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April 23, 2024

FIPHD – Julie Clark – Master of Deception?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 2, 2013


As if the last 8 months of exposure of all the illegal acts is not enough, we now see that Julie Clark is willing to publicly make comments insinuating one thing while the truth is yet another.  She knows no shame.

Ms. Clark claimed we have on our web site, a claim that she worked for manpower for two years.  She stated, “I never worked for manpower for two years”.

Deception Ms. Clark!  You are becoming a master of it!  She is correct, she has not worked for manpower for two years, nor have we ever claimed she worked there for two years.

Certain members of the FIPHD Board should take a lesson in word games.  Ms. Clark, in her attempt to tarnish our efforts leads people to believe that she has not ever worked for manpower let alone for two years.   Her statement contained a qualifier that most people don’t catch unless they have become accustomed to lies from public officials.  Most business people know the language well and considering this woman received over 100K in a no bid contract in direct violation to the law and their own policy, it’s no wonder she knows how to play the game.

If we use the Preacher Man’s logic we can conclude Ms. Clark lied, again!

She did work for Manpower. 

I had reported in this article she worked for Manpower for about 18 months.  At no time have I ever said she worked there for two years as she insinuated during the last meeting.  My information publicly posted was based on this e-mail from a public official. The contact information has been redacted to protect the person.  I published exactly what I was told and considering I had a verbal confirmation of very similiar facts I had no reason to question it.  Especially since the point in referencing it had nothing to do with how long she worked there.

For clarification, which we always do when anything is brought to our attention as being incorrect, Julie Clark did in fact work for Manpower and her own Resume reflects it, but not for “about” 18 months.

 July, 2000 – April, 2001 Manpower Watseka, IL
Manpower Service Representative

  • Hired with Manager’s position promised
  • Attaining new customers and servicing current accounts

Not knowing the actual start date and end date of her Manpower employment, it’s impossible to put an exact time frame on it, but based on her own resume she “could” have worked there a total of 10 months.

What this woman fails to realize, is the fact that if she worked there 1 hour or 10 years she is not entitled to a longevity bonus of 25 years when she left the FIPHD for a brief time.  The clock stops!

Deflection is a key game these people play and it won’t work.  My whole point in the article about her Manpower employment was not about how long she was there.  It was about accountability to our tax dollars of which she has received a fair amount illegally.  I hate to assume, but in this case the pattern supports a safe assumption.  Her Resume claims she studied Ethics in America.  I assume she failed that class, and if not my bigger fears may becoming a reality.  Our country no longer knows what ethics really means.  Her actions prove that, as do the inaction from the Ford County appointed board members.

More disturbing in this matter is the fact the Iroquois County Chairman raised this very issue as it pertains to longevity, and the Ford County appointed member Dr. Ray sat silent on the subject.  More disturbing because I had sent her this e-mail covering this very issue last month.  She was informed of the matter and has done NOTHING to stop or correct the illegal activity.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone though as it was Dr. Ray who made the motion to hire a private counsel for the Health Department in direct violation of the statute.   She was also the one that gave the go ahead on the illegal solar panel purchase, and even signed her name giving the green light.   (Signed Contract)

It’s evident that certain board members have not only never read the policy, but they also have no clue what the laws are as it relates to the operation of a public body.

It’s high time the Ford County Board get off their back side and remove these incompetent board members who have not only allowed this crap to go on, but in some cases condone it and illegally profited from it.

It will be quite telling to see the text messages that come out of the last meetings executive session, which by the way shows a clear lack of professionalism.



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