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July 24, 2024

Edgar County Airport – Crop Dusting –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 2, 2013

EDGAR CO. (ECWd) -I made a quick visit to the Edgar County Airport this morning and was surprised at all of the activity taking place. There were several planes that had already taken off for crop dusting, one plane landed for refueling, and a helicopter from Terre Haute landed on a trailer for transport to another airport (presumably).

What does this mean for Edgar County? It means pilots spending money locally, it means local businesses like FS, Cropmax (I think I saw them out there), and local fuel suppliers all selling their wares to the pilots. It also means money to the County, through “Parlor Fees” paid by the pilots for fuel purchased or pumped from outside (as opposed to county airport) fuel suppliers. There is no requirement to purchase fuel from the County, so the “parlor fees” provide some sort of revenue for maintenance of the airport.

A couple of videos are below – I took them on my phone…thought you might like to see them…




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