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May 17, 2024

Chris “Napoleon” Patrick – Some Things Never Change!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 26, 2013


During Mr. Patrick’s tenure on the Airport Board he not only violated numerous statutes but also took action on more things than we can track, all why now claiming the current airport board has no authority to take action.

During a recent County Board meeting he claimed the airport adopted the IDOT airport policy manual however when called out on that it apparently became clear that the policy manual he referenced was NEVER presented to the County Board to approve.  In fact, all indications are that is the last thing Patrick wanted to happen.

Fast forward a few weeks and now we have yet another Patrick created urgency to pass a “new” policy manual for the airport that he is claiming is all taken directly out of the IDOT manual, verbatim!

Napoleon now claims this new policy manual is going to be on the agenda for the next county board meeting because we cant kick the can down the road any longer.

Now if that is not the most hypocritical statement I have ever heard out of this power tripping dictator I don’t know what is. This man was in charge at that airport for 25 years and ran it like it was his own personal airport and at no time until last fall did he ever implement a policy manual yet now its so urgent that it has to be done at the next meeting.

I guess he thinks everyone is as stupid as one of the other board members but rest assured we are not!  This newly created manual is a creation of Chris Patrick and Jimmy Wells with what appears to be filled with well thought out measures that make it next to impossible for RSB Aviation to operate.  It has more landmines placed in it than the dog catchers bag yard.

In fact, it provides damn near exclusive power to the Airport Manager and strip’s the County Board of their power.  It allows the Manager to determine what is or is not in compliance with no recourse to correct any thing.

What is so telling with this orchestrated pile of crap is the fact they created it all.  If its verbatim out of the IDOT Airport Managers guide then why not just adopt that manual?  Why make a new one?

You see when Chris Patrick adopted the IDOT manual at the airport it was convenient for his purpose but now with more eyes on things he has to tweak it to fit his agenda, which is to make it impossible for RSB to operate without violating something.

As you can see in the video’s, Napoleon will continue to look for each and every possible thing wrong to attack Rusty and his operation.  The vindictive attitude permeates the room every time Patrick opens his mouth on this subject.

And in true fashion, Mike Heltsley never lets us down with his once again brilliant (that’s a joke 🙂 ) comment about Rusty and his property that was stored apparently in the attic at the airport, (15:40 mark on the 1st video)

What is so comical about this topic is the fact that it is yet another example of looking for each and every thing possible to throw at Rusty to make him look bad or imply he is not in compliance with something.

They don’t care what it is, it just has to be something.  I think a “smart” board member would have asked a simple question about the property in the attic.

Mr. Patrick, can you show me one place in any minutes for this airport that there was EVER a problem with RSB Aviation as it relates to his property in the attic? 

No he cannot! 

You see up until a stand up ethical man refused to do what Chris Patrick wanted, which was not only unethical but more than likely illegal, Napoleon has made it his life mission to get RSB aviation out of the Airport.

These two videos show yet again the dictatorial attitude of Mr. Patrick and his clear attempt at intimidating people.  This man is out of control and I know the public sees it yet it continues.

Where are the Men with Principals in this county?  Is that question to politically sensitive?  Probably so, so here it goes!  Where are the Men in this county with a set of testicles that will stand up to this thug and put a stop to this crap once and for all?  It does appear Mr. Farnham is seeing the light as his body language to key comments from Patrick speak louder than words.  Clearly Mr. Bruner has had it with Patrick.  Voigt has no issue challenging some of Patrick’s Comments.

So that leaves us with Zuber, Jenness, and Heltsley.  I don’t think anyone needs to contact Heltsley as his head is so far up a certain persons back side he wouldn’t hear the phone ring.  Jenness has made it clear he will not support RSB Aviation because he believes he was lied to by Rusty yet we all know the truth on that issue.  Mr. Zuber appears to be the only other person left that might have some common sense, but we all know common sense is not so common!

Call your representatives and demand they ask Chris to resign and save this county any more anguish from his costly dictatorial behavior and actions.  Rest assured if he stays, its going to cost the county more than can be imagined before its all over.

Part 1 of County Study Session

Part 2 of County Study Session



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