you seem to be chewing on it quite regularly.

This is the video of her falsely accusing the Edgar County Watchdogs.  She should be fired!  Her actions may well lead to litigation against the FIPHD!  By all indications her goal was to cast the blame on the messengers because the message is exposing her and those she sides with in this corrupt operation of self serving money grabbing actions.

In that video she even acknowledges she would have to get the IT person to recover the previous policy which proves they KNEW such records are in fact recoverable.  Recoverable yet they sell Doug Corbett under the buss claiming he changed things or things were deleted.  Regardless of changes or deletions, those are not an excuse for not knowing or complying with policy because they KNOW they can recover all that information by asking IT people to do it!  Another example of double speak and lies!

And to finish this article with more evidence this operation is self destructing and not only should each of the Ford County appointed members be removed but Cary Hagen and Julie Clark need to be fired for their actions as well.


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  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 10:32h, 04 September Reply

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  • Theresa Michelle Reed Smith
    Posted at 11:32h, 04 September Reply

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  • Judy Pufahl
    Posted at 11:32h, 04 September Reply

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  • Jan Mills
    Posted at 13:38h, 04 September Reply

    Since you & John were not elected to run to & fro accusing people of criminal acts before they are charged & tried in a court of law, you should be ignored!~

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 09:12h, 05 September Reply

      Jan your comments are a perfect example of how our education system has failed you. You imply that we must be elected to do what we are doing. ANY citizen can hold our public officials accountable and even if we were elected the facts don’t change nor do the laws.

      Our criminal legal system makes accusations of criminal acts that then lead to charges and then a trial to determine the outcome.

      To many people think that just because you have not been convicted you cant point to them as having committed a crime.

      Learn the process and you might better understand.

      Anyone that is stupid enough to support these people after all that has been uncovered shows one of two things. Either your involved or you just to stupid to process facts.

  • Hoodwinked
    Posted at 21:47h, 04 September Reply

    This is a classic case of you just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Kirk and John must feel like kids in a candy store or like David Letterman when W got reelected and when Carlos Danger popped up. If Ford County is any indication of a statewide trend, they should be able to turn their cottage industry into a booming business.
    The plot has thickened to the point that you need a playbook to keep track of this dysfunctional cast of characters. Turns out Doug, Cary, Ted, and Julie may not be the cream of the crop. There’s already been enough documentation to prove that some nursing licenses are in jeopardy. Could there be something more serious amiss?

    It sure smells like there’s something rotten in Denmark. OK, technically Paxton is famous for their Swedish heritage. But hey, close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and health departments, especially for some of the boys and girls who were selected in Paxton to represent Ford County on the Board of Health.

    You knew something was amiss when Eleanor Stagen emerged from the executive session winking at Cary. Word on the street is that someone was texting the information from the executive session to the infamous travesty of injustice herself. Seriously? What is the point of an executive session anyway? But why stop there. Whoever did this may as well turn themselves into an internet hotspot next time for everyone in the class to see.

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The shedders have been working overtime in Watseka since spring. File, delete. File, delete. Sure hope they haven’t missed any. The bloodhounds will sniff them out eventually. Woof woof.

    Ps. Has anyone figured out why Cary, Julie and crew want to get rid of Dee so badly? After all, she’s the one with a BS Degree after her name. Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest.

  • John Q. Public
    Posted at 11:36h, 05 September Reply

    A free press is essential to making of our democracy work. Mr. Allen and Mr. Kraft should be commended for their hard work not chastised. It would be considered slander to make unsubstantiated accusations. They are keenly aware of that.

    If Jan would read all of the supporting documents, she might conclude that they have done their due diligence. As far as being tried and convicted in a court of law, she should be careful what she wishes for. She just might get it.

  • Older&Wiser
    Posted at 11:12h, 03 October Reply

    When you check the longevity bonuses you should check on
    Beverly Kofoot’s. She quit the health department for a time and then returned and was soon appointed Director of Nurses. I suspect that since she was an employee from Watseka she also was given credit for the compilation of years she worked there.

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