Edgar County Board

Chris Patrick resigned from the County Board!


It has been reported to us, and we confirmed with the several local Public Officials, that

 CHRIS PATRICK has Resigned from Office!

As soon as we have a copy of an official resignation letter we will post it.  It was reported that all the turmoil was having a negative impact on his boys.  If that is the case, my hats off to him for placing family first!

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  1. Dear None of your Buisness, The only “mission” was accountability to the law. Is that really asking to much?

  2. Well, it is about time. In the interest of THE PEOPLE, The county, The Taxpayers, it SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED $’s ago. God Bless the “Little People.”

  3. Now…that you accomplished your mission of taking down a public official because you didn’t get your way….does this mean that you are going away as well….

    Pretty Please!!!!

  4. Thank you Chris for doing the right thing! Now let’s see how long it takes for Jimmy, Adonna, and ? To get the message. The only thing is we don’t want any of his cohorts to take his chair. Need to get someone like Dan Bruner to take his place.

  5. Way to go Watchdogs. Thank you. Now, what about Jimmy and Adonna? And, did you notice in todays Paris Beacon News re the Airport expansion – on page 2 Wells committed on the donation left by Mr Asher – is that the CD in question? If so – we really do want to know how much and where the funds went and to whom.