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June 22, 2024

Truly a personal Agenda!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 2, 2013


There is no other explanation for County Board Chairman Chris Patrick as it relates to RSB Aviation and Edgar County Airport.

Each and every time one of Chris Patrick’s fabricated reasons to force RSB Aviation out of the Airport has been disproven he continues to manipulate and fabricate problems behind the scenes in an effort to basically ruin a viable business in this county.

One only need look at the very comments from Chris Patrick’s interview with the Farm Bureau prior to the election to realize his attacks on RSB is clearly a personal agenda.

Specifically, this closing comment says it all!

“During these difficult economic times it has never been more important for everyone in the community to work together, come up with new ideas and support each other to make our County a great place to live, start a business and raise a family.”

So, prior to the election, he wants us all to work together, come up with new ideas, and support each other to make the county a great place to live, start a business and raise a family? Can you believe those words after seeing what he is doing to drive out a family wanting to live in this county, trying to succeed in business and raise their family in this county?

Let’s look at some of his his pre-election responses to questions and see if Mr. Patrick is even remotely doing what he claimed.

Question 1 : Why at this time did you decide to run for political office?

“I would like to give back through public service.”

Really?  Give back?  How is profiting at the airport while the chairman of that board giving back?  Better yet, how is billing the county for Concrete on county projects, which is a conflict of interest, giving back through public service?  Looks like Mr. Patrick’s concept of Public Service is to figure out ways for the Public To Serve him!

Question 2: How do you plan to improve the financial situation of Edgar County in the next 2, 5, and 10 years?

“Business plans have to take into consideration operating within their budget and coming up with innovative ideas of increasing revenues through business growth and cutting expenses where needed”.

Innovative ideas of increasing revenues through business growth?  Mr. Patrick, can you explain to anyone in this county how you can make such a claim when the facts prove you are doing all you can to eliminate a business, which decreases revenues?

Cutting expenses?  Yet another tough pill to swallow considering he made sure his girlfriend has a job at the airport, let alone not doing anything about the illegal hiring done by Jimmy Wells at the airport which is an expense everyone knows the county can’t afford and a position that isn’t needed.

Question 3: How do you plan to improve transportation infrastructure in Edgar County?

“I understand infrastructure demands and needs I will use that past experience to work with the Edgar County Highway department in continuing to maintain and improve our existing and future infrastructure”.

Well isn’t that special!  Mr. Patrick violates Conflict of Interest Statutes and gets a pass, providing he does not participate in ANY matters pertaining to the Airport and County Highway projects.  He has recused himself from participation so I guess his claim of going to work with the County Highway department isn’t quite working out for him.

Question 4: What experience do you have that makes you feel qualified for the position?

“Whether you’re in business or local government operating within a budget is required for future growth”.

Hello, McFly!  You’re required to operate within a budget in local government as part of our laws.  As far as operating within that budget being required for future growth, can you explain how the airport is going to have any growth if you continue to destroy a man’s business and allow Mr. Wells to operate over his budget?

Question 5: What advice do you have for citizens of Edgar County?

“By working together we can come up with successful solutions to any problems we’ll have in the future.”

Has ANYONE heard a single solution come out of Mr. Patrick’s mouth as it relates to RSB Aviation?  Not only has Mr. Patrick not worked together to come up with “successful” solutions, he has taken steps to undermine each and every solution offered.  Most would agree that Mr. Patrick’s definition of success is key in this comment.  If Patrick can get RSB out of the Airport then to him, that is a successful solution to his personal problem with RSB.

Question 6: What do you feel will be the biggest issue that you will face during your term if elected and how do you plan to handle such situation?

“Finances- we need to explore ways to generate revenue growth.”

Hey Mr. Businessman, how about allowing a business to pay its rent and expand its business at the airport.  Doing so would generate revenue and growth for the county!

Question 7: In 100 words or less, explain who you are.

“I have been a member of the Edgar County Airport Board for 25 years, on the Citizens National Bank Board for 16 years and the YMCA Endowment Board for 20 years.”

Let’s see, ran the airport board for 25 years and personally profited in his capacity as chairman, 16 years on a Bank Board that went out of business, and the best one yet, 20 years on the YMCA Endowment board which he quit after they forbid him from selling Concrete which he wanted the endowment to pay for.

In fact, according to two separate sources,  key staff members called their board of directors: alarmed that Chris Patrick and Feutz Contractors arrived unannounced with intentions of constructing a new concrete drive way. (With foundation money of course).

When the dust settled, the directors made it clear, if a donation was to be provided by the foundation it would be first used to fix a broken air conditioner and applied to the building’s immediate needs long before a driveway would be installed.

Chris stomped about, demanding they accept a new drive way or nothing. The management countered with, a gift would be appreciated, but work of this magnitude needed to be approved by the Hanger Board before any work could proceed. So there would be no concrete driveway installed on that day. 

Defeated in his objective to control the sale of concrete through his board position, he resigned from the board.

Now that is a great Idea!

RESIGN Mr. Patrick!  It’s clear you have allowed your personal agenda to harm business’s in this county and your admitted conflict of interest is not in the best interest of this county.

An elected public official cannot be permitted to selectively pick and choose what he will or won’t participate in by placing his personal interest ahead of the public.  Allowing such action violates the most basic understanding of our system of government. (stay tuned for more on this!)

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  • You Have to Read Between His Lines
    Posted at 14:04h, 02 May Reply

    From what you have reported, there are two very important questions to ask this man:
    1. Does “revenue growth” refer to HIS revenue
    2. Does his definition of “business growth, business
    opportunity and revenue growth” involve a A LARGE
    CONCRETE CONTRACT ?” What a joke.

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