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July 20, 2024

Ford County – Rev Teddie Jenson Admits To Lying?

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 18, 2013


In what has become a familiar chain of events wherever we go, when confronted with audio and video of what they stated as fact, certain public officials deny, excuse, and then admit that what they said in previous meetings was not entirely truthfull.

Mr. Jensen is no different. During the July 8 Ford County board meeting, he stated as fact that gift cards were used to purchase car seats. When questioned on it during the FIPHD meeting in front of his own board members, he first denied saying it, then tried explaining it away by saying he didn’t say what he meant to say, and finally telling us to ask his wife about what happens when he gets excited about a subject and truthfulness. Mr. Jensen, is that what you would call a lie? If not, exactly what is?

In his scrambling effort to make something up about the lie he told, he claimed it was because the board was being attacked and he wasn’t able to convey to us what he meant to say.

Mr. Preacher Man, that is another lie!  A lie because the very place you were speaking you were addressing the Ford County Board, not me and no one was attacking you.  You had the podium for upwards of 30 minutes to spew what you now call misspeak after being called out on your lies.  The truth is you lied to the Ford County Board and that sir is based on your very own definition of a lie that you presented to that board!



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  • Embarrassed
    Posted at 22:23h, 18 July Reply

    Mr. Ted Jensen is a complete and total embarassment to Ford county!

    • Barbara
      Posted at 14:09h, 26 July Reply

      I will address Mr. Jensen and Mr. as I do not see him as a real man of the cloth. The actions he portrayed at the July Ford County Board meeting does not constitute me calling him “Reverend.”

      Mr. Jensen continued slandering Rod Copas and insinuating things against Rod without having the full facts. Mr. Jensen, it is my understanding that when a person is not present in order to defend themselves, such as Rod Copas was not, is slander. In the Bible, Jesus speaks many times about NOT slandering others. I at least a couple of times had to say, “Copas is not here to defend himself or “that is hearsay.”

      Sir, you may want to take your “Reverend” class over and read the Bible more. It is people like you who hide behind a title that make those who are true believers look bad.

  • Darlene Justice
    Posted at 04:10h, 19 July Reply

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  • Absolute Power
    Posted at 16:34h, 19 July Reply

    It all started with the contract that Mr. Corbett signed with the FIPHD. It was a sweet deal that couldn’t have been better if he had written it himself. The only causes for dismissal were for the conviction of a felony or total disability. Funny how a train can derail when there’s little accountability.
    History warns that government officials usually go off track because of money, power or sex. When you sort through the list of alleged misconduct, it’s all there; misuse of public funds, intimidating power, and sexual innuendo.
    But how does a reverend fit into all of this? Ted Jensen does not appear to have a political agenda. There is no apparent ax to grind. He claims to own the higher moral ground with his title. How can he so totally miss the point?
    Perhaps he is stuck trying to rationalize to himself his lack of oversight. Mr. Hastings pointed out to Ted that in his own management position he was bound by articles of incorporation and answered to his board of directors. The FIPHD by-laws prohibited spending taxpayer money outside the counties.
    Ted Jensen deferred to the respect of Dr. Pickering as to why he did not do his due diligence in properly vetting Mr. Corbett for his job. In the chain of command, though, Dr. Pickering was subordinate to Ted Jensen. It was an opportunity lost, and the blank check was issued.
    Sadly, the moral of this whole story appears to confirm that without proper checks and balances, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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