Brocton Election Results


More election results! This time from Brocton, IL., the home of the “It Only Won By One Vote!” croud.

One thing for sure, things just keep changing, like it or not.

It looks like the husband/wife team that tried getting rid of the Police Department will no longer be calling the shots.

I don’t want to speculate, but I suspect one of the first actions of the new trustees will be to re-instate the Police Department.

Anyway, the new trustees are:

Christ Cox, Bill Weber, and Lyndal Flood

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  1. No speculation is needed. You can take that to the bank!!!
    The task at hand is regaining the trust of the citizens in our community. We have endured two years of obstructionism, favoritism, nepotism, inattention to detail, abuse of power and outright fraud. The silliness has cost the town tens of thousands of dollars in needless expense and loss of property/business/revenue. The silliness stops NOW.